11 Pop Stars Who Are Overpaid and Overrated

It seems logical that successful pop stars are incredibly talented. In the eyes of many, however, that's not the case.

A recent discussion lists some celebrities that are overrated and overpaid.

1: Jennifer Lopez

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For many, Jennifer Lopez is at the top of the list because of how little of herself they believe she puts into her music. According to one critic, she doesn't even record most of her music; it's all done by “ghost singers.”

2: DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled
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With many monthly listeners on Spotify, it's safe to assume that DJ Khaled is talented. Yet many music fans explain that they only play his songs for the featured artists.

3: Drake

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Drake is another pop star people feel is okay — but definitely not good enough to have the reputation many people think he has.

Many agree that he has some catchy songs but disagree that he's on the Mount Rushmore of rappers.

4: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
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Some of the hate Justin Bieber got at the start of his career is now viewed as unwarranted. While music fans may enjoy his recent songs, they still don't think he's worthy of his superstardom.

5: Beyonce

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Many fans don't see the hype when it comes to Beyonce. However, branding is one thing that she does have going for her. Beyond that? There's something we just don't see.

6: Harry Styles

Harry Styles
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After being in One Direction, Harry Styles' solo career has skyrocketed him to the top of the charts. However, not everyone is ready to declare him the next Justin Timberlake.

7: Billie Eilish

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There's no denying that Billie Eilish has achieved an insane amount of success at a young age. However, some critics point out that the true mastermind is her brother Finneas.

8. Cardi B

cardi b 1 SS MSN
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Cardi B is one of the most successful female rappers today. However, many fans still think she has a long way to go before being compared to legends like Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill.

9. Olivia Rodrigo

olivia rodrigo MSN
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Olivia Rodrigo embarked on a world tour after her debut album shot up the Billboard charts. However, critics say it's too early for Rodrigo to charge hundreds of dollars for tickets after just one album.

10. Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo
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While some fans enjoy Jason Derulo's music, most lament that his singing style is more annoying than anything.

11. Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi
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One fan complains that Lewis Capaldi tries to market himself in the same manner as Ed Sheeran but doesn't come anywhere close regarding his voice.

Source: Reddit.

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