Top 17 Recycling Businesses Ideas Of 2022

If this is your year to start a new business, you may want to consider the idea of a recycling business. As we begin to understand the impact that humans have on the environment, it becomes more clear that we need to lessen our footprint.

17 best recycling businesses ideas
Top 17 Recycling Businesses Ideas Of 2022 3

A great way to do that is through recycling. Average citizens look for more ways to reuse their things or sell them for a bit of money before they end up in a landfill.

Most people have no issues with handing their old belongings over to a recycler as opposed to throwing them away. Let’s look at some of the top recycling businesses ideas for this year. 

Profitable Recycling Business Ideas

1) Cardboard Recycling

With more and more people purchasing products on the internet, there is quite a bit of cardboard that needs a place to be recycled. The unbelievable thing about cardboard is that it is truly filling up the landfills. There is just so much cardboard and paper, and that is not being recycled. 

To recycle cardboard, it needs to be compacted, but it can then be made into new cardboard. The great thing about it is that the production of recycled cardboard is much easier on the environment and the wallet than the creation of new cardboard.

This business will continue to get bigger and bigger, now would be the time to get in. 

2) Place Recycling Bins in Local Areas

If recycling bins are there for people to use, they will use them. Simply placing recycling bins in certain areas can help you start a very profitable little business.

Sell advertising space on the recycling bins, and you will be able to pay for the bins. IF you happen to get any plastic or aluminum in the bins that can then be recycled and turned into a new product, you have just found a secondary way to increase your income. 

3) Plastic Recycling Business

Plastic recycling can be tricky because not all plastics can be recycled. However, we all know that plastic is a problem. Looking for a place to recycle plastic can be a bit difficult.

With the lack of recycling centers starting a new plastic recycling business is an excellent opportunity. 

Plastic can be used again, and it can also be repurposed into making other products. If you can determine a product that you can use old plastic to create, you can end up with a very profitable business. 

4) Recycle Batteries

There are lots of batteries with no place to go. Batteries contain some harmful materials, and they should not be thrown out to waste away in landfills.

Batteries need to go through a specific recycling process so that they don’t cause more damage to society. 

The great thing about a battery recycling business is that many of the individual parts of a battery can be recycled. In addition, the battery itself can sometimes be recharged and recycled and sold again.

The battery recycling business leaves quite a few opportunities, and since people know they can’t bring these batteries to landfills, creating a battery recycling center will be an easy way to get people through the door of your business. 

5) Paper Recycling

Paper has one of the easiest recycling processes on the market. Although cardboard needs to be compacted, the paper does not.

Starting a paper recycling business typically tends to have lower startup costs, and you can make good margins in this business. 

Letting people know that you have started a paper recycling business will be one of your main start-up costs. Marketing, as always, is quite expensive.

Although we use less and less paper now that we have electronic documents, there is still too much that goes without being recycled. 

6) Recycle Glass 

Suppose you are concerned with your new recycling business being efficient. In that case, you should highly consider starting a glass recycling business.

Glass is 100% recyclable, it is easy to transform into new glass, and recycled glass is in high demand. 

When some products are recycled, they lose a bit of their effectiveness or quality; however, this is not the case with glass. You can recycle glass and come out with a product that is just as good as the original.

The glass recycling business is a profitable and solid place to start if you think a recycling business is in the cards for you. 

7) PVC Recycling

There are some positives and negatives to the PVC Recycling business. PVC is harder to recycle than some other plastic waste. It is a bit time-consuming and requires more equipment.

Part of the problem is that PVC is made with chemicals, to begin with. In order to recycle these properly, those chemicals need to be dealt with. 

There are some larger initiatives to increase the number of PVC recycling facilities in the world. Do some research on this one before jumping in; however, there could be an avenue to some very high-profit margins if you can figure the PVC recycling business out. 

8) Recycling Wood

This is probably our favorite choice for a recycling business idea. People get rid of wood and old furniture when there is still lots of life left in it.

Of course, the process of taking the wood apart, refinishing, and then reselling is going to take some time and effort; the costs should be relatively low. 

If you have any kind of ability as a carpenter or builder, setting up a wood recycling business is going to be highly profitable. Homemade wood products sold from recycled wood can sell for a lot of money. 

9) E-Waste Recycling

Old computers and E-Waste are quickly becoming the largest percentage of waste products in the world. When people get new mobile phones or computers every year, it creates an extreme amount of electronic waste. However, most of these electronics and computers can be recycled. 

There are several ways to set up an electronic waste recycling business. You can simply refurbish machines and sell them for lower prices.

Another option is to physically take the computers apart and recycle and sell the individual components. These components are made of metals and other materials that are worth money. 

10) Recycling and Processing Scrap Metal

When starting a new business, you will probably want something that is both interesting and fun. Indeed, recycling and processing scrap metal is a great way to create some extra cash

The great thing about scrap metal is that it exists all around us. It is not hard to start collecting the metal yourself. When you start paying people for the metal they bring to you, you can quickly determine profit margins and set this business up to be a long-term success. 

Scrap metal consists of things like copper, brass, silver, gold, and more. You will learn the internal parts of all things. This is an exciting and fun business to be a part of, and it is here to stay. 

