13 Reasons People Admitted Makes Them Never Want To Have Children

Parenthood is often hailed as one of life's greatest joys, but it's not for everyone. But only some people want to partake of that joy. While some eagerly anticipate starting a family, others are content with a child-free life or the kids they already have. People share their reasons why they never want to have children.

1. It's Hard to Care for Kids

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“I can barely take care of myself. Sometimes it feels like I can't possibly take on another human,” someone confesses. They admit to wanting to do many things that they couldn't do if they had a kid. Their feeling is borne of a pessimistic view of the world and the desire not to want to bring new life into that.

2. Money and Mental Health

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Mentioned that they are prioritizing their mental health. They say, “I wouldn't want to raise a kid like I was raised.” They suggest that giving birth to kids takes much financial responsibility and would want their kids to have a better growing-up experience. Parents often want a better life for their kids than they had.

3. Pregnancy and Parenting Phobia

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For some, the idea of pregnancy loathes them. They believe having kids would ruin their life, body, and finances. They describe parenting as wasting 21 years and coming out haggard, broke, and dead at the end.

4. The Fear of Having Ill-Bred Kids

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It terrifies some that no matter how hard you try, kids can come out different from their parents. They cite that some kids with perfectly normal parents still act like mini serial killers. A father of one replies that he has a perfect daughter but wonders if the next child ends up being a stark difference. He considers it too much of a risk.

5. The Irreversibility of The Situation

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The fact that it is impossible to “unhave” kids when you've committed scares some people. Someone notes that thoughts like this qualify one to be a bad parent, and maybe best not to take the plunge.

6. Bad Gene Worry

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Another individual admits that they fear that they may not have good genes to pass on. It's not worth passing on traits or deformities that should be stopped. And not giving birth is having the power to make it stop. One person said, “I don't want my child to have the same disability as mine.”

7. It's Hard To Put Up With Kids

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While they love being around their niece and nephew, one user confesses that they feel relieved when spending time with them is over. Another concurred, saying, “I tolerate my brother's kids, but I can send them home before they get annoying and forget babies entirely. They're not cute. They're just poo, vomit, cry machines. No thanks.”

8. Don't Want to End up Being a Complaining Parent

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Taking a cue from other parents, one notes how parents complain about parenting and see it as a validation not to have kids. What surprises them, though, is how these same parents act insulted when others say they don't want to be a parent because of too many complaints.

9. No Need To Roll The Dice

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The uncertainty of what to expect is a worry for someone. There is no guarantee of a healthy, nice, quiet kid. The thought that kids could have a disability that they don't have the resources or ability to deal with makes it scary. It's a gamble they don't want to take.

10. The Lack of Desire

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One user believes it is necessary to have an overwhelming desire to become a parent. But nothing makes them WANT to have them. “I don't, so why would I have a kid?” they say.

11. I'll Make a Terrible Parent

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Another user believes they would make a terrible parent but be a great uncle. A second person replied that they had the same fantasy until they actually became an uncle.” I can handle kids fine if I need to, but it's exhausting. So turns out I'm not that great of an uncle, as I just don't find entertaining kids motivating.”

12. Not Giving up Freedom

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Call it selfish, but this user likes her freedom, peace, and quiet with just herself and her husband, where money is still sometimes tight, but it's just them. Others replied that it's not selfish as it's better not to put a child in a bad situation, which is best for the child.

13. Traumatized

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One person dealing with a mentally disabled older brother for nearly all their life is shaken by that experience. Caring for a 32-year-old who acts like seven has tested his patience over the years. They confess that handling something like that again in their lifetime doesn't appeal to them even though they love their brother.

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