8 Growth Hacking Principles for SEO and Social Media

Today I am going to cover the principles for SEO?

To measure a business, entrepreneurs should market their services or products effectively

There are numerous challenges down the road

Though, measuring your business is possible with these top growth hacking principles for SEO and social media

To attract a huge audience, entrepreneurs have to adopt various growth hacking strategies

Although a few of these strategies have only been around for a few years

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Principles for SEO

Regardless, they have proven to play an important role in the growth of modern-era businesses

Read on to know about different growth hacking principles that can prosper your business on both the SEO principles and social media

Are principles for SEO crucial?

Short answer yes, it is very crucial

Without following SEO rules you won't get traffic from search engines

Unfortunately these SEO principles are not static and always changing

But there are basic and static principles to follow

And that's what we are covering below

Make a Pre-launch email list

When we talk about a useful startup growth technique

Email marketing stays on the top

It is effective in finding conversations and leads

Set your focus on creating an email list as SEO principle

It will let you reach your target audience and transmit your message effectively

Besides, email marketing vastly helps businesses to create pre-launch publicity for any event or product

Also, it will let you gain potential consumers even before launching

Though, you should not just make a list of email addresses and relax

You need to take a few weeks to create the hype

And make an effort to make your target audience excited for your launch

Design A Mobile-responsive Website

Recently, there has been a considerable rise in the number of searches that derive from mobile devices

The prime reason for this is a boost in the number of mobile phones and vaster availability of the internet all around the globe

Furthermore, due to the greater usage of mobile phones, traffic developed from tablets and smartphones is enhancing

Therefore, it’s important to make a website that has a mobile-responsive layout and can modify to any screen size

It is the main principles for SEO and social media growth hacking strategy

If you are an entrepreneur and own a small business, follow the tips below to make your site mobile-responsive:

1- Be sure to create legible, cohesive, and related content

2- Assure that you optimize your graphics so that they don't take much time to load

3- Always be sure to make vertical page designs rather than horizontal or static pages

4- Use touch-friendly navigation tools and buttons

5- Always add up social sharing buttons in your content

It will make it simple for your visitors to share your content on their social media accounts

Post Evergreen Content & Update Old One's

If you haven’t noticed yet, content is king in SEO

Therefore, you better count on posting evergreen content

Also, you should add pieces of information that would be beneficial

Also related to [year] and beyond

Furthermore, updating your old content to adjust the users’ search intent will help you convert them into evergreen content

below are the SEO principles of making evergreen content for your website:

Thorough how-to guides

Case studies related to your services or products

Product reviews from real clients

List-based article posts

Tutorial series

Interviews with the professionals of the industry

Post Blog Posts with Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords comprise three or four words which result in search terms that are very particular to what you are selling

These words can be question-based searches that your audience is using

When your ideal clients are typing highly-precise long-tail keywords

They most probably know what they are going to purchase

Therefore, posting content with long-tail keywords can assist you to get that deal

Rather than letting it drop to your competitors

Perform Constant A/B Testing for SEO and social media

Experts recommend testing everything

Though, you should begin with the most conversion-heavy places of your website:

1- Homepage

2- Ends of blog posts

3- Contact page

4- Landing pages

5- Sales pages

You need to focus on one area of every page at a time

In this way, you don’t misrepresent your results

If you alter more than one variable, you won’t understand which influenced the outcome

Social Proof

Also one of the principles of SEO is to increase both backlinks and social shares

You can do that by making relationships with the right people

Credibility nowadays is measured in a manner that has no example in history

People share blogs without even reading them and content with a good number of shares often seems like it’s secure to be shared more

SEO and social media can be more impactful together

We assume search results are the best for answers to the questions we type in and gladly ignore that informative and useful articles don’t often rank high on Google

It proves that link building is, more and more, about connection building

Topical Relevance

It is beneficial to concentrate carefully on a chosen area of expertise

Being influential or famous today is a way better deal than that in the past

Today, you can create clout way quicker by concentrating on a niche and being online

No matter if you focus on opinionated artistic expression for social media or how-to blogging for SEO, concentrating on a limited audience will get you a long way, faster

Crowdsourcing Your Marketing

Crowdsource you’re marketing by giving value to those who have big and related audiences

Nowadays, marketing is based on transparency which is way better for all groups involved

Be a big brand that gives value people like to talk about and you’ll get recognition consistently

Furthermore, give in some control over what specifically people say about you

Then, reward those who provoke conversations for you

A very good example of this is Facebook

They receive free disclosure for their logos not only during the Super Bowl

But also over vast non-Facebook social footers and timelines of all high-traffic websites

If you own a smaller business, build something valuable and timely to your niche

You may also opt to list your business on well-reputed directories such as Yelp, Manta and CityLocal Pro

Alternatively, simply be a moderator, and be sure your locality gets value in the platform you created


In summary, you need to understand your target audience when it comes to the perfect social media and principles for SEO

Moreover, you should be unique with your content marketing

While performing SEO and social media tasks

Share fascinating and high-quality content and build amazing social media ads

Make relationships with other brands

Do everything mentioned in this article and you will win at your work

Hopefully, the growth hack techniques mentioned in this article will be beneficial for your business

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