Prince Harry’s Memoir “Spare” Sparks Controversy

Prince Harry's memoir “Spare” is yet to release, but accusations and interview clips — one, where he reflects on Princess Diana's funeral — have made the internet, stirring wild waves. The book reportedly uncovers a lot about the British royal family, including his close relationships and time in Afghanistan — both sensitive subjects that drew a lot of public opinion.

While some have accused Prince Harry of “shooting his own foot” with outrageous claims, particularly concerning the Taliban, it has only piqued the curiosity of many others, who have led to a huge surge in book sales.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry's daring feat with “Spare” may likely result in grim repercussions for him — or not, considering his stance on associating with the royal family.

According to user @twitchykee, Prince Harry has the upper hand now: If they try to blackmail him into silence, he has unveiled areas of his life that haven't already been public domain, and so, they have nothing to leverage over him.

And more than a couple times, fans have cited celebrities, including Beyoncé and Tyler Perry, showing support for Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

“I saw my mother be abused for years. I saw the symptoms, I knew what it was like,” Tyler Perry says in the above video. “…And for both of them to have the wherewithal to say, ‘I don't give a d**m if it's the palace, I'm out of here,' I applauded them for that.”

Despite the immense support and general anticipation, some people have also taken to Twitter to express disgust. User @DominicFarrell references Prince Harry attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, then shows contempt for his personnel.

For decades, tabloids and British media have shaped the news around the British royal family and Prince Harry, in particular. But based on accounts, “Spare” takes readers on an 38-year-old intimate journey on becoming — Harry's first broad-gauged rumination on his life. While it accidentally went on sale in Spain, the rest of the world appears to eagerly await the unearthing memoir, which debuts on Jan. 10.

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