11 Intelligent Podcasts Without Sports or True Crime

Are you searching for fascinating podcasts that aren't about sports, cars, or politics? Then, we've got you covered. Recently someone asked, “What are the best podcasts unrelated to true crime or sports?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab
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The Happiness Lab with Laurie Santos is fantastic,” shared one. “Based on a popular positive psychology class she teaches at Yale University and Coursera.”

“She breaks down some of the latest research on how people create happiness and meaning in their lives and how they deal with difficult emotions like grief and shame. She also interviews a wide variety of people (including other psychologists, theologists, an actor, a former White House intern, etc.).”

2. No Stupid Questions

No Stupid Questions
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No Stupid Questions with Angela Duckworth, Stephen Dubner, and Rebecca Lee Douglas is great,” one said. “It's a psychologist and a journalist asking each other “stupid questions” submitted by listeners.”

“For example, ‘If everyone hates meetings, why do we have so many of them?' Or ‘What does your name say about who you are?' Each episode ends with a fact check by the producer, Rebecca, often focusing on silly or useless facts mentioned in the episode.”

3. Where Should We Begin?

Where Should We Begin
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Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel is good,” another shared. “A relationship therapist sees a couple for a free, one-time session in real-time. Usually, the couples are romantic partners, but sometimes they're friends, family members, or coworkers. While not inherently political, political topics come up in some sessions (e.g., being LGBTQ, immigration, sexual violence, religion, COVID-19).”

4. Life Kit

Life Kit
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Life Kit from NPR,” said one. “It's like an advice column or For Dummies book rolled into one podcast. Each episode covers various topics, ranging from how to get into gardening or camping to how to set a budget and begin saving money.”

“How to find a therapist, read tarot cards, talk to your children about death, etc. Side note: some episodes are political, such as how to talk about disability or travel safely during a pandemic.”

5. Far Flung

Far Flung
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Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala (formerly titled Pindrop). It's a travel show of sorts that explores ideas and universal themes using stories from cities and regions around the world” shared one.

For example, there's an episode about a yearly passion play that residents of Oberammergau, Germany, have been putting on for 400 years. Also, an episode about a hip-hop artist who sings in Quechua. An episode that's a crash course in Navajo cosmology and religion, an episode about how a town in New Jersey became famous for dinosaur fossils, etc.”

6. The Spitballers Comedy Podcast

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Another user volunteered, “The Spitballers Comedy Podcast. It's just three dads chilling and being freaking hilarious. And it's clean if you're worried about its R rating of it.”

“Also, listen to the ‘Continent Sized Boot' episode. It is one of, if not the best, episode they have ever made. ‘A Casket Full of Cheese' and the ‘Local Wizard' are good too. Most episodes are bangers, and I've only had one or two where I thought they were, eh?”

7. No Jumper

No Jumper
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“The No Jumper podcast has tons of great guests, funny interactions, and good stories,” said one. “I like to listen to podcasts when I'm playing games or doing homework because I find it hard for my mind to focus on one thing. So I usually turn on a podcast to have in the background.”

8. The Boogie Monster

Kyle Kinane
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“I cannot explain it, but my favorite podcast to listen to while working out is The Boogie Monster with Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone,” a user confessed. “Two comics get drunk and/or high. Then talk about the various foods they ate during the previous week.”

“Dave presents Kyle with a conspiracy, and in the end, Kyle decides if it's true or not. Half the time, they never even get to the conspiracy. It is so funny, and it lifts my mood.”

9. The Basement Yard

The Basement Yard
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The Basement Yard is an outstanding podcast,” shared one. “It's two hilarious guys from New York talking about random stuff. It's an easy listen and gets your mind off serious and heavy topics.” Another agreed, “This is the one. It's light-hearted and worth a listen.”

10. Am I Normal?

Mona Chalabi
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Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi,” a user expressed. “A data journalist uses interviews and data to explore questions like: How many friends should I have? How do I decide what city or country to live in, and Is cousin marriage really that bad?”

11. Heroes of the Hydian Way

star wars a new hope
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Finally, someone shared two of their favorite Star Wars podcasts, “Silhouette Zero and Heroes of the Hydian Way. These are friendly people playing a Star Wars dice-based game that is very much comedy, and they are clean so that you can listen around the youngins.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of podcasts that aren't about sports or true crime. Also, check out these best financial podcasts to learn about money.

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