Not So Sadly, These 12 Professions People Seem To Have Zero Respect For

Can you think of any professions that you do not respect? People are sharing jobs that totally get under their skin. What would you add?

1. Timeshare Sales People

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Is there anything more alluring than thinking you can have a piece of paradise after being sucked in by a wooing timeshare salesperson? Snap out of it — don't get sucked into paying to stay at the same place for all of your vacations for the rest of your life.

2. Insurance Agents

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It doesn't matter if it's life, home, or car insurance; we are all being sold the biggest lie of the century. Laws require us to buy all of these insurances, but we can barely use them when we need them.

3. Fake Recruitment People for Talent Agencies

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People will pose as talent agencies, do presentations, and get people to sign up by claiming they'll make new actors or models their dreams come true. In reality, they're getting scammed and taken advantage of.

4. Unethical Animal Breeders

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Puppy farmers are the worst. The animals they breed suffer and live horrendous lives. Mothers are forced to breed at unsustainable rates and are often left malnourished and gravely ill.

Please don't buy from them.

5. Televangelists

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Televangelists will talk about how God will reward them if they give them lots of money. If you haven't been rewarded, don't worry; you just haven't given them enough money yet. 

6. Paparazzi

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While many people view Paparazzi as awful, some counter that Celebrities need them to help with their exposure.

7. Poachers

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In some places, rangers have taken to just shooting poachers on sight. It's been very effective, and many people can't find any sympathy for them.

8. Online Ticket Buyers

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Buying tickets for events like concerts is already expensive enough. When you add in nonsensical fees on top of that, it's even worse.

9. Call Center Scammers

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It feels like nobody doesn't answer their phone anymore. The biggest reason? Spam. That local number you don't recognize? It's most likely a spam call.

10. Payday Loan Sharks

Payday Loans
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High-interest rate loans? Predatory interest? That's the name of the game when it comes to paycheck advances.

11. MLM Leaders

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That high school classmate you haven't heard from in decades randomly messages you on Facebook. The reason? A brand new opportunity to make lots of money. Sadly, that's not really going to happen. Chances are it's an MLM scam.

12. Predatory Towing Companies

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One person says, “In Toronto, it was like organized crime. There were full-on turf wars between companies, setting each other's trucks on fire. It was chaos. The government finally stepped in and did something about it, but I'm sure it's still going on to some degree.”

Source: Reddit.