Husband Gets the Boot After Wife’s Explosive Ultimatum

Pregnancy can make even the most tranquil person a little edgy. Add an illness and a high-risk situation, and things can get out of hand quickly. Recently, one woman went a little postal on her partner and wants to know if she went too far.

Here's The Story

OP is pregnant and suffers from migraines and the effects of her Type 1 Diabetes. Because she has trouble controlling her blood sugar levels, she and her husband were advised against getting pregnant.

But she did get pregnant, and, ever since, her partner's behavior has gone downhill. She disclosed that she had asked her husband to turn the sleeves of his shirts the right way. She says her husband wears three shirts daily if he goes to the gym. That number drops to two if he skips the gym and only goes out.

OP says her partner goes out nine times out of ten, and instead of turning the sleeves in, as she asked, he leaves them for her to tend to when she's ironing his shirts. She admits that she gets extremely annoyed having to turn all the sleeves in, trying to keep up with his shirts.

She Couldn't Take It Anymore

OP says she asks that her husband empty the dishwasher and take out the trash once a week. The rest of the time, she takes care of it. She laments that the garbage wasn't emptied, and when she opened the cupboard, a few plates fell out, with one falling on her.

She also recently suffered from a migraine and asked her husband to keep the noise and the lights off. She said he insisted on turning on the lights and blasting his music.

At this point, OP says she'd had enough and couldn't take anymore.

She says she lost it on her husband and is so unbelievably uncomfortable that she doesn't think the minimum she asks is too much. She informed her husband that she didn't want two children and asked him to leave.

When he refused, she texted her brothers, who came over and made her husband leave.

Since she's had time to calm down, OP says her husband has been texting her, calling her an AH, and telling her that she can't be ‘going nuclear' when she has the baby. He's insisting she apologizes. She has asked Redditors for their opinions.

Reddit Doesn't Disappoint

@AshlynM2 wants OP to ‘stop ironing her husband's shirts.'



You are pregnant with a serious, life threatening, medical condition. He isn’t even doing the bare minimum to be a decent partner. Do you have family close by that you could stay with for a bit to get a mental break? (If he insists on coming home and being so rude). I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

@Parking_Goal_3301 didn't even know people still ironed shirts.

“I had no idea women still ironed their husbands’ shirts. I thought that had died out even before my parents married in the late ‘70s. I barely even iron my own stuff and I wear business formal clothes 3-4x a week. And ironing shirts for the gym? What??”

In The End

Pregnancy comes with all types of obstacles. Do you think OP was correct in asking her husband to leave?

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