About Publix Coin Machine: Limits, Charges, Counting Machine FAQs, etc.

Learn about Publix Coin Machine procedures, limits, charges, etc. in this one-stop guide!

Publix is a company similar to Coinstar that provides coin counting machines at nearby places to exchange them in various ways. Earlier, there is a practice of saving coins in the piggy banks and then giving all those coins to the nearby storekeeper to get things or paper currency in return. The Publix coin machine is also the same. But it is a modern approach. These Publix coin machines were usually found in front of various supermarkets in the United States of America. Let's explore more about these machines. 

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Publix Coin Machine

Working Procedure

 Using the Publix coin machine is just like a cakewalk. It involves a few simple steps. Let's have a glance at them. 

  • Simply we need to bring the collection of coins. There is no need to sort them based on denominations. The only thing the user needs to make sure of is whether the coins should be clean and tidy. The dust particles may have stuck the machine and may not be able to read the coin properly.
  • After putting those coins into the Publix coin machine, you need to select the available exchange options. For instance exchange to paper currency, exchange to a gift voucher, exchange for coupon code, exchange for donations. 
  • Based on the selected exchange option, the machine will revert and equate exchange.
    • If we need paper currency, it will count the number of coins and give the same in paper currency.
    • If it is a gift voucher, it will give a printed copy for use in the store.
    • If you select a donation, you will get a receipt that can be used for tax purposes.
  • But the Publix coin counting machine gives a receipt for the total dollar amount which the user had inserted. This receipt can be shown to the customer service executive and redeem are cash. It doesn't support any other option. This is the only payout option available in the Publix coin counting machine. 


Though Publix doesn't have Coinstar coin counting machines, it has its coin-counting machines. Usually, the Publix coin counting machines were found in front of various stores. The exchange rate may vary from one store to another store. It is always good to check the availability, working conditions, and exchange rate of the Publix coin counting machine in the store and then use it for the best result.

In several areas, nearly 20,000 Publix coin counting machines were available. Several dedicated public supermarkets were there and they have their coin counting machine in front of their store. It is very easy to find your nearby Publix coin counting machine. 

Charges and Limits

The revenue for these Publix coin counting machines is the exchange rate or commission. Usually, the Publix coin-counting mission charges 9% or 10% for the entire transaction. Most of the missions are charging 9% for the whole transaction. Only a few machines are charging 10% for their transaction. 

        Another interesting factor of the Publix coin counting machine is its limit. There is no limit for inputting the coins. Users can input as much as they can without any restrictions. Also, the charges will be applied at once for the entire transaction.

Differences between Coinstar and Publix Coin Counting Machine

publix coin machine coinstar

  • In contrast to Coinstar, the Publix coin counting machine offers a few payout options. This is the major difference between these two coin counting machines.
  • Another difference is about the charges of coin counting missions. The Publix coin counting machine charges less when compared to Coinstar.
  • The Coinstar can waive off its charge if the user chooses e gift card payout. Where is the Publix coin counting machine that doesn't have any other payout option? 

Additional Benefits

Another important advantage of the Publix coin counting machine is the cashback option. If the user shop at the Publix store using a debit card, he may get a maximum of $100 Cashback. Another good thing is no minimum purchase mandate. Users can purchase as much as they want. It is another attraction of Publix coin counting machine as well as differ from coin Star. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Name some stores with coin counting machines?

As the coin counting missions are very useful and it is attractive for kids, several stores in the United States of America were preferring to keep a coin counting machine in front of their stores., It is also a business strategy. Those who have come to use the coin counting machine will shop near the store itself. Eat Indian develops a potential customer base along with an increase in sales. Some of the stores with coin counting machines are as follows- 

  • Wal-Mart
  • Winn Dixie
  • Food 4 Less
  • Safeway
  • Acme
  • Kroger
  • Jewel
  • Vons
  • Ralphs
  • ShopRite
  • The Food Emporium etc. 

What is the significance of a coin counting machine? 

The coin counting mixed machine works on the principle of exchanging coins for paper currency. It is an ancient process that can be done manually. The going counting machines were very useful at all the grocery stores. It is beneficial to the user as well as the storekeeper. For the customer, to change their access coins into paper currencies or gifts or any other donations, etc. It is also a part of good manners for the children and it is exciting, attractive for them to save money and to use this machine.

The kids can exchange for donations also which keeps up a good habit of doing charity. The coin counting machines are also useful for storekeepers by providing cash backs etc. Also, the customers, whoever uses the coin counting machine, most of them will use this to pay the store bill. So instead of going to another store, most of the customers prefer to shop in that particular store which helps to develop their sales, increase in income and get more customers. 

Final Thoughts: Publix Coin Machine

Hence, the Publix coin counting machine is very beneficial apart from payout options. So everyone searches for the nearby store and machine to make use of it. The charges are less when compared to other machines. Also can avail the Cashback by shopping in their dedicated stores. Have a happy shopping!