Pop Up Tents VS Cabin Tents

There are many different kinds of tents available on the market today. Today we will talk about two types that people use often. Pop up tents became very popular among campers and hikers since they are easy to pitch. Meanwhile, cabin tents have a different story.

Families and groups love to bring a cabin tent with them so they can have enough space and luxury outdoors. The differences between these types of tents are important since you have to know which of these is the most appropriate for your outdoor adventure.

Bringing the right tent with you when staying in nature should be your priority so read on to know which kind you should choose for your trip.

The Story around Pop up and Cabin Tents

First, we will discuss pop up tents. I will stress out the main features, and advantages and disadvantages. Then I will tell you all about cabin style tents and why they are good to have.

Cabin Tents

These tents are one of the largest tents that you will see. Camping cabin tents changed the camping world offering the luxury that campers want on their outdoor trip. Staying in this type of tent is like enjoying the comfort of your home.

Who are these tents for?

Is this tent a good option for you? Tent in a cabin shape is the best option if you are going camping for a long time with other people. Since it isn’t so easy to set up you won’t move a lot, you will stay in the place where you pitched it.

Families and camper groups love it. This shelter will suit you if you will go camping with other families where you will enjoy family bonding.

Big and spacious

These tents are one of the biggest on the market. They have walls due to the tent poles and look like a cabin. Walls enable campers to move freely and without bending or crawling in the tent. These kinds of tents offer enough space to sleep, play, and do other activities like cooking and spending quality time with the people that you love.

Cabin tents have more than just one room since they are big. Usually, they have two bedrooms and some come with a porch as well. The porch can serve you as a place for hanging out and for camping equipment storage.


These tents have tent poles for assembling. You will need to follow instructions and organize yourself to set up this tent. I recommend you to place the same tent parts together as a first step. This will make your job easier as you will see all the parts that you need for assembling the tent.

Then follow the instructions and take time, don’t rush it. Maybe you will need extra hands to place the tent up but I am sure you will have enough help at the campsite since you won’t camp alone.

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents became very popular these days and people love to buy them for their adventure. These tents are easy to pitch since you grab the tent and just throw it in the air. This is an amazing feature of the shelter since many people find setting up a tent with poles a hard task.

Who are these tents for?

Pop-up tents are meant for hikers, backpackers, rock climbers, daily campers, fishing man, hunters and other people who will spend a night or two in the wild. These instant tents are light to carry them in your backpack.

They are easy to fold and unfold because of their design so instant tents are great for a single person to have a quick shelter when he needs it. Music-loving people like to take it to the festival as well.

The size

Most of the pop-up tents are small and can accommodate one or two people at the same time. This is because they are meant as a quick shelter. However, you have the option to get it for more people.

Without tent poles

The innovative design of a pop-up tent spares your time when setting it up. Why is that? These tents haven’t got any poles. Yes, you heard it right. If you had problems with tent pitch in the past due to the tent poles you will be happy to have an instant tent.

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Are you not sure which tent to choose? Let me conclude so you will have an easy job to choose between a cabin and a pop-up tent. If you are going camping or backpacking for a day or two you should do it with an instant tent. It is an easy tent that you will carry with ease.

Pop up tents are great as they assemble fast. This is a good feature of a tent when sudden rain starts to fall on the trail. In this case, you will just throw your tent in the air and you will be protected in no time.

On the other hand, if you are planning a long camping adventure with some friends or family you should get a cabin tent. It will offer you a lot of space and privacy for you and your loved ones. These tents are sturdier as pop-ups due to the tent poles so you don’t have to worry about whether changing.

However, I should warn you that tents are made for different seasons. If you will have a 3-season tent and camping in the winter time you could get disappointed since the snow can force you to end the trip.

Think of the ten’s features before going outdoors and don’t forget to have fun.

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