15 Best Pokemon Gifts You Need in Your Life

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October 22, 2019

15 Best Pokemon Gifts You Need in Your Life

Don’t walk, RUN! With Pokemon Go’s debut, the Pokemon phenomenon, still around but dormant in the corners of cult-favorite geekdom, was ablaze anew! In the late 90s and early 2000s, Pokemon was on fire. Blazing across the USA, leaving a trail of video games, trading cards, animated movies, playsets, clothing, and seemingly millions of other Pokemon gifts, it was a pop culture darling.

When I was nine-years-old, all the way up to 13, I was a card-collecting, cartoon-watching, Gameboy-playing Pokénerd megafan. Today, I’ve decided to scour the web, curious to see what the best Pokemon gifts you can buy are. Here’s what I found!

The Best Pokemon Gifts to Add to Your Geeky Collection

1. Loungefly Pokemon Starter All Over Print Bag Purse

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Here's a gift for the fashion-forward Pokénerds! This Loungefly handbag features a playful pattern of the three Kanto starters (+ Pikachu!) on its elegant black “leather.” Fit for battling it up at the gym with other trainers or just through your 9 to 5 workday, this geek-chic bag brings a subtle punch of Pokémon to anyone's style!

2. Pokemon Pokeball Necklace

pokeball pendant necklace

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Heart building up a team of Pokémon? Share that love for your #trainerlife and add a little sparkle to your outfit with this Pokéball necklace! A real catch in the world of Pokemon gifts for geeky girls who love to accessorize with small yet statement-making pieces.

3. Pokemon Monopoly

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A Pokemon gift that everyone's going to enjoy. What's best than exploring the Johto region of the Pokémon universe in a round of monopoly? Battle your competing trainers to build up an epic team in a race to dominate the board. A fun twist? The four “railroad” spaces are different types of Poké Balls. Play as one of the three Johto starters Chikorita, Totodile, Cyndaquil, or even Pikachu, Pichu, or Togepi, and get ready to game hard and buy ‘em all!

4. Pikachu Cake Mold

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‘Chu ready to take your cake baking to the next level? Well, take a pika-pika at this dynamite Pikachu cake mold. It’s everything you need to surprise your guests, add a spark of fun and cuteness to any dessert table or brunch spread (no judgment 😉), and light up the faces of nearby cake ‘nommers. 

In a nutshell, this is the best gift for a Pokenerd that loves to cook. 

5. Pokeball Waffle Maker

pokeball waffle maker

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Batter up, trainers! Indulge your cravings for delish waffles with this geeky kitchen must-have. Perfect for birthdays, brunch parties, and making Monday mornings less, um, Monday! Garnish it with strawberries, chocolate chips, and your favorite whipped topping for a nommable Poké Ball.

6. Eevee Tumbler Travel Mug

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Featuring a reusable lid and straw, this durable tumbler has the style and practicality you need to stay hydrated as you travel far and wide in search of rare Pokémon. It’s the same size as standard “medium” drinks, so you can BYOC (bring your own cup!) when you get takeaway coffee and tea, and avoid polluting our Squirtle and Horsea filled oceans with throwaway plastics!

7. Ash Ketchum Action Figure

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He wants to be the very best like no one ever was! Plucky Ash is the OG trainer that got Pokénerds hooked on the cartoon series! Ash has starred in over 900 episodes in the 22 years since he’s been around. This detailed action figure featuring the Ketchum boy and his Pikachu pal is one you Kanto pass up.

8. Team Rocket Action Figures

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Wherever Ash goes, Team Rocket follows! Wisecracking Meowth, suave James, and scheming Jessie make up the troublemaking trio, determined to thwart Ash on his journey to become a Pokémon master. These detailed collectible action figures are in short supply, so if you’re a fan, don’t wait for them to go blasting off again to another fan’s collection!

9. Loungefly Leafy Pikachu Wallet

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Can’t spend your summer in the beachy Alola region? Carry around the next best thing! With this mint green leafy print, Pokémon wallet, bask in the tropicalness of the island, and the cuteness of Pikachu, who’s playfully featured on the pattern! Wear your favorite sunnies and sip a mango smoothie for max Pokénerd summer vibes.

10. Pokemon Uno

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The rapid number and color card matching game gets a Pokémon twist in this deck. Slap down cards featuring the Pokémon from the Sun and Moon videogames as you race to get rid of all your cards. The instructions are in Japanese, but the rules are the same as the game in English. Google is your BFF for a refresher on how to play the game.

11. The Pokemon Cookbook by Maki Kudo

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Ready to munchlax on Pokémon inspired food? With over 77 pages of squee-worthy, Japanese influenced recipes like Pikachu Rice Cake bento boxes, Meowth Mashed Potatoes, and Slowpoke Strawberry Mochi Balls, take your lunches, snacks, and dinners to the Pinterest-ready next level with this book.

12. Pokemon Team Mystic Shirt

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Wisdom, learning, and the wonder of studying Pokémon evolution. Declare your Pokémon Go Team Mystic pride with this super-soft unisex tee that features the team’s legendary bird type mascot, Articuno, on the crest. Wear it on your next Pokémon Go expedition or while lounging around the house, brushing up on your Pokédex facts.

13. Bulbasaur Funko Pop

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A fan of grass types? Add the Kanto region grass starter Bulbasaur to your Funko family. Recorded as #001 in the Pokédex, you could say this vine-whipping, seed-bombing, and vaguely reptilian little buddy is one of the Pokémon universe’s underrated MVPs.

You can never go wrong with a Bulbasaur gift. 

14. Pokemon Gym Shirt

pokemon gym tshirt

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Champion trainer? Badge earning babe or bro? Gym rat? Whether you’re one or all three, wear your awesomeness with this unisex tee! Bonus? YOU call the shots! Choose one of 17 possible colors, or other styles like V-Necks, Women’s Fitted, and Baseball tees. Customizable Pokemon gifts are all kinds of epic.

15. Snorlax Plush

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This one is for all you Pokénerd nap lovers! Are you feeling Drowzee? Maybe in a food coma from feasting on Brock’s scrumptious cooking? Catch some zzz’s with your own personal Snorlax plush–aka the patron Pokémon of sleep — and recharge for your next adventure (or meal)!


Did you have as much fun scrolling through these Pokemon gifts and reminiscing about the good ol’ days as I did writing this? Then make sure you suggest other Pokemon gifts in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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