Are You Making These Travel Mistakes? Here’s What to Do Instead

Planning trips can be difficult and when you crowdsource for tips, the advice can be anywhere on the spectrum from flat-out wrong to a pro travel hack.

To help cut through the noise, one traveler turned to social media for advice. Here are the top responses.

Avoid Tourist Attractions

Everyone says to avoid tourist attractions but for some travelers, being a tourist is the whole point.

u/tooldforthisshitt responded, “I don't automatically dismiss something that is touristy. I am a tourist.”

“The first time I went to Paris, I was told not to waste too much time on touristy stuff, or I’d miss the real city,” added u/hesnothere. “Dude, you have the Louvre!”

Plan Your Trip on The Go

While making it up as you go along can be fun, some travelers feel it's some of the worst advice you can give someone.

“While this can be a great adventure,” u/samgf wrote, “it can lead to you spending way too much time trying to figure out what the good things to do are, missing the better accommodation, and it being too late by the time you figure out things that you actually want to do.”

There Is One Right Way To Travel

If someone is telling you there's only one way to travel, you might want to tune them out, says u/glitterlok shared.

“Basically anything that feels gate-keepy, or insinuates that there's a universal “right way” to travel,” they advised. “Also, anything that ignores that travel simply isn't enjoyable or rewarding or a priority for everyone, and that's okay.”

Always Stay in a Hostel To Save Money

Hostels are plenty popular in big cities, but not everyone is built for the communal/bed-and-breakfast vibes that come with this particular type of cheap accommodation.

“I can't stand when you say something about not staying in hostels, and then the “just stay in a private room” crowd comes out and tries to convince you otherwise,” u/lh123456789 said. “No thanks, hostels are just not for everyone, private room or otherwise.”

Redditor u/demonsrunwhen added: “Also, private rooms in hostels are often the same price as a budget room at a hotel…”

The Hotel Isn't Important

Common travel advice is that where you sleep isn't important. But for some, the place where they wind down after a day of exploring can make or break a trip.

u/Subject_Objective137 said, “I have insomnia and hate dirty spaces, so if I’m not comfortable, I can’t relax, and then the days are ruined.”

“Yeah, the hotel definitely matters to me, too,” added u/Hangrycouchpotato. “I need to be well rested and feel safe. I was in Rome and loved my hotel. Another couple we met chose an AirBnB and they didn't even have a locking exterior door. No thanks!!!”

Don't Book Ahead

Some people are really out advising people not to book ahead. “I mean- you do you,” u/Grandmas_Cozy wrote. “But I love planning everything out ahead of time, and not having reservations would literally make me have a panic attack.”

u/Firenze42 agreed, adding, “People that plan their vacations have more fun. You spend more time thinking about the upcoming trip; when you get there, you spend less time in lines and wandering around and missing sites.”

Avoid Organized Tours

Along with avoiding tourist attractions, many people tell travelers to skip guided tours.

“There's a reason they exist, and while it's not everyone's cup of tea,” u/Sumo-Subjects wrote. “Sometimes it's nice having someone else do the coordinating for you and even better if you're visiting a historical site to have a guide who is knowledgeable talk to you about it. Personally, I've had more enriching experiences visiting the same places with a tour guide than some of my friends who went there solo.”

Source: Reddit.

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