Reco Jefferson: Touching Lives, Building Dreams, One Person at a Time

One of life's profound beauties is having successful young people position themselves as role models and inspiration to other young people, especially in the local communities where they grew up.

Many youths living without mentorship take to the streets and engage with the wrong crowd. However, when someone like Reco Jefferson comes up from his disposition and starts shining a beacon of hope for others to follow? That is truly inspirational.

Reco Jefferson's Background

Like many poor kids living in the inner city of McComb, MS, Reco had a tough time growing up. He had to struggle alone, with no one to look up to.

Today, however, all that is in the past, as Reco has moved from the back of the line to a place of envy. He currently stands as the CEO of a thriving real estate company.

Reco Jefferson’s real estate portfolio covers dozens of rental properties in the Reading, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia areas, near Jersey where he spent his teen years.

Reco’s firm acquires and refurbishes properties to then rent them out to low-income families at affordable rates.

Everyone Deserves Decent Accommodations

Many people in poorer communities tend to live in buildings with run-down facilities and need help to afford the high renovation cost.

But Reco believes everyone should be able to live in decent accommodation, no matter their economic status, so it’s a priority for him and his team to fix low-quality infrastructure before leasing them out to people.

Helping the Local Community

For Reco, it’s essential to contribute to the growth of society and the local community you grew up in as a way of ‘giving back.’ This drives and motivates him to have his business focus on buying and refurbishing buildings in those neighborhoods.

As far as he sees it, they’re family. Reco also runs a barbershop in the area and knows a lot of people in the community.

According to the savvy entrepreneur, growing up in impoverished areas exposed him to the harsh reality on the ground. It made him see the struggle that many low-income people go through daily.

“They're good people, (but) I remember what it was like trying to find good housing,” he explains. “And typically, the places you can afford are disgusting if you're low-income. They're rundown.”

So with the opportunity that life has given him, Reco says the least he can do is give back to society by providing better homes and better facilities, at affordable prices. Somewhere they and their families can be happy living in.

A Source of Inspiration

As a very successful entrepreneur, Reco Jefferson has become a source of inspiration to the many young people out on the street and those looking to find their footing.

According to Reco, the factors people need to succeed in life and achieve their dream is the right opportunity and motivation. His guiding principle is to be a positive example and role model through his businesses and to help others find their path in life and business.

Before delving into the business world, Reco Jefferson had a tough time growing up and working small jobs. He also spent a few years in the military, then college. From a humble beginning, Reco now earns several millions of dollars annually from his businesses.

Aside from his lucrative real estate investments, Reco is also a successful e-Commerce entrepreneur, having spent 12 years in that industry.

Service to Others

Reco Jefferson is constantly driven by the opportunity to help people and make a genuine difference in their lives rather than by monetary gain.

According to him, being there for others and giving them another reason to aspire to become better people is the real purpose of life. After all, as he loves to quote the revered sage, Mohammed Ali, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

As an e-Commerce entrepreneur, Reco Jefferson is very particular about empowerment in that niche. He spends a lot of time teaching people the rudiments of success in e-Commerce, and also helps to manage online stores for his clients. Currently, he receives passive income through the automated e-Commerce stores of over 200 clients on platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Shopify.


Reco believes strongly in mentorship and always places himself in situations where he can show others how to move their business forward.  He has helped more than 700 students with the basics of drop shipping by writing courses and posting videos on social media platforms.

The central points that sum up Reco's success over the years are focus, determination, and persistence. To date, he has mentored dozens of individuals in business through his courses and online content on social media. Considering how far he’s come, it’s incredible to think Reco started his business with a mere $3.67 as an investment, but it's true.

Flexibility and Keeping an Open Mind

Even though he has been in the e-Commerce automation business for a while, Reco Jefferson says he is constantly open to new growth opportunities. Another important factor, he states, is flexibility and keeping an open mind.

“You have to change with the times,” he says, because being flexible and adaptive to change is fundamental to staying in business.

Although Reco is always looking to expand his business interests, his success has come mainly from helping people and giving them a hand up in life. In this way, he works to change society, one person at a time. But they have to commit to putting their best effort forward.

In the final analysis, as Reco spells out, hard work plays an important part in the life of an entrepreneur. To succeed in business, you must be willing to pay the price in terms of time, energy, and resources.

After all, Reco Jefferson grew up in the slums of society. He pulled through without any help. It can be challenging when people don't have anyone to help them, but that's no excuse not to think and dream big.

This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.