Recapping The Top Businesses of 2022

2022 saw many businesses slowly moving into recovery mode, whether due to continued COVID-19 concerns, supply chain issues, or just dealing with the roller coaster of an economy with out of control inflation and rising interest rates.

On the other hand, some businesses not only strived and thrived, but were rewarded with one of their best business years ever! Here are the top 10 businesses that came out of 2022 stronger than ever/

The Gold Gods

When Cam Love founded Gold Gods in 2013, all he had was a thousand dollars and a dream. He built the company from the ground up with no outside investment and was rewarded greatly for it. After being in business for over nine years, The Gold Gods™ has sold over a million gold chains to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Among those customers are artists such as Post Malone, Migos, and many more. Every The Gold Gods™ piece comes with a lifetime warranty – but their quality is so high, very few people take advantage of it. That's how the company ensures that the $50 million in sales does not turn into $50 million in returns.

Another potent notable: The Gold Gods™ continuously tries to “offer the perfect chain at every price point.” With a wide selection of premium gold-plated, vermeil, and solid gold jewelry, sold in over 1,000 stores worldwide, there’s a statement piece for everyone at The Gold Gods™.

The Gold Gods™ are the #1 selling urban retail brand of men’s jewelry. From pendants to bracelets to their famous Cuban link chain, The Gold Gods™ has got it all for men.

It’s been years since Bitcoin first broke into mainstream consciousness, yet millions of people were still left without an easy way to convert cash into Bitcoin.

But all that was before the birth of BTMmachines, the sole operators of Bitcoin ATMs. Founded by Justin Gilmore in 2021, BTM remains the only reliable way for people to convert large amounts of cold cash to Bitcoin. The machines also allow their users to transfer money worldwide without the expensive fees usually attached to global wire transfers.

The goal of BTMmachines is to make the benefits of crypto accessible to everyone in the world, regardless of their physical location or banking situation. Their machines are simple to use and intuitive by design. So it doesn’t matter if you use one for the first time — all the instructions you need will be there!

As of this writing, BTMmachines operates out of Atlanta, Georgia, with machines available anywhere across the U.S. But Gilmore and his team isn't stopping there – their global ambitions have set them on the path to deploy BTMs in Mexico and Spain.

Elevate Customs

Elevate Customs takes gaming to a new level by successfully merging elegant form and superior functionality in gaming tables.

For owner Lorraine Spektor, it is not enough for gaming tables to just look nice. Rather, each table should be a statement piece, inspiring joy every time it is used. Lorraine developed a keen eye for expert craftsmanship as a young girl, thanks to her artistic grandfather. She would watch closely as he turned random tree trunks into stunning works of art.

That and the Spektor family’s love for gaming sowed early seeds that eventually led to the birth of Elevate Customs.

To this day, the company is committed to building gaming tables using only the best materials and processes to create elevated pieces in both function and form. Their pool tables, shuffleboard tables, air hockey tables, and dartboards make every game worth playing.

Because of Lorraine Spektor’s strict compliance with rigorous standards, 2022 became a big year for the company and its patrons. But the years ahead hold even more promise as Spektor continues to raise the bar of custom-built gaming tables.

Helix Media Agency

Helix Media, an all-female modeling agency, was established to support models everywhere by protecting their ownership rights and fair competition. It all started when 8-figure serial entrepreneur Reco Jefferson learned from his friends on OnlyFans that up to 70% of the money they make usually goes to agencies.

Reco decided to assemble an all-girl squad to empower female models and remove the stigma for creators of sites like OnlyFans. He believed it would also even the playing field for women.

Since then, Helix Media Agency has taken to covering every aspect of representing their models — from promotions, scheduling, arranging trips for out-of-town events, and booking them for great deals. This allows the models to focus on looking and feeling great as they work on their end of the agreement.

Reco considers this his small contribution to women's empowerment in the workplace.

Mops to Millions

Finding success as a business owner takes time, especially for businesswomen who have the odds stacked against them in a man’s world. For Amy Mikhaiel, it took 12 years and a move from Algeria to the U.S. to build a seven-figure cleaning company. But she's never looked back..

Not wanting other women to have to wait for their dreams to come true, Amy Mikhaiel established Mops to Millions. Mops to Millions offers a comprehensive coaching program where Amy shares 12 years’ worth of tools, resources, and strategies to make a seven-figure company from the ground up. Their clients don't have to wait years to build a multi-million dollar business. Mops to Millions also imparts lessons on establishing confidence through business and mindset coaching.

