Americans’ Favorite Airbnbs in Caribbean and Latin American Destinations

According to data from Airbnb, the Latin American region has become a trend for travelers from the US. So if you're thinking about your next vacation destination, take a travel planning shortcut and pick from this list of top destinations and popular Airbnb properties.

Top Affordable Airbnb Destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America

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Latin America and the Caribbean is a region full of culture, history, and great tourist attractions.  Throw in warm weather, wonderful food, beautiful beaches, and nature, and it's no wonder Americans love to escape there to snowbird, vacation, or honeymoon.

“Not only are US travelers looking for destinations that offer cultural attractions and tropical beach escapes, but many Americans in the Latin community are looking to reconnect with their roots and visit parents, grandparents, and extended family. Airbnb offers the possibility of finding accommodations in both large and small cities in all parts of the region,” said Stephanie Ruiz, Director of Communication for Airbnb Latin America.

The region represents an accessible option for tourists with an average cost per night of less than 150 USD. Based on the number of vacation searches made on Airbnb, here are the top 12 most popular cities for American travelers in the region.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a paradise on Earth, with beautiful landscapes and natural resources. As a result, Airbnb rental listings have increased exponentially in recent years. The average cost per night is around $83, making it one of the more affordable Caribean accommodations.

San Juan is a popular Airbnb destination in Latin America and is easy to access from the mainland by plane with no passport needed.  Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) is just three miles from downtown San Juan. The main tourist attractions are Old San Juan, Isla Verde, Condado, and Ocean Park. Other landmarks include Fort San Felipe del Morro, Fort San Cristóbal, and La Fortaleza.

The top two Airbnb rentals in San Juan, Puerto Rico are:

Modern suite in the heart of Ocean Park

New studio in San Juan's trendiest district

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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The Airbnb cost per night in Santo Domingo is around $84, providing another affordable warm-weather destination. In addition, the city is full of history and natural beauty. The island's Samaná Bay is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Near 48 Calle del Conde, Airbnb offers an impressive list of houses, bungalows, and condos available for rent conveniently located to historical sites.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, are:

The Exclusive Street Porfirio Herrera in Downtown Piantini

Apartment in Central NACO

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Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum is located on the Caribbean coast of the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It has spectacular beaches, natural reserves, and cenotes and has become increasingly popular over the years, especially with younger travelers. The Airbnb rental rate per night in Tulum is around $136 per night.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Tulum, Mexico are:

Penthouse studio in the heart of Tulum's most sought after neighbourhood

Secret Oasis with a Tranquil Pool in Central Tulum

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Cancun, Mexico

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Those who visit Cancun enjoy fine white sand beaches, clear turquoise blue waters, and a hot climate throughout the year due to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer. The Airbnb cost per night in Cancun is around $176 per night as it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

The top Airbnb rental in Cancun, Mexico is:

Loft located near the ferry to Isla Mujeres in Puerto Juárez

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Mexico City, Mexico

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Mexico City is a metropolitan area with a population of more than 9 million and can act as a gateway to other oceanside resort towns like Huatulco.  Airbnb rentals in Mexico City allow Airbnb travelers to experience a unique way to live the culture and life of Mexicans and average around $116 a night.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Mexico City, Mexico are:

Penthouse Skyview Terraza Juárez Reforma el Ángel

1954 Roma Norte with private patio

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The Bahamas

bahamas cristofer maximilian 5FrRnQ9dYko unsplash scaled

Airbnb rentals in the Bahamas provide an excellent opportunity for Airbnb travelers who want to enjoy amazing beaches throughout the Caribbean but don't want to stay in a resort. Airbnb properties in the Bahamas can be found near popular tourist attractions and activities such as snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

The Bahamas Airbnb cost per night is around $164. While it is higher than other destinations, it is still a cost savings compared to resort accommodations. The top two Airbnb rentals in the Bahamas:

As seen on HGTV's Bahamas Life

Modern Luxury Beach Getaway

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Playa Del Carmen, México

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Located on the Riviera Maya, on Mexico's eastern coast, it has a warm climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of 80 degrees. The Airbnb cost per night in Playa del Carmen is around $118, and properties offer amenities and services competing with the hotels and resorts near famous beaches such as Tulum and Xpuha Beach.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Playa del Carmen, Mexico:

Modern studio just 2 blocks from the famous Quinta A Venida

Beautiful Loft in Playacar Golf Club

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Ensenada, Mexico

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Another Airbnb destination popular with Airbnb travelers from the United States is Ensenada, in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. Airbnb offers in this city are located near beaches where Airbnb guests can enjoy surfing, diving, and snorkeling. The Airbnb cost per night in Ensenada is around $100 per night. Ensenada is popular with people who love the cuisine and culture of Mexico and live close to this portion of the US border.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Ensenada, Mexico:

Central Apartment with City View

El Loft de Laura

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Medellin, Colombia

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Medellin has some of the best restaurants in Colombia with traditional dishes such as Bandeja Paisa.  Airbnb rentals in Medellin are located near most tourist attractions like Botero Square and live music venues.  Medellin's average Airbnb cost per night is around $111 per night.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Medellin, Columbia:

Stylish Suite in El Poblado

New apartment with terrace and garden

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Puerto Penasco, Mexico

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It is one of the most popular beach destinations for Airbnb travelers from the United States, with a $108 per night rental on average. Airbnb properties situated near the sea provide an opportunity to rest and relax after activities. Most Airbnb offers in Puerto Peñasco are located along the beach with easy access to Centro Penasco.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Puerto Penasco, Mexico are:

Modern Oceanfront Condo Newly Remodeled

Your Sandy Beach Paradise in Bella Sirena

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aruba gregory wangsadikrama TMNW1aBy2Do unsplash scaled

Aruba, known as One Happy Island, is located in the Caribbean and is one of the most popular destinations for travelers from the United States. Airbnb offers in Aruba cost per night about $194 due to high demand.

Aruba has excellent restaurants and luxury cafes where Airbnb guests can enjoy typical dishes like Keshi Yena and Hutspot. In addition, Airbnbs in Aruba are located very close to Palm Beach, one of the island's most famous beaches.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Aruba are:

Movida Inn Aruba-Courtyard View near Palm Beach

Piece of Paradise near the Beach

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Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

cartenga luis vidal XwTke8Xp52o unsplash

Cartagena de Indias offers superb beaches, architecture, art, and an average Airbnb cost around $106 per night. Many Airbnb properties are located near this Colombian city's most famous attractions, such as Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas or Museo del Oro.

Airbnb rentals in Cartagena offer Airbnb travelers an opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish culture and language and are conveniently located near other Colombian cities like Barranquilla and Santa Marta.

The top two Airbnb rentals in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia are:

Luxurious Apartment 29th Floor Fantastic View

Apartamento Bijou in the Old City

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