The Vanishing PS5: More Content, Less Availability

In the gaming world, it’s customary for a new console to be hard to get your hands on in the first six months or so after a release. Nearly two years after the official release of Sony’s Playstation 5, however, customers are still having trouble finding the elusive console.

The insufficient availability of the PS5 has been so bad, retailers like Amazon have started waiting lists for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X gaming consoles. And while developers continue to provide incredible games for console users, learning to push the consoles’ advanced capabilities, there’s no telling when consumers will be able to get their hands on their favorite game system.

Supply Chain and Other Issues

One major reason Sony has run up against such a hard road from manufacturing to consumer purchase is the massive disruption in the component supply for the PS5 console. Because Japanese companies, like Sony, tend to follow a ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing process, they don’t typically stockpile parts, for example, the necessary semiconductor chip required to process builds for the PS5.

Instead, they wait until they are needed to purchase inventory, and that has left Sony with a serious supply chain issue.

Not only that, consumers are battling scalpers, who purchase PS5 consoles in bulk and then try to resell them over internet avenues like Etsy, Craigslist, and Facebook, for a profit. This two-fold issue is becoming a nightmare for Sony and consumers looking to purchase a console.

In the early days of the PS5 release, consoles were reportedly being sold online at atrocious prices, with most selling for at least $1000. One apparently sold for a terrifying $14,493. As the holidays approach, scalpers with stockpiled PS5 systems will again be able to extract exorbitant amounts. The gaming console is still relatively difficult to find, unless Sony somehow pulls off an eleventh hour miracle.

Troubling Signs for the Holidays

While Sony has committed to shipping out more consoles ahead of the 2022 holiday shopping season, the same issues loom large. And not just for Sony. Consumers looking for seasonal sales and new adventures, and game developers hoping to deliver them will similarly be stumped. While gaming content is at its height of production, no one's spending money on new games for a console they can't get their hands on anytime soon.

According to reports on the PS5 console, third-party developers are having issues completing games that work with Sony’s variable frequency CPU. Because Sony took a ‘next-gen’ approach to their console creation, developers are finding it difficult to match their multiplatform games to both the PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X consoles.

Mayhem Abounds

The upcoming holiday shopping season will force consumers to decide whether or not to purchase newly developed console games as Sony fights to meet the steady demand that’s still raging for the PS5.

One thing is a sure bet. If consoles are available, they will sell like hotcakes and not always from reputable retailers. No matter how many consoles Sony’s able to produce and ship out, it likely won’t be enough to meet the demand for the PS5 this holiday season.

And while Sony has continued to produce the PS4 to make up for the shortage of PS5’s, it’s done little to curb the demand for the entertainment giant’s latest console offering.

Whether or not Sony will be able to truly meet the demand or suffer a loss of customers remains to be seen.

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