Razzies’ Nominate 12-Year-old for Worst Actress, Face Twitter’s Wrath

The Golden Raspberry Awards, known more commonly as the Razzies, brings attention to the worst movies, acting performances, screenplays, and directors each year. The Oscars' “Ugly Cousin”, The Razzies are the definitive resource for cinephiles who, at least once in a while, want to watch a movie that's so bad it's good.

However, the Razzies have courted controversy in 2022 by nominating a 12-year-old actress, Firestarter's Ryan Kiera Armstrong, in the Worst Actress category.

The fact that Armstrong was nominated alongside the likes of Diane Keaton, Tom Hanks, and Jared Leto was of no solace to Twitter, which collectively panned the Razzies' decision to shame a 12-year-old publicly.

The Twitter Heat Was So Fierce That The Razzies Ultimately Withdraw Their Nomination

Twitter has never been noted for its collective sense of humor, so it should be no surprise that the Razzies' edgy nomination went over poorly:

He was far from the only one issuing a de facto Razzie to the Golden Raspberry Awards' own performance:

Twitter user Crimson Mayhem pointed out that Armstrong is not the first child actor to earn the dubious honor of a Razzie nomination, as Anakin Skywalker once received the same distinction:

Yet Some Gave The Razzies Credit Where They Felt It Was Due

Though it was a minority opinion, one Twitter user acknowledged the Razzies' flaws but also noted that, when the Razzies are right, they're right:

The Razzies Heard The Furor and Apologized

After releasing its nominations on Monday, January 23rd, the Golden Raspberry Awards issued an apology only two days later:

Are The Razzies Still Relevant?

Considering the important role that terrible films play within the cinematic landscape, there is a case to be made that The Razzies remain as relevant today as they have ever been.

However, a move like nominating a child for Worst Actress might lead some to wonder whether The Razzies still stands on its own merits or whether the Golden Raspberry Foundation is resorting to questionable tactics to remain relevant.

At least one person did a background check on the Razzies, questioning whether the Foundation deserves credibility when it comes to deciding what qualifies as good or bad cinema:

One Twitter user used the Armstrong controversy to question the very premise of the Razzies:

It seems as if the Cancel the Razzies movement is gaining momentum:

Time will tell if the Razzies will rebound from this controversy and continue to hand out awards for the worst that Hollywood has to offer—the worst of adult performances, at least.

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