Black Panther: Crazy Reactions to Wakanda Forever and Chadwick Tribute

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has finally hit theaters, and the internet is losing its mind. From the incredible trailer to the heartwarming tribute to Chadwick Boseman, prepare for some possible spoilers along your scroll. 

There Will Be Tears

Several Twitter users admitted to crying in the opening credits, in the film's middle and end. One user expressed, “I was audibly sobbing during the movie, and I didn't care. I miss Chadwick, man.” Another user said, “Time to cry big boy tears, Wakanda Forever.”

“It's a rollercoaster to go from the joyous end of #BlackPanther to crying within the first few minutes of #WakandaForever. A fantasy, sci-fi epic. A worthy sequel. A beautiful, mournful goodbye,” one user shared. Another said, “Just finished #WakandaForever bring your tissues. You're crying as soon as it starts and when it ends.”

“I had to cancel my second showing. My bead hurts so much from crying. I need to go home, lay down, and cry.” Another confessed, “Wakanda Forever was incredible. I started crying the moment it started. Such a beautiful story and a wonderful tribute to Chadwick. One of Marvel's best films.”

Wakanda Forever is Beautiful

“Just got home from my 26th straight premier. Black Panther will always feel a little different, but they handled it super well, and god, I was in from beginning to end,” one user said. Another shared, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was the saddest MCU movie ever, so beautiful.”

“I just got out of watching Wakanda Forever. What an amazing film. Not only is it the best Marvel project since Spider-Man: No Way Home, but what a tribute to Chadwick. May he rest in peace. Shed a few tears at the end: excellent visuals, great score, and fantastic acting. A must-see for everyone 9/10,” stated Alex on Twitter.

Angela Bassett is a Queen

One person expressed, “Wakanda Forever was beautiful and cathartic. Angela Basset made you feel every damn line she spoke. Give her all the things.” Another agreed, “Angela Bassett is truly a GOD-tier actor. An absolute force as Queen Ramonda. Give her 10s! Her 100s, her millions, billions! #WakandaForever!”

Ironheart Looks Dope

One Twitter user exclaimed, “A new still of #RiriWilliams in #WakandaForever has been released!”

Another user shared some awesome fan art. “WAKANDA FOREVER. BLACK PANTHER. IRONHEART. #wakandaforever #wakandaforeverTH #Shuri #BlackPanther #Ironheart.”

Unfortunately, many people were not being kind to Ironheart's suit design. Finally, one said, “Y'all do know every suit started somewhere, right? It's her first appearance, so of course, her suit isn't going to look how some of us know it to look. Remember Tony's first suit? So let's not start throwing shade, especially if you've never read anything about her.”

Namor is Impressive

“The underwater scenes in #WakandaForever were absolutely beautiful, immersive, and authentic with top sound design, and the score was mesmerizing. I loved everything about Namor, Talocan, and his people. I can’t wait to the making-of of this gem,” one user admitted.

Another agreed, “In my opinion, Tenoch Huerta as Namor is the best addition to Phase IV. He ate this character. I can't wait for you all to meet him—absolutely different gravy.”

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