Pledge of Allegiance Controversy Tears Through Congress

A meeting of the House Judicial Committee nearly fell apart before it started today. as new committee amendments were proposed by multiple committee members. The topic? The Pledge of Allegiance.

The controversy began when Representative Matt Gaetz offered an amendment to the proceedings that would require the Pledge of Allegiance be recited by all committee members. House Representative David Cicilline immediately responded with a proposed amendment of his own, agreeing with Gaetz's proposal, but with a caveat: “anyone who supported an insurrection against the United States should be barred from leading the pledge,” according to a report by Fox News.

This was a pointed attack at Gaetz's continued support towards Donald Trump, especially concerning the events of January 6, 2021.

Usual proceedings were delayed by more than an hour due to the heated back-and-forth exchanges that followed. No new amendments passed.

Predictably, users across social media have chosen sides and aren't afraid to speak their mind regarding this latest political controversy.

Republicans Are Having a Field Day

In some users' eyes, the pledge of allegiance is a sacred show of loyalty to your country. Todd_Peterson_1 puts Democrats to task for not saying the pledge:

It's easy to jump to conclusions during any controversy, and Bubblebathgirl doesn't shy away, stating “Congressional Democrats hate America.”

Many users, like BryanDonalds, invoked words of former conservative U.S. Presidents like Ronald Reagan while imploring house Democrats to say the Pledge of Allegiance:

Liberals Lash Out Against Gaetz's Amendment

This user calls out “seditionist republicans” and defends the house Democrats who are refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance, noting that the pledge is actually recited every morning on the House floor anyway:

With bad blood between liberals and conservatives constantly reaching a boiling point, this user is clearly happy that Matt Gaetz was “left with a stupid look on his face.”

Many users have pointed out the inconsistencies and hypocrisy of many politicians like Gaetz, citing the same reasons that Congressman Cicilline pointed out today:

This particular user doesn't care if people say the Pledge of Allegiance constantly – just as long as they do not support an insurrection:

Not Every Twitter User Took a Side

User GeigerNews chooses to take neither side as he reveals that the Pledge of Allegiance has always seemed “downright creepy” to him and openly wonders why it is even necessary in the year 2023:

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