Qkids Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Digital learning is very convenient amongst students. The move has encouraged more students to get online tutors for their study needs.

Due to the increase in learners, there has been an increase in demand for teachers that teach these various subjects.

Therefore, more and more people are looking for well-established structures so that they can tutor students online.

Thus, teachers have started registering with online tutoring platforms. One of these platforms include Qkids. In this article, we shall explore the authenticity of this platform as a tuition provider.


What is Qkids?


Qkids is an online teaching platform that allows teachers to connect with children. Most of the students on the platforms are kids.

The platform has its headquarters in No.3, Building 16, Wanghai Road, Software park, Siming district, Xiamen, China.


How Does Qkids Work?

For you to start working with Qkids, you have to go through a hiring process. The hiring process follows the steps below:

a) Apply with the required materials.

When applying, you have to indicate your name, location, education and any experience you might have working with kids. You have to present a resume and a screenshot of your computer specifications.



It is also important to indicate your availability throughout a single week. This helps the platform to design a suitable teaching timetable for you.

You are also required to record a 1 – 2-minute introduction video with the information above. This also includes you telling or reading a short children’s story.

After recording the video, you can send Qkids the YouTube link, Google Drive link or the video file.


b) Initial screening.

After you submit your application materials including the video, the platform has to screen your application. It is not clear what they look for in your application.

To be on the safe side, try to speak with a really good accent and provide all the necessary requirements during application.

If your application materials pass the preliminary hearing, you shall be contacted within 3 business days for further steps.


c) Demo interview 1.

Upon passing the initial screening process, you have to complete a demo interview. In this section, you must answer interview questions and demonstrate your teaching skills and knowledge.

In demo interview 1, you are expected to demonstrate technical proficiency.

This includes knowledge of the Qkids’ teaching platform and its buttons, tools and how to manage video and sound quality. Afterwards, you might be asked to answer a few questions regarding teaching and student interactions.


d) Demo interview 2.

After completing the first interviewer, you have a full Q & A interview session for 25 minutes. You get to interact with your employers.

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You might also be asked to demonstrate your teaching skills and personality over the interview. The interviews are normally held on Zoom. Therefore, you must have a stable internet connection.


e) Trial classes and background check.

After passing your demo interviews, you are asked to teach a trial class. In the trial class, you are expected to teach 2 – 5 students.

After teaching, you should expect to get some feedback from the families of the student. The platform is generous enough to pay for the trial classes.

You earn a regular rate of $8 per lesson with each in-lesson lasting 30 minutes.


f) Signing the contract.

When you have successfully completed the application process, you are accepted into the program. Every new teacher is awarded with a contract of work that lasts 6 months.

It is flexible as you can get time off by notifying the class coordination team.

The contract shall include your payment terms and basic pay. Upon signing and accepting the contract, you can start working with the platform.

When you become a teacher, you have to regularly check your account to see your timetable.

Since it changes every other week, it is advisable for you to check your account every Sunday to see the days you are needed to teach.

When an emergency comes up, you can seek help from the class coordination team as soon as possible. It is appreciated if you can give in a month’s notice.


What are the requirements for getting a job at Qkids?

The process of getting a job at Qkids is easy. The requirements are very straight forward.

You need to match the teaching and tech requirements as described below.

Teaching Requirements.

These are the personal requirements you must have to pass the interview. They include:

  • Resume. This should be presented in the American style.
  • Bachelor’s degree. The platform does not specify the type of degree.
  • Teaching license or English teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, ESL) required before lessons are assigned.


Tech Requirements.

All of the lessons conducted on this platform are remote. As such, there is some equipment that you must have.

You are required to have a computer on which all your work shall be done. You are also required to have:

  • A webcam to mount on your computer. This is in case the computer does not come with a camera for recording the video.
  • A headset with a microphone. This is used to communicate easily with your students. It is advisable to look for headsets used for transcription.
  • Stable internet connection. You have to ensure that you have a stable internet connection so that classes are not interrupted midway. It is recommended to get a cable connection. You can test the speed of your internet connection on https://www.speedtest.net/ The minimum upload speed should be 2Mbps and the minimum download speed should be 4Mbps.