11) Ink Cartridge Recycling Business

It’s so very frustrating how quickly ink in cartridges tends to run out. When the cartridges are empty, they are sent to the landfill.

However, this does not need to happen. With ink cartridge refilling, you can save the plastic from hitting the landfill and simply add more ink to the cartridge. 

The cartridge refilling business has not become mainstream yet, although people would be more than willing to save a bit of money not having to replace an entire cartridge.

If you can figure out ways to fill cartridges and sell them for a bit less than a new one, you will find yourself very profitable. 

12) Construction Waste

There are always many ways to set up a business, but recycling construction waste is a very easy and simple path to your own business.

When a person decides they want a new kitchen, the contractor demolishes the old kitchen. However, there were likely things in that kitchen that could have been reused, refurbished, or sold for scrap. 

With a construction and demolition recycling business, you can go in and collect what you need before a demolition. The product that you can sell directly can be sold, other materials can be saved for later to be refurbished and sold, and you can even offer demolition services. 

It will take a bit to establish a name for yourself in this industry, but it is absolutely possible. 

13) Food Waste Recycling

Food wastes are very high. Food that people finish gets thrown in the trash and then heads yet again to the landfill. However, there are ways to turn that food into compost, and then compost is very profitable soil to sell to farmers and gardeners. 

If you can set up a composting center where people are able to drop off their compost while you turn it into sustainable soil to be used again in the community, you will see great success.

Composting is easy; it does not make much work at all. Of course, you will need space, and you will have to build up this idea and concept for the people in your community.

Also, be prepared to wait a bit for the compost to break down and turn into the soil you need. 

14) Water Recycling

Water is the most precious resource we have. Luckily, much of the water we are already consuming is recycled, but there are more opportunities.

Water can be effectively recycled and used again for a variety of purposes. When water is recycled, it keeps our oceans, rivers, and lakes from getting contaminated with polluted water. 

The great thing about water is that it is easy to test and see that it is, in fact, safe to drink. Setting up a water recycling plant can be a great way to make some money in 2021.

Be sure that you have some funds saved up for the initial startup costs. 

15) Recycle Old Tires

Old tires can be recycled and turned into a variety of other products. From roadside barriers to playgrounds and football fields, recycled tires can undoubtedly find a second life on our planet. The problem with the tire recycling business is that it is a bit costly to run. 

Once you are up and running and have your processes in place, you won’t have to worry about this business being profitable. There is no end in sight for the number of tires that are used each year. 

16) Packaging Industry

Plant-based packaging is the future of plastics and packaging material. With these materials, we have much less to worry about when it comes to products decomposing and harming our environment.

If you can get into the plant-based packaging business, you certainly will have a long and successful career ahead of you. 

The problem with this industry is that there is just not that much out there to start with. Only a few large companies have committed to using bioplastics, and the others seem rather far behind.

If you want to take a bit of a leap of faith, bioplastics could be a place to start. 

17) Textile Recycling Business

Used clothes are often given to those that are less fortunate. The clothing is given at a reduced rate or even for free; however, when people are officially done with their fabric, they often throw them out.

Throwing out fabric and material should not be the case. Textiles and fabrics can be recycled and reused in alternative products.

Some furniture is made with recycled materials and so are clothes. There are lots of young companies looking to make all of their clothes with recycled textiles.

Becoming a supplier in this industry is a relatively easy road and one that will provide lots of work for years to come. 

So which recycling business is the most profitable?

There are many recycling businesses that can be quite profitable. One of the most popular and profitable is the paper recycling business. The waste paper includes items such as newspapers, magazines, office paper, and cardboard.

It can be recycled into new paper products, which helps to save trees and other resources. waste paper recycling businesses typically collect waste paper from businesses and individuals and then sell it to a paper mill or other Recycling Facility.

The waste paper is then processed and used to create new paper products. The profitability of waste paper recycling businesses depends on a number of factors, including the type of waste paper collected, the costs of collection and transportation, and the market value of recycled paper products.

However, with careful planning and execution, waste paper recycling businesses can be quite profitable.

How do I start a recycling business?

The recycling business is one of the most eco-friendly businesses that you can start. It involves the collection and processing of recyclable materials such as glass, plastic, metal, paper, and electronics.

A recycling business can either be operated as standalone entities or as part of a larger recycling operation.

To start a recycling business, you will need to take the following steps:

  • The first step in starting a recycling business is to do some research and develop a recycling business plan. There are many resources available online and at your local library that can help you develop a recycling business plan.
  • Obtain a recycling license from your local government.
  • You will also need to find a suitable location for your business, rent or purchase recycling equipment, and hire staff.
  • Once your recycling business is up and running, you can begin marketing your services to local businesses and residents.
  • By recycling materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, you can help to protect the environment and make a profit at the same time.

Final Thoughts On Recycling Businesses

As you can see, there is no shortage of recycling businesses that you can start. Some of these businesses will be quick and easy to start up, and others will require large grants and many involved parties.

If you think recycling may be your thing, start small and see what you can turn it into. If nothing else, you will be doing some great things for the environment. 

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