Prepare for Disney Magic: 100 Animated Classics in One Blu-Ray Collection This Fall

On October 16th, 2023, The Walt Disney Company will turn 100. As you'd expect, they're not going to let their 100th anniversary pass without the best celebration in the world. Quite literally, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Walt Disney Land in Anaheim, California, will get in on the festivities. 

As one of the biggest motion picture makers in the world, Walt Disney Studios hundredth anniversary is quite the big deal, and Disney is planning an epic release of movies to match the centennial milestone. 

Here's The Details

Any parent knows that new Disney releases, whether on Blu-ray or the Disney+ streaming platform, are like gold. They are to be treasured and played, preferably on repeat, until your ears fall off. In all seriousness, new features from Disney are coveted as must-watch offerings.

Because of this instant ability to watch the newest Disney offerings at the drop of a hat, it might seem redundant to get a House of Mouse movie on a Blue-ray disc, but Disney doesn't like to do anything small, and this commemorative box set won't be small either. 

Big and Bigger

To ring in its 100th anniversary, Disney is releasing a collector's box set of 100 of their most memorable movies. Known as The Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection, each limited edition box set will include minimalist drawings depicting classic titles from Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios. 

Some titles in the collection include the original 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Fantasia. The set will also include modern picks like MoanaEncanto, and Lilo and Stitch.

Serious Cash

Even for the most stalwart Disney collector, these sets are not going cheap. The set, which will come in beautifully crafted collectible sets, will go on sale starting September 18th for preorder at You won't be able to get a set elsewhere until November 14th. 

As a special gift, each box will include a lithograph of Wish, Disney's upcoming feature, and the studio's newest princess, Asha. Set to release November 22; these collectible movie cases will coincide nicely with the new princess's debut. 

Memories in The Making

While most people will purchase these collectible box sets for the limited edition value they'll hold in coming years, there will be those who snap them up for the memories. Whether you want a set to relive your childhood or you want to share these treasured movies with your children and grandchildren, these centennial celebration movie boxes won't stick around long.

If you have the funds, securing a preorder on September 18th might be the best way to ensure you get your hands on one. 

Source: (The WrapMad Meaning).