Will the Republican Tax Changes Benefit the Rich or Poor?

The 118th Congress, led by the Republican party, had a rough first week as it took fifteen rounds of voting to finally elect Representative Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. Social media was not kind to Republicans in general and certainly not the original 20 ‘holdouts' who voted repeatedly against Kevin McCarthy to begin with.

To make matters worse, this week the GOP is contending with previous Republican actions that are now coming back to haunt them, especially across social media.

Twitter user @salaam posted a tweet about who the #GOPTaxScam was allegedly meant to help.

@TomRGregg wanted a few select Republicans to know they were seen by ‘We The People.'

@JDLukenