President Biden To Send 31 Tanks to Ukraine in War Against Russia

Alongside Germany, the United States have unveiled plans to send dozens of top-of-the-line combat tanks to Ukraine as the European nation's war against Russia rages on.

In a statement made from the White House, President Joe Biden said the tanks would “enhance Ukraine’s capacity to defend its territory and achieve its strategic objectives.”

Republican senator Lindsey Graham has commended Biden's decision, going on the record by saying, “What happened is a big friggin’ deal. You’ve got the Germans and the United States making a decision that’s been long overdue. We’re all in.”

Users flocked to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to give their thoughts on this latest development. Some support the U.S.'s decision to help a foreign ally, while many others decry the decision, worried that this will push the United States closer to engaging in a full-scare war with Russia.

Biden maintains this support to Ukraine in the form of tanks is, “not an offensive threat to Russia.”

Critics Want Biden To Stay Out of Ukraine

Many users across social media are sharing the same sentiment as JennaEllisEsq, telling Biden that his duty is to the United States flag, not Ukraine's:

Congratulations are in order, according to user NOELreports:

User Craftmastah is wondering why Ukraine's European neighbors aren't bearing the brunt of responsibility in supplying the war-torn nation with what they need:

This particular user gets in a topical joke at the expense of Biden, referencing the confidential documents that were recently found in his garage:

Some Hopeful Tanks Will Be ‘Game-changer'

User TristanSnell calls Biden's decision to send the tanks a “total game-changer.”

Many Twitter users believe that sending so much firepower overseas to help the Ukranian cause will only serve to start World War III, a scenario which many liberals predicted Donald Trump would cause:

The prospect of our government sending tanks overseas to help a United States ally has caused some excitement in user maria_avdv:

Multiple clown emojis got this user's point across, and based on the number of likes this tweet received, many agree:

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