Victor Whitmore’s Inspirational Journey From Rags to Riches

Victor Whitmore is a shining example of the American Dream. Despite being born into poverty, Victor has been able to rise and make something of himself. Growing up in Gerry, New York, Victor delivered newspapers and mowed lawns at ten years old to help his family with expenses. From this young age, he became laser-focused on helping to bring his family out of poverty and has never stopped that mission.

To secure a better future for himself and his family, Victor graduated high school at just 17 years old before moving to Indiana for six years and eventually settling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, Victor was able to turn his rags-to-riches story into reality by pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors and helping his family rise above poverty.

Victor's story shows us the power of ambition and hard work as he continues to thrive despite the odds against him. He is an inspiring reminder that even with humble beginnings, we can all succeed.

His Achievements

Victor Whitmore is the Co-Founder of Precision Equity, a real estate investment company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over 20 years of commercial real estate experience, Victor is an asset management and investment formulation expert. He is responsible for implementing and overseeing existing investments, reviewing prospective investments, and monitoring market conditions.

Victor's efforts have seen remarkable success – his firm has purchased nearly 2500 multi-family units, increasing their value by tens of millions. This successful effort can be attributed to his focus on strategically executing one idea: to help those around him out of poverty. He has been laser-focused on this mission since he was a young child. To date, Victor has transacted over $265 million in commercial real estate, leading the day-to-day operations of the management teams and overseeing numerous multi-million dollar renovations.

As Victor continues to lead Precision Equity into success, his attention to detail and skill in making strategic moves proves that investing with purpose pays off in the long run.

His Vision

Now an established entrepreneur in the commercial real estate game, Victor Whitmore has an ambitious goal for his new company, Equity With Purpose – to close $500 million in transactions over the next five years. Not only will this bring significant returns to investors, but it will also leave the company managing over 3 million square feet of commercial real estate assets.

Victor's vision utilizes forward thinking and ingenuity – with the latest in technology and data analysis, he is confident that his strategies will enable success beyond expectations. What sets him apart from others in the CRE field is his understanding of how each sector interacts with another, creating a bigger-picture approach that yields higher ROIs. Additionally, he has found unique ways to optimize value across every project through direct communication with brokers and developers.

Ultimately, Victor is determined to exceed all expectations while revolutionizing the CRE industry and making a difference in people's lives. He firmly believes that anything can be achieved through collaboration and thoughtful planning.

Equity With Purpose Initiative

Victor Whitmore has a new initiative: Equity with Purpose. After a successful career spanning 20 years and accumulating financial success through commercial real estate, Whitmore felt the need for something more in life. To create this “something more,” Whitmore partnered with Jonathan Conneely, better known as “Coach JC,” a high-level performance coach and trainer, to start Equity with Purpose.

Equity with Purpose is doing big commercial real estate deals but doing it differently…every deal with a “purpose.”

EWP is passionate about partnering with investors and business owners to create passive income through commercial real estate investing while at the same time helping others create financial freedom.

Victor hopes to make a lasting impact through the “Purpose” campaign, aiming to help more than 75 families within the next five years.

“Many successful businessmen don't have peace of mind that their hard-earned money is working for them, and that is a problem! We show them how creating cash flow through commercial real estate is the answer for long-term wealth and freedom,” Victor explains.

EWP brings investors safe, commercial, cash-flowing real estate assets, with investors receiving above average cash-on-cash returns while being an actual owner in the asset, as opposed to just investing into a fund, stock, or real estate investment trust.

At EWP, they believe that you live to give. That true fulfillment comes when you help others, and at EWP, their investors create cash flow through passive income while helping others.

With each deal, the Equity with Purpose Investors allows a nominated individual, who, once selected, will be sponsored to become an investor/owner in that commercial real estate property, somebody who may not otherwise be able to invest.

EWP then works with that person to coach them on winning in all areas, including their finances and the power of creating generational wealth.

Through Equity with Purpose, Victor and Coach JC are providing “something more,” for themselves and other businessmen – a purpose: helping dozens of other less fortunate take control of their future.

His Take on Market Trends

In his recent interview, the ambitious real estate mogul offers his insight into the current trend of rising interest rates. He attributed the rate hikes to inflation and explained how this could be a detriment to those who need help understanding or managing their finances correctly. Whitmore noted that many people were already struggling before this trend began and predicted that it would only worsen as interest rates continued to climb.

He believes that now is the time for investors to take advantage of these market conditions by monitoring debt markets and capitalizing on the changes in the commercial real estate markets.

Despite being amidst a potential recession, Whitmore's outlook is still optimistic because he sees opportunities for those with the knowledge and experience necessary to make sound financial decisions within the current market conditions. With proper planning and preparation, he believes people can weather the storm and even come out ahead.

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