Despite NFT and Crypto Plunge, NFTs Surge in These US States

Non-fungible token (NFT) popularity has been growing for years now. NFTs have disrupted the market and are selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. No longer a fad; major companies like Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Taco Bell have stepped into the game.

Despite the recent market cooldown spreading across the stock market, NFTs are still popular. Last Friday, over $71 million worth of NFTs were sold on OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace.

Interest in crypto-based NFTs increased significantly in 2021, with a 20,000% increase compared to 2020. In 2020 NFT sales reached $82.5 million, and skyrocketed to $17.7 billion in 2021.

NFTs Are Most Popular in Which US States?

New research has found California is the most NFT-obsessed state in America.

The study conducted by NFT experts Los Muertos analyzed all fifty states and the District of Columbia in Google Trends to establish which states have searched for NFTs and related NFT search terms the most over the last twelve months.

The data revealed Californians searched for the term ‘NFT’ the most out of any state in the past year. California also ranked the ninth highest state for  searching the term ‘Buy NFT.’ Numerous celebrity endorsements of NFTs drove the high ranking for The Golden State.

It doesn't hurt when stories like this 42-year-old artist that made $738K in 32 minutes selling NFTs goes viral.

The second most NFT-obsessed state in America is Nevada. Nevada ranks number two for searches for the term ‘NFT’ and ‘Buy NFT.’

New Jersey ranks the third most obsessed state in America, searching for NFTs at the third-highest rate. In New Jersey, search interest in the term ‘NFT’ has skyrocketed 488% in the last year.

In New Jersey, many companies and events are also getting into NFTs. For example, the well-known New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning has announced that they will launch NFT collectibles to offer their festival as an experience in the metaverse.

Coming in as the fourth most NFT-obsessed state in America is Florida. Florida was the eighth highest searching state for interest in buying NFTs. There has also been a 75% increase in searches for the query ‘What is an NFT?’ in Florida. In February, a woman in Florida was the first to sell her home as an NFT.

New York comes in as the fifth most NFT-obsessed state. The state searched for NFTs at the sixth-highest rate, but grabbed the fourth-highest ranking for searches for the term ‘Buy NFT,’ highlighting the state’s interest in acquiring them.

The least NFT obsessed in America is Mississippi. Mississippi is the state that searches for NFT and related NFT terms the least. Mississippi was also the fifth lowest searching state for the term ‘What is an NFT?’ Apparently, Mississippi isn’t very interested in purchasing NFTs.

Alabama is the second least obsessed state with NFTs, having the second-lowest search interest out of any state, while Kentucky searches for the term ‘NFT’ at the third-lowest rate of all states in America.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from Los Muertos stated: “The rise in NFTs has been astronomical, not only in America but the world over, with worldwide searches for NFTs rising 809% from this time last year.

However, these findings offer a fascinating insight into the geographical disparity in interest in NFTs across America, with coastal states being the biggest audience for NFTs. It will be interesting to see if this scale changes as NFTs become more mainstream and common in the future.”

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