Quantum Leap 1.09: Trust Issues

When we start this episode, Addison is pissed. She’s finally come to trust that Ben doesn’t have some secret motive behind leaping and they’re growing their relationship. Unlike viewers who were shocked and pleased that Ben leaped to save Addison in the future – she has a different reaction. Learning the true purpose behind the untimely leap, she’s upset that Ben didn’t trust her enough to allow her to have a hand in her own salvation.

Speaking of saving Addison… She was supposed to be the original leaper – so if Ben’s trying to get to the future and save her – and Leaper X/Richard Martinez, who also leaped sometime in the future, is warning Ben away from his plan – could Ben be angling to leap into the future to save Addison from leaping in the original timeline. or maybe from the consequences of a leap? Food for thought.

Meanwhile, Ziggy and Ian have a lead – or rather 40 or so leads – on where Janis has, er, bolted to… Jen whittles the options down quickly – she’s in Belize – So Magic sends Jen after her.

Meanwhile, on the leap, that the folks over at the Fate’s Wide Wheel podcast took to terming “The Bodyguard Leap,” Ben is in fact, keeping an eye on Carly Farmer, a singer songwriter who’s in her hometown of Chicago to perform her album The Traveler live.

Referencing another “Fate’s Wild Wheel,” speculation that Carly could perform a cover version of that song from the “Glitter Rock” episode of the OG Quantum Leap were dashed with the news that Carly wrote all of the songs on the new album (or rather, Jamie Jackson did for the show)

Still since Sam leaped into Tonic during the 1974 King Thunder tour, it’s entirely possible Carly was inspired by their music. In fact, Carly’s “Traveling On,” both lyrically and musically, could easily be the spiritual cousin to the classic show’s song. And by the way, can Deborah Ann Woll sing!

While we’re on that subject, I should also point out that certain plot elements of “Glitter Rock” are echoed or mirrored in “Fellow Travelers,” including the confusion over who the likely killer is. And in true new QL fashion, they subvert super fans expectations by not making _______ the killer (as that person was in “Glitter Rock.”

I Don’t Want to Live in Fear

As we’ve seen in almost every episode of the new Quantum Leap, the story back at home is mirrored thematically in the leap. Addison’s frustration with Ben saving her without telling her is reflected in her encouraging him to let Carly have a hand in her own saving. Which he does, to excellent effect.

After all, he doesn’t yet know, although Addison will make it clear to him by the end, how angry she is. He’s still working off the trust they’ve built up in previous episodes. Even when she confronts him, he’s understandably defensive, insisting that he must have had a reason for not telling her. He doesn’t suggest it, but maybe the message from the future that set Ben and Janis off on the path (or however they found out) included not telling her.

Or maybe…

Back at home, Jen connects with Janis in Belize City, and learns that Ben trusted Janis because he didn’t think there was anyone at the Project who he could trust – or trust enough. And she’s convincing. Perhaps in part because of Jen’s criminal background, it’s easier for her to believe trust can be betrayed. We don’t know, but Jen is definitely reconsidering and keeping secrets from the rest of the team, even as she brings Janis back in to headquarters. After buying out her bodyguards – something bodyguard Ben would have never agreed to do.

Only time will tell if Janis starts working with the team, or continues to hold out – and who, if anyone, is not to be trusted at the Project.

Don’t Waste Even a Minute

The other thing I love about the writing, at least since episode three, is that Ben is now working even more – not to stop a tragedy, but to ‘put right what once went wrong.’ Not because time got screwed up or muddled and things turned tragic. No, whether Ben and Addison know it or not, he didn’t leap to save Carly from being killed – that was a nice side-effect. In reality, God or time or fate sent him there to reconcile Carly’s relationship with her sister Jamie.

The true making right what once went wrong is the broken relationship. Jamie and Carly. Ben and Addison. Jack Armstrong and Carly. Yes, Ben’s even helping his Leapee admit and move forward with his feelings for his protectee. Remember that exchange in the mirror during “Oh Ye of Little Faith”? Again, Ben is learning.

When he was faced with Jake’s proposal to Eva, he balked, worried that he didn’t know how she would have responded. This time, when Carly asks if they can go on a proper date now that the danger had passed, Ben does a quick glance at the mirror – connecting with the real Jack. Add that to Magic’s explanation of what the leap felt like when he was the Leapee for Sam, and it seems that Ben was getting permission before giving Carly the go-ahead.

Next week, Ben leaps into an ER doctor. And we’ll learn a little more about what’s happening at home. We’re at the halfway mark of season one – so expect the leaps to get harder from here on out. We hope, and we’ll be watching.

Quantum Leap airs Mondays at 10 pm on NBC and streams the next day on Peacock.

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