How Much Can You Make on Qkids?

Earnings are allocated for every lesson taught. The base pay for full lessons is $8. When you have stand by lessons, you get paid $4 per lesson.

Stand by lessons do not require you to teach. You just have to keep the students engaged for approximately 10 minutes. You can also earn basing on incentives including:

  • $1 performance fee per lesson based on a family review.
  • $1 attendance bonus for each lesson once a minimum of 15 lessons are taught in a week.

Basically, you are only limited by the amount of time you allocate for each lesson.

You receive your earnings through bank transfer to your Canadian or American bank accounts.

The transfer fee to your account is paid by Qkids which means if you process $1,000, you get $1,000. The pay date is no later than the 15th of each month.

You are paid all the money for the previous months of teaching. However, the pay date can be automatically extended in the event of any Chinese National holidays.


How Can I Schedule My Working Hours With Qkids?

Qkids has a very specific schedule for you to follow. The schedule is designed to run through the winter and summer time.

You can have your classes in the morning or in the evening. If you choose to teach in the mornings, the slots are available for the whole week.

However, if you choose to teach in the evening time, slots are only available on Friday and Saturday. Evening slots are increased during unique times over the course of the summer and the winter.

The table below gives a description of the time allotted for study across several time zones and seasons.

TIME ZONE Summer time (AM) Summer time (PM)
EST 6:30 – 9:00 8:30 – 11:40
CST 5:30 – 8:00 7:30 – 10:40
MST 4:30 – 7:00 6:30 – 9:40
PST 3:30 – 6:00 5:30 – 8:40
Hawaii 1:30 – 4:00 3:30 – 6:40


TIME ZONE Winter time (AM) Winter time (PM)
EDT 5:30 – 8:00 7:30 – 10:40
CDT 4:30 – 7:00 6:30 – 9:40
MDT 3:30 – 6:00 5:30 – 8:40
PDT 2:30 – 5:00 4:30 – 7:40
Hawaii 1:30 – 4:00 3:30 – 6:40


As you can see, the times change according to the season and day of the week.

Therefore, you have to check your schedule and see how to bets arrange your lessons throughout the week.

Keep in mind that you are required to spend at least 6 hours per week on the platform.


Pros of Qkids.

  • Scheduling of classes is done by the platform. Some teaching platforms let the parents of the students choose when they attend the classes. Here, the platform schedules its lessons every week. The teachers have a timetable prepared for all lessons throughout the week on the first Sunday of the week. This makes planning easier.


  • Gives you the resources for teaching. Everything you need for a lesson is prepared by the platform. All reading materials, lesson plans and curriculum are prepared by Qkids. All you have to do is bring your charisma and equipment to the lessons.


  • They have a class cancellation policy. You have the opportunity to notify the class coordination team with in a month so that adjustments can be made to your timetable without losing your contract. This gives you much freedom at your job.


  • Remote work. The platform can be accessed anywhere within Canada and USA. You do not have to be affixed to a classroom to teach your lessons. You can correspond with students in various places all over the world.


  • Flexible schedule. You can choose to teach in the morning or the evening. The schedule even stipulates how classes are to be handled during the winter and the summer.


Cons of Qkids

  • Teach 1 to 4 students per lesson. It is challenging to deal with more than one student during an online class.


  • Limited to USA and Canada citizens. The platform cannot be accessed anywhere else apart from North America. The platform is not accessible in its home country, China.


Conclusion: Qkids Review – Is it legit?

Qkids is a legit platform and I recommend you join it as a teacher. The platform is very convenient for teachers looking to make an extra buck.

The earnings are pretty clear for your lessons including the incentives. It is relatively easy to join.

Despite its relative remoteness, you can teach if you are physically located within the States or Canada.

I hope you found this Qkids review helpful.

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