Pokemon FireRed Cheats: GameShark Codes Included

Pokemon FireRed cheats

There are two main options in order to be the best in any Pokémon game. The same is the case with Pokémon FireRed. You'll do just fine playing the game without the help of cheat codes if you have the right amount of patience.

However, if you want to jump through levels at a swift pace, the only way to do it is with the help of Pokémon FireRed cheats. Having played the game for quite some time now, you might have found the game repetitive at times. However, with the help of Pokémon FireRed cheats, you can add new life to your game.

Before we proceed to Pokémon FireRed cheats, let us first learn how to enable cheat codes. 

How to Enable Pokémon FireRed Cheat Codes

The Pokémon FireRed cheats can only be accessed by a GameShark device so make sure to own one if you play via an official handheld. That said, things might get easier if you are a GBA emulator user. All you would have to do is to enter via the emulator's cheat menu.

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How to Use Cheats in Pokemon FireRed GBA Android

If you are wondering how to use cheats in Pokemon FireRed on an Android emulator, specifically, then worry no more. The process is as simple as it gets. You only need to insert the cheats in the emulator's cheat menu.

Gameshark Codes for Pokemon FireRed

Below is the list of GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed.

screen 0
Image Credit: The Pokémon Company.

Pokemon FireRed Cheats For MyBoy

If you are a user of the free MyBoy version, chances are that some of these cheats might not work for you. You may be required to have a paid version of the app for the chats to work completely.

Pokemon FireRed Cheats PC:

Below are some of the best FireRed cheats for PC and their utility.

Rare Candy Cheat

In order to get access to rare candy, all you'd have to do is simply enter a rare candy cheat. Simply insert the below cheat code in the emulator's cheat menu. Once you do it, you'll get access to unlimited rare candies.

  • 820258400044

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats Infinite Money

Having infinite money is crucial, be it in real life or in games. While you'd have to figure it out on yourself about money in real life, however, with the help of Pokemon FireRed cheats infinite money, you will find yourself rolling in money in Pokemon FireRed.

While entering the cheat code for infinite money, you must remember that the RNG code is required to be entered first. In order to enable cheat code for infinite money, enter the following codes in successive order:

  • 83005000 61A1
  • 83005002 0A35
Image Credit: The Pokémon Company.

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Pokemon FireRed Cheats Walk Through Walls

At some point in our lives, we have all wished to gain supernatural powers to be invisible. In real life, it's nothing more than wishful thinking, but you sure can use Pokemon FireRed cheats in order to walk through walls.

With the help of this cheat code, you can literally walk anywhere within the game's boundaries. Depending on the system, you may or may not require a master code.

In order to walk through walls, simply insert the following cheats:

  • 000014D1 000A
  • 10044EC8 0007

Pokemon FireRed Cheats Master Ball Cheat Code:

If you are an avid Pokemon FireRed player, you must be aware of the fact that the game originally provides only one Master Ball. That said, with the help of the Master Ball cheat code, you'd be able to catch any Pokemon with a single throw. The code will allow you to play the game in a seamless manner, averting any potential Pokemon escaping.

If your system requires you to enter a master code, proceed by entering the master code first and then entering the cheat code for the actual Master Ball code.

Here is the master code you need first:

  • 000014D1 000A
  • 10044EC8 0007

Here is the actual code to get the Master Ball:

  • 82003884 0001

Once you've entered the code, you'll find an unlimited supply of these in your item storage.

Image Credit: The Pokémon Company.

Pokemon FireRed Exp Share Cheat

Unfortunately, sharing XP is not possible even with the help of cheat codes. However, you can acquire and share EXPs through legitimate means. In order to do this, you will simply have to travel to the eastern Kanto city of Fuchsia.

Afterward, you'll be required to enter a gate once you leave the city towards Route 15. Once you'll reach the destination, simply go upstairs, on the second floor, you'll come across Professor Oak's aide. He'll provide you with the Exp. Share item as long as your Pokedex has 50 caught Pokemon.

Pokemon Fire Red Teleport Cheat

When playing legitimately, our movement within the game is pretty restricted. However, this can be resolved with the help of Pokemon FireRed teleport cheat. With the help of teleport cheat, you can go places without any restrictions. Simply insert the below main code and add the location code in the end.

  • 82031DBC 0000

Replace the zeroes with desired area codes. Once done, you can move anywhere irrespective of game progress restrictions.

Image Credit: The Pokémon Company.

Pokemon FireRed Starter Cheats

In order to activate Pokemon FireRed starter cheats, all you'd have to do is insert this code.

  • 83000F9C 0000.

You do this, proceed by choosing any starter. Then proceed to press A until it appears. Once it does, simply switch the code on without pressing A/B.

Final Words

Originally released in 2004, it would be sufficient to say that the game is fairly old. That said, the game provides a very diverse list of options when it comes to compatible devices. You can play it on your Game Boy Advance. If you do not have access to Game Boy advance anymore, you can play it on your PC as well. GBA emulators are a great help in this regard.

The game is also compatible with the MyBoy emulator, which allows you to play it on Android devices. With the help of above listed Pokemon FireRed cheats, you can ace the game at the pace you like.

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