Plunderer Season 2: Will It Be Come Soon?

In the beginning of 2020, we got a chance to see Plunderer, now we wait for the next sequel of Plunderer Season 2. This anime was adapted from the ecchi fantasy genre and popular enough to get trending and catch the attention of the viewers right after its premiere. Now we will ask when is the next show of Plunderer Season 2.

Plunderer actually is an anime adaptation of Suu Minazuki’s manga series of the same title. The manga itself came late in 2014 and is still updated now. Later in January until June 2020, Geek Toys Studio will bring out this debut series into an anime adaptation directed by Hiroyuki Kanbe. Now we are waiting for the next season of Plunderer to bring out our imagination of ecchi fantasy to the fullest.

Plunderer Season 1: Plotline

Plunderer Season 2

Plunder takes place in a post-apocalyptic, kinda like the realm of a magic world dominated by numbers. Now every human being has their worth measured by a special “Count” imprinted somewhere on their bodies, which defines any number related to an important aspect, urge or belief of their lives. It means if the individual does anything to strengthen his or her belief or want, the number keeps rising, and vice versa. 

However, if this Count decreases to 0, the person will be dragged down into “the abyss” or hell and is said to be dead for all eternity or even worse than the death itself. With this Count rule, people with the lesser count should follow the commands of individuals with more counts. Now Hina, our main protagonist, the count rises the more she walks on foot. This happens from her mission to search Legendary Ace, a member of the Red Baron. She does this to fulfill her mother’s last wishes before being dragged into the abyss. 

For five years, Hina continues her journey when she takes a sudden turn when meets a strange masked knight known as Licht Bach. Luckily for Hina, nobody brings bad intentions and this man actually works with a bar operator Nana. Surprisingly, the disguised pervert’s mask is actually a man with a negative-numbered Count. This was unique and strange. Later the journey tells more about Hina and Licht’s adventure.

Plunderer Season 2: Renewal Status

Plunderer Season 2

Plunder Season 1 was adapted from the manga. This anime mostly followed the source material closely but made several changes here and there. But overall as common as anime episodes, it is a little bit rushed and has faster pacing compared to the manga that covers more details. The first season, which consists of 24 episodes, adapted almost 10 volumes from the manga. With the current status of 18 volumes written from the mangaka, Geek Toys Studio has more than enough resources.

For the upcoming season, Plunder Season 2 will depend mostly on fans. Several factors included such as rating, popularity, demand, and many more. In most cases, these factors decide whether the show will return for the next sequel. Plunder had an average rating of 6.52 on MyAnimeList but the story itself is quite entertaining. Plunder also is popular from the new anime category.

Plunder Season 2: Release Date

Plunderer Season 2

With the good demand and popularity, it also brings out more profit to the producers. Fortunately, with the popularity there is a high chance for Plunder Season 2 will be coming out. But we also know that there is a lot of good anime that need to wait several years in order to come back to our screen and be published internationally.

With enough demand and sources for content, there will be a slim chance for the producer to be excused to not make Plunder Season 2. There is a high chance for Plunder to get a second come back to us and Geek Toys will soon need to give us an official announcement for the green light of Plunderer Season 2.