Clean Hands and Full Bellies: Why Eating Pizza With Utensils Is the Way To Go

A man looking shocked while holding a fork and knife near a cooked pepperoni pizza

I love pizza. It's my favorite food. When eating pizza, most people opt for the traditional method of picking up a slice with their hands and devouring it. However, some prefer to eat pizza with a fork. If you've ever wondered why people use utensils for pizza, here are a few reasons why handling a slice of ‘za may not be ideal for everyone.

1. Thinner, Less Stable Crust

Two boys pulling pizza from a microwave and eating it
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Not all crusts are created equal. Some are thinner and difficult to pick up without losing your toppings. If you microwave your pizza (for shame!), you’ll likely want a fork and knife to combat that soggy crust.

2. Gaming While Eating

A male eating pizza while using a mouse and keyboard
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There are few things more horrifying to gamers than watching someone eat messy foods like pizza and touching the controller. Marketing departments want everyone to think gamers live on a diet of Doritos, but the mess of Doritos dust on a pristine controller would drive many mad. It’s the same with pizza, except pizza grease can make buttons slippery and impede gameplay.

3. Prevent Overeating

Pizza with pepperoni sitting on a Costco pizza box
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Pizza is known to be a comfort food, and it's easy to indulge in it more than necessary. With a knife and fork, you can cut your pizza into smaller pieces and take your time to savor each bite. Some suggest this can help you control your portions and avoid overeating.

4. To Avoid Getting Sticky Hands

Child holding pizza over a empty greasy pizza box
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Many say eating pizza with your hands can make them sticky and messy. You can avoid getting grease, sauce, and cheese all over your hands using a knife and fork. A businessman enjoying a small pie for lunch may appreciate having a fork and knife handy to avoid getting grease on his suit.

5. Dental Work

European young woman smiling while looking at mirror in dental clinic
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A lot of people have had dental issues or have lost their teeth. Therefore, for those with dental work or even over-sensitivity, eating pizza with a knife and fork can be more comfortable than biting into a hot slice with their teeth.

6. Culture

young woman eats a pizza in an outdoor restaurant
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In some cultures, eating pizza with a knife and fork is customary. For example, in Italy, using utensils when eating pizza is considered polite. Dig around the Internet, and plenty of Italians (and even French) confirm that it's their cultural perspective to use a knife and fork rather than their hands while eating. 

7. Hot Pizza

Lady holding pizza up next to a pizza oven while another lady in the background is hard at work near pizza boxes
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Pizza fresh out of the oven can be very hot, making it difficult to eat with your hands. Therefore, many suggest using a knife and fork as it allows you to cut into the pizza and blow on it to cool it down before taking a bite.

8. Being Autistic

woman holding up a slice of pizza before eating it
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Some individuals on the autism spectrum may prefer to eat their pizza with a knife and fork due to sensory issues or personal preference.

9. Sharing Slices

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Maybe you have several types of pizza and are doing a sort of pizza mukbang with friends. It could be impolite or perceived as downright gross if you just started biting into slices. A fork and knife would be most appropriate if you're all sampling small bites at a time.

10. Lots of Toppings and Thick Pizza

Macaroni and cheese pizza on a pizza board with a pizza cutter
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Pizza with lots of toppings or a thick crust can be difficult to eat with your hands without making a mess. Using a knife and fork can help you enjoy all the toppings without falling off, especially if it's a cheesy mess like macaroni and cheese pizza.

11. Looks Fancy

Woman looking happy with confetti around her
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Eating pizza with a knife and fork can give a sophisticated and elegant impression. It can make a casual pizza dinner feel more like a fancy restaurant experience.

12. Enjoy Eating While Slowing Down

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In our fast-paced world, taking time to slow down and savor our food is becoming increasingly rare. Using a knife and fork to eat pizza can encourage you to eat slowly and mindfully, enjoying each bite to the fullest.

Whether you want to control your portions, avoid a mess, or enjoy a fancy dining experience, eating pizza with a knife and fork may be the perfect solution. 

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