Preview: Supergirl Celebrates Her Birthday in Upcoming ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’

DC Comics' one and only Maiden of Might, Supergirl, is celebrating her birthday in epic fashion next month with the launch of her first solo series in years. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is coming on June 15th and you won't want to miss out on her 21st birthday bash. 

First Look at the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Covers 

Even on her birthday, Kara Zor-El has no patience for bad guys. In the first seven pages of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow we see Supergirl's birthday festivities cut short by an arrogant man who thinks it's okay to hit a woman and steal her sword. Unfortunately for him, that's not going to fly with Supergirl around.


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Look Inside Issue #1 of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow 


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Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow takes Supergirl—and her sidekick Krypto—into space on a journey that will have Supergirl fans cheering for more! What could be better than an alien girl, in search of a mercenary for a vicious mission, tracking down the bad guys responsible for destroying her world? She wants revenge and frankly, we hope she gets it!

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is written by Eisner Award-winning writer Tom King (Batman/Catwoman), with art by Bilquis Evely and Mat Lopes. The eight-issue limited series launches on June 15th. 

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