14 Jobs We Love To Bash but Seriously Can’t Survive Without

It's no secret that there are some jobs out there that people without that profession love to hate. That is until someone needs their help. A discussion in an online forum brought some of these jobs to light. 

1. Ceos

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People despise CEOs, especially when we all know it's not about what you know but who you know. CEOs are making millions of dollars a year while many publicly traded companies barely pay employees minimum wage. Yikes.

2. Teachers

Language Teacher
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Everyone has an opinion about teachers and the school system (if you have kids anyway). 

3. The US Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard
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The Coast Guard is a section of the United States military, making them an ocean police force. That means fishermen and boaters often don't love the Coast Guard; they're the ones who conduct inspections and make sure everyone is up to code. If you get stuck with a blown engine in the middle of the lake, the Coast Guard will quickly become your hero. 

Plus, the Coast Guard is much more than keeping an eye on the water: many members participate in environmental clean-up, firefighting, medical advancement, and more. 

4. Lawyers

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There's a common misconception that lawyers — defense lawyers in particular — make big money for getting criminals off Scott-free. Think Casey Anthony and her lawyer, Jose Baez. But it's much more complex than that. A lawyer's job is to always get a fair judgment based on how the law is written. While there may be some corruption going on, it's most likely going to come from higher up in the court. 

5. Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgery
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When you think of plastic surgery, do you think of nose jobs and bottom lifts? That's part of it, but plastic surgeons do more than just cosmetic surgery. Many do reconstruction work for those who have suffered catastrophic burns or other life-changing injuries. 

6. It Technicians

computer monitors lady working
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This is a woefully misunderstood job, mainly because I.T. techs do the work no one else in the office can. When everything is in order, people wonder why you're needed. When everything goes haywire, they wonder why you can't fix it faster. 

7. Tow Truck Drivers

Tow Truck
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Have you ever parked somewhere and returned later that day to find your car was towed? That's the worst feeling. But what about when you show up at your private parking spot and another car is already there? Now the tow truck driver is your best friend.

8. Fast Food Workers

Fast Food Worker
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Why does everyone hate fast food workers? It makes no sense to me that anyone would complain about people trying to make a living working difficult jobs on minimum wage, but maybe that's just me.

9. Plumbers

High Angle View Of Male Plumber In Overall Fixing Sink Pipe
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Many may say that plumbers are overpriced, but I don't know if any of those people have ever touched someone else's feces. Amid a plumbing emergency such as an overflowing toilet or flooding bathtub, I don't care how much the service costs as long as the problem is fixed. 

10. Sanitation Workers 

Sanitation Worker
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It would be a smelly, gross world if we didn't have sanitation workers. We definitely take waste removal services for granted, but we shouldn't. Garbage collectors are out almost every day, no matter the weather, to make sure our household trash gets to where it needs to go. 

11. Direct Care Workers 

Tech Support
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Direct care workers are hands-on helpers to the elderly and those with disabilities. These aides work around the clock, even on holidays, to ensure those under their care are living happy and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, those in this line of work are not only underappreciated but often forgotten. 

12. Secretaries 

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Many people view secretaries as personal assistants or overpaid phone monitors. That couldn't be further from the truth. Secretaries often handle scheduling, purchasing, and even approving timesheets or time off. Remember that the next time you go to work! 

13. Paramedics 

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Doctors and nurses are consistently lauded as heroes and for good reason. What about the people who pick you up and bring you to the hospital in the first place? Paramedics and EMTs have a wealth of medical knowledge, are trained to respond quickly and calmly to emergencies, and do it all while speeding down roads with sirens blaring. 

14. Public Transportation Workers 

City Bus Driver, Public Transportation
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Whether they're running buses or trains, we'd be lost without them. Many depend on these drivers to get them where they need to go. Even though the United States public transportation system is not as advanced as those in other parts of the world, plenty of people would be stuck on the curb if no one was around to pick them up. 

Source: Reddit.

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