‘Rebel Moon’ Trailer Teases Zack Snyder’s Two-Part Space Epic

The new trailer for Zack Snyder's two-part space saga Rebel Moon teases an epic battle between good and evil that will remind many of the Star Wars universe. Anthony Hopkins, who voices a mechanical knight name Jimmy in Rebel Moon, narrates the trailer and asks viewers, “Who among you is willing to die for what you believe?” The trailer doesn't reveal much about the plot. Instead, it showcases snippets of expensive-looking action sequences during which characters battle with laser swords that look curiously like the lightsabers in Star Wars movies. 

The Similarities Between Rebel Moon and Star Wars Are No Coincidence

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Image Credit: Netflix.

The title Rebel Moon brings to mind images of the Rebel Alliance base on Yavin IV in Star Wars: A New Hope. The trailer — filled with space battles, laser swords, a princess, and otherworldly creatures — is also reminiscent of the franchise George Lucas created decades ago. Snyder first pitched the concept for Rebel Moon as an actual Star Wars movie to Lucasfilm around 2012, the same time that Walt Disney Company purchased the studio. Still sore from his experience directing superhero movies for the DC Extended Universe, Snyder and his wife/producing partner, Deborah, decided to rework Rebel Moon as an original concept independent of any established cinematic universe. Their first idea was to create a series for Netflix before settling on a two-part movie for the streaming giant.

What Is Known About the Premise of Rebel Moon

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Image Credit: Netflix.

The trailer contains footage from both parts of the two-part saga: Rebel Moon: Part One — A Child of Fire and Rebel Moon: Part Two — The Scargiver. Much of the action takes place on the moon of Veldt, a world under attack by the Imperium, the army of the corrupt government of Mother World. Sofia Boutella plays Kora, a former Imperium member who gathers warriors from across the galaxy to stand beside her and fight the tyrannical Mother World. One of these fighters is General Titus (Djimon Hounsou), a former Imperium general recruited by Kora. Also on team Kora is starship pilot Kai (Charlie Hunnam), the farmer Gunnar (Michiel Huisman), and the spider warrior Harmada (Jena Malone). Standing against the rebel warriors are the Imperious leader Regent Balisarius (Fra Free) and his right-hand man, Admiral Atticus Noble (Ed Skrein).

Rebel Moon: Part One — A Child of Fire premieres on December 22, 2023 on Netflix; Rebel Moon: Part Two — The Scargiver premieres on Netflix on April 19, 2024 on Netflix.

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