These are lessons Amy herself picked up and polished from over a decade of mastering the cleaning industry through her own company, Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc. She hopes to empower other women to take the same path while making it easy and simple for them to achieve success in the industry.

Amela Smailbegovic

Next on our list is another entrepreneur who’s in the business of supporting and empowering women: Amela Smailbegovic.

Amela is a real estate expert leading a team of high-performing agents who produce an average annual investment return of $30 million to $40 million. Apart from being a top producer for Hilton Grand Vacations, Amela also has a philosophy, political science, and law background.

As she made her way across these industries, Amela observed how it seemed twice as hard for women to find success. She felt as if success was sometimes handed to men on a silver platter, while she had to fight twice as hard just to have her voice heard.

Amela got her voice out there, earning herself a spot among some of her most successful peers. This put her in a position to empower other women through investment coaching. Amela has impressively changed hundreds of women’s lives by sharing her best practices for making money through property investing.

Sterling Forever

Seventeen years ago, Mike Cooke started selling jewelry online. He was just 15 years old and operating out of his parent's basement. He began with his mother’s Tiffany jewelry that she no longer used nor wanted, before moving on to selling items he ordered from China.

He continued with this small side hustle all through high school until his second year in business school. That was when he decided to take things up a notch. And thus was born Sterling Forever. He worked with a publicist in Los Angeles to build his brand, and soon enough, he started designing his own jewelry pieces.

Today, Sterling Forever is known for its ‘made-to-last’ jewelry that’s available in physical stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s and online channels like Target’s digital line. Aside from the quality of its designer items, Sterling Forever made this list of 2022’s top businesses — because they’re a masterclass in customer service.

Sterling Forever takes pride in providing a custom experience to anyone who buys and owns their jewelry—allowing anyone to reach out to their headquarters for replacements or repairs on their pieces worldwide. This rare personal touch of care and service puts Sterling Forever a cut above the rest.

Myriam Sandler

Mothercould is the best thing that every struggling parent out there needs, right now. Myriam Sandler, the creator of Mothercould, established the revolutionary kids’ activity and family lifestyle community. She created a vast knowledge base of short video tutorials of sensory and food recipes, easy play activities, and educational tools using recycled household items.

The idea for such a community was born after Myriam single-handedly overcame feeding struggles and texture sensitivity with her first daughter.

The name Mothercould represents the empowering accomplishment Myriam felt after coming out of this experience. She overcame this seemingly insurmountable challenge through an innovative approach – introducing new textures through sensory play. And it worked like a charm.

Myriam noticed incredible progress in her daughter's eating and was so overwhelmed by the experience that she felt compelled to share her sensory play recipes. She created a community where other parents, educators, and caregivers could get access to quick tools and parenting hacks that could alleviate many of these parenting challenges. Mothercould is the answer for families worldwide going through the same struggles.

Drive Law Firm Marketing

For Drive Law Firm Marketing, simplicity is beauty. They make things simple for growing law firms by measuring success using a single rubric: their caseload. Nothing else. For this team of legal marketing specialists, all other ‘nerd’ data points may look good on paper, but do not really move the needle for law firms.

Ignoring the negligible and using data-driven SEO strategies, top-notch web design, paid advertising campaigns, and intake optimization, they’ve transformed over 140 law firms into case-generation machines through aggressive marketing and growth strategies. As a result, their clients can attest to how their caseloads have grown between three to five times after working with firm owner David Haskins and his marketing experts.

Best of all, Drive Law Firm Marketing refuses to offer generic coaching services for any of its clients. Instead, the company’s commitment to developing custom-tailored marketing solutions for the firms they work with is precisely what earned them a spot in this list of top businesses for the year.


Financial advisor businesses looking for an influx of new clients can now turn to Hummingbird, an automation company that builds customer lists through LinkedIn. This digital platform uses artificial intelligence to help over 2,000+ financial advisors book 15-20 meetings with ideal prospects without all the hard work of manually finding contacts.

With over 10 million data points, Hummingbird has set a benchmark for successful prospecting on LinkedIn. Many large and influential financial institutions are welcoming that benchmark. Not surprisingly, the mastermind behind Hummingbird is someone who knows the needs of financial advisors like the back of his hand.

Before following his entrepreneurial dreams, Bruno Nicoletti had a thriving career in the financial sector. In fact, he had a sought-after, high-paying job as a financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual before founding Hummingbird — an instant sensation in the FinTech industry.

Hummingbird's outstanding performance and innovative means of helping businesses keep up with the times even earned Nicoletti the CEO of the Year award from CEO Monthly Magazine.

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