12 Powerful Genshin Impact Characters Lorewise

Genshin Impact has a vast number of characters that we met during our journey through Teyvat. While we know how powerful the Archons are, there are characters that are stronger than they seemed. These are the list of Genshin Impact characters that are more powerful than you think, lore wise.

Powerful Genshin Impact Characters Lorewise

12. Klee

Klee from Genshin Impact

We all know what she’s capable of. Despite being on the younger side, her prowess is not to be underestimated. Klee is perhaps the youngest Knights of Favonius, Spark Knight, who often finds herself in solitary confinement due to the trouble she caused with her knack for explosives. Some even have claimed to witness her flattening the Stormbearer Mountains, whether it’s true or not, it remains unknown. 

But knowing what she’s capable of, surely she’ll be able to if she’s not under Jean’s caution watch. Of course, Klee is not a bad child, it’s just her curiosity and hype activeness that makes her think before she acts, which is considered to be fair since she’s just a child. 

11. Diluc

Diluc from Genshin Impact

The identity of Mondstadt’s “Darknight Hero” is none other than Diluc Ragnvindr, the wealthiest gentleman in Mondstadt. He used to be the Chivalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, but quit after finding out they decided to cover up his father’s death. His father's death happened because of him trying to protect Diluc, who the latter found out that he’s been using Delusion, a man-made Vision by the Fatui which drains the user’s lifeforce. 

Before the arrival of the Traveler, Diluc had abandoned his Vision and opted to use Delusion to avenge his father’s death and find out who’s behind it. We all know what happened to Delusion users in the end. The fact that Diluc is still standing and seemingly fine up to this moment proves he’s someone not to be underestimated.  

10. Tartaglia

Tartaglia from Genshin Impact 1
12 Powerful Genshin Impact Characters Lorewise 13

For someone who has fallen into the Abyss at such a young age and survived just showed how strong the 11th Harbinger is. Anyone who has fallen to the Abyss would have been traumatized and perhaps die in the process but not for Tartaglia. He finds the experience as ‘enlightening’ and would do it all over again. 

His thirst for combat makes him a formidable foe. Tartaglia finds thrill and excitement during battle, especially when his opponent is stronger than he is. Not only is he the bearer of the Hydro Vision but he also wields the Electro Delusion given to him by Tsaritsa. His power just proves how strong and frightening Fatui’s Harbingers are.

9. Ganyu

Ganyu from Genshin Impact
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The secretary at Yuehai Pavillion, a half adepti that has lived through a thousand years. Ganyu herself is already impressive enough by how she’s able to work herself and dedicate herself to Liyue. Her loyalty to Rex Lapis and her contract with him has thrived for years. 

Living a thousand years meant that Ganyu participated in the Archon War. She fought alongside Rex Lapis in the war, bearing in mind that she hasn’t received her Vision just yet. One of her feats is accidentally choking a giant monster to death as it underestimated the width of her waistline, much to her embarrassment.

8. Beidou 

beidou genshin impact
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Beidou is also known as the captain of the Crux, or the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean. Her reputation alone is enough to be a cultural icon in Liyue. There are tales of her adventures and crews in the sea, from slaying the ocean beasts with just one strike and other things. Of course, without a doubt, Beidou has preceded all of those rumors. 

She received her Electro Vision after she slayed an ocean beast, Haishan, with just the might of her greatsword. Haishan is an ocean beast, a mix of a dragon and a fish with the might of a deity. The battle raged for four days, Beidou emerged victorious with an Electro Vision appearing right in front of her as if it’s the reward for her triumph.

7. Xiao

Xiao from Genshin Impact
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Xiao is also known as the “Vigilant Yaksha”, he’s the only remaining Yakshas after the Archon War. Being a Yaksha is not an easy task as they have to fight against the evil who threaten Liyue and its people for the rest of their lives while also staving off the karmic debt which causes both physical and psychological pain. While his fellow Yakshas succumbed to the karma or fall during the Archon War, he’s the one who stood unperturbed.

Xiao’s loyalty to the Geo Archon is not something to be reckoned with. As he was a slave of a cruel ancient god before the Archon freed him, he has been loyal to him ever since. His loyalty and dedication to protect Liyue under his contract with the Geo Archon is perhaps one of the things that helped him bear the pain of his karma. 

6. Jean

Jean from Genshin Impact
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The ever so reliable Acting Grandmaster of Mondstadt.  Being a member of Gunhildr family, she dedicates herself to put the safety and need of Mondstadt before everything. She not only oversaw the activities of the Knights of Favonius but also the safety and diplomatic businesses coming thru and forth of Mondstadt. It’s a big responsibility that’s being tasked upon her, but knowing it’s Jean, she handled it perfectly. 

As the Dandelion Knight, she sometimes helps the people of Mondstadt with their everyday problems. Proven as she took the responsibility to look after Klee as her mother Alice goes her task outside of Mondstadt, and we all know full well how handful of a child Klee is. Overall, we couldn’t see anyone else bear such a hefty task to none other than Jean, that alone should prove her strength. 

5. Ningguang 

Ningguang from Genshin Impact
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Ningguang is the hidden five star character, as many players have said. Strength does not only come in physical strength either, proven from our post about Jean’s dedication towards Mondstadt becoming her main strength. For Ningguang, the Tianquan of Liyue and owner of the Jade Chamber, they’re almost similar. She’s a ruthless business woman, hardworking and her willingness to risk everything for Liyue is a strength to be admired. Even Beidou, the captain of the Crux, has respect for her.

But she wasn’t born of a noble family nor a rich one. According to Zhongli, he remembered the time where Ningguang would diligently pick up starconch in the morning then walk to Liyue barefooted to sell it. Her perseverance and intelligence is her strength and without her, we wouldn’t know what would become of Liyue. 

4. Noelle 

Noelle from Genshin Impact
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“Kill them with kindness” seemed to be fitting for our Noelle here. She has immense strength but also a big heart. Seen one time where she helped Lisa lifting an entire bookshelf with one hand. Her great physical strength almost sent Wagner, the city’s blacksmith, in depression as all the sword he had forged for her broke in just a few uses. 

Her reliability and willingness to help anyone in need with great hospitality and kindness is one of the reasons why merchants with ill intentions ran away. She’s dubbed as the “Maid of all Maids” due to her willingness to help anyone in need. From cooking, cleaning, getting rid of monsters or even escorting people around Mondstadt. There’s nothing too hard or too much for our reliable maid Noelle. 

3. Razor 

Razor was abandoned as an infant in the forest and taken by the Wolf of the North, Andrius, who raised him among the wolves. He’s more of a wolf than he is a human, hunting at night among the wolves who he considered as Lupical–which is family. Surviving and growing up among the pack of wolves is a feat of its own but Razor also possesses the Electro Vision. 

He received his Vision when an Abyss Mage killed one of his Lupical. Consumed by rage and will to avenge, he managed to overwhelm the Mage with a large surge of uncontrolled Electro energy. It was Lisa who taught him to control his Vision and helped him with human knowledge.

2. Fischl

Fischl from Genshin Impact
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Fischl, the Prinzessin der Verurteilung, who comes from another parallel world is an Electro Vision holder. While she has a unique way of speaking that sometimes makes people view poorly of her, she doesn’t care. Before she’s the Prinzessin der Verurteilung, Fischl was quite neglected by her parents who told her to grow up. 

She finds comfort in the world that she has created and also her trusty companion, Oz, who was her imaginary friend. But Oz ends up becoming real and she found an Electro Vision along with it too. It was a royal heirloom, Edelstein der Dunkelheit, according to Fischl about her Vision. To say the least, Fischl proves not to give up on your childhood imagination and when you believe it’s real, it can be real. 

1. Mona

Mona from Genshin Impact
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Knowledge is power, very befitting for Astrologist Mona Megistus. While she doesn’t have a literal strength and prowess like Noelle or anyone on the list, her knowledge in astronomy is something not to be underestimated. She can tell whether or not a person is lying, sense their intentions and capable of seeing their fates with just a glance or a look at their constellations. 

From a financial perspective, Mona could make millions of money from her astrology alone. But she has a strong conviction of using astrology for the good and help of people, without having anything in return. That conviction is something we can applaud for considering her not having much Mora to live off.