The Most Popular Nicknames for Grandparents Across the US

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It’s rare for kids to call their grandparents by the formal “Grandmother” and “Grandfather.” Instead, kids across the U.S. use a wide variety of nicknames to address their beloved grandparents. Preply conducted a study to find out the top grandparent nicknames in the country.

1. Gigi

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According to Preply‘s research, the most popular nickname for Grandma in the U.S. is Gigi. For some, it’s more like G.G., which stands for different things like Glamorous Granny or Grandma Genevieve. The nickname Gigi is the most popular in many states, from California to Nebraska to Massachusetts. 

2. Poppy

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Poppy is the most popular nickname for grandfathers in the U.S. It’s easy to pronounce for young kids, which may be one reason why the name is so widespread. States like Washington and Pennsylvania are filled with kids who call their grandpa Poppy. 

3. Nana

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Nana is a classic nickname for grandmothers across the country, and it remains popular today. It’s the most common nickname in Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Arizona, among others. 

4. Pops

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Some kids like to keep it short and sweet, which is why Pops is such a great nickname for grandfathers. It’s most popular in southern states like Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia and midwest states like Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Pops used to be more popular as a nickname for fathers, but now it’s more common for kids to use it with their grandfathers.

5. Mimi

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This is another one that is adorable and easy for the youngest members of the family to use as an endearing term for grandma. Mimi is most prevalent in states like Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Wyoming. Some say this nickname originates from a common French word for grandmother, mémé.

6. Papi

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Although similar to Poppy, Papi is considered a different nickname for grandfathers. It’s the most popular in Rhode Island and Maryland. Its origins could come from the common Greek word for grandfather, pappous

7. Gran

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Gran is one of those grandmother nicknames that's been commonly used for decades. Other popular versions of this name include “Gram,” “Grammy,” and “Granny.” These nicknames are common in states from Maine to Alaska. 

8. G-Pa

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This abbreviated version of Grandpa is the fourth most-used nickname for grandfathers in the country. It is the most used nickname in California, Vermont, and Wyoming. 

9. Bibi

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As the Swahili word for grandmother, Bibi has gained popularity across the U.S. It’s trendy in New Hampshire. Another potential origin for this nickname comes from the Yiddish language, where the word for grandmother is bubbe

10. Grandude

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This creative and modern twist on the classic Grandpa has gained popularity in the country in recent years. The states that use Grandude the most include Iowa and Oregon. 

11. Momo

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Momo is an adorable nickname for a grandmother and is the 6th most popular in the states. In Alaska and Idaho, that’s what most kids call their grandmothers. Momo may originate from Swedish, in which mormor means mother’s mother. 

12. Papa

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The classic Papa just makes a spot as the 6th most common nickname for grandfathers in the country. Like Poppy, Papa was a nickname for dads, but today, it is more commonly used for grandfathers. 

Source: Preply

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