13 Topics That Both Political Parties Are Wrong About According to the Internet

It seems like Democrats and Republicans can never agree on anything. Sometimes, however, they find common ground on things they agree on, like when Barack Obama joked about how he and Dick Cheney enjoy the musical Hamilton.

Conversely, there are times when both parties are entirely wrong on a particular topic. A recent online discussion showcases examples that Republicans and Democrats are wrong about.

1. Having A Two-Party System

Two-Party System
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While technically, there are political parties beyond just Democrats and Republicans in America, they are overwhelmingly the only two parties to hold elected office. Many believe that a two-party system is outdated in today's climate.

Many Americans complain that the two parties have done everything they can to suppress smaller parties, such as Libertarians, instead of focusing on how to run the country.

2. Term Limits

The average retirement age in the United States is 61 years old. The average age of a U.S. Senator is 64 years old. Sufficed to say, Democrats and Republicans aren't clamoring for age limits.

Voters on both sides agree: if there's a minimum age to hold office, there should also be a maximum.

3. Domestic Surveillance Programs

Domestic Surveillance Programs
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The National Security Agency (NSA) came into the spotlight of the American public when Edward Snowden revealed the organization's global surveillance programs.

Regardless of their political party, lawmakers seem content to overstep their bounds and have the government infringe on the privacy of American citizens.

4. Healthcare

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Virtually every civilized country in the world has a form of socialized healthcare, aside from the United States.

While Republicans and Democrats do not come close to seeing eye-to-eye on healthcare, voters feel they're wrong about the solutions they offer.

5. Identity Politics

Dylan Mulvaney
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Democrats and Republicans have been spending the majority of the year talking about issues regarding gender and orientation.

Yet in the eyes of voters, they should be focused on rising inequality, the housing crisis, poverty, and the threat of AI replacement.

6. Term Limits

Term Limits
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While politicians have run on imposing Term Limits in the past, nothing has come out of it.

Much to the dismay of the American public, it seems that elected officials get far too comfy in their position and, instead of following through on their promise of enacting term limits, do what they can to hold on to power for as long as possible.

7. Insider Trading Laws

Insider Trading Laws
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Elected officials are often privy to information the general public isn't unaware of. As a result, politicians on both sides of the aisle have been accused and caught using this information to engage in insider trading.

While the American public favors enacting laws against this, Congress seems content to do nothing about it.

8. Military Spending

Military Spending
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Republicans and Democrats are happy to keep funneling money into the military machine.

The defense budget is already bloated, but both parties keep funneling billions and billions of dollars into it.

9. Parental Leave

Parental Leave
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A hot-button topic as of late is parental leave. In the United States, the Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to provide at least 12 weeks of unpaid family leave after birth or adoption.

Voters feel like this is inadequate, however. In the United Kingdom, for example, eligible employees can take up to a full year of maternity leave. Eligible employees can also be paid for up to 39 weeks of that leave.

10. Energy

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One political party pushes for less regulation on carbon-based energy. Meanwhile, the other party is looking to embrace alternative options.

However, some voters argue that everybody is overlooking nuclear energy. They say that it's the superior energy and the cleanest.

11. The Constitution

The Constitution
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The United States Constitution for a free society and a limit on government power. It's also a document that was written well over 200 years ago and has been amended 27 times.

One item of contention that people often point to is how smaller states seem to have as much power as larger ones. So, for example, it's not entirely fair that California and Texas have the same amount of Senators as Wyoming and Vermont.

12. Climate Change

Climate Change
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Concerned voters feel like both political parties ignore the science behind climate change.

Regardless of whether or not you deny that climate change exists or introduce eco-friendly products to consumers, it doesn't change the fact that current models do not look good for the future of life on Earth.

13. Everything

US Government
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No matter the topic, some American citizens feel like all politicians, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or any other party, are just wrong about everything.

Sufficed to say, this is a very popular stance.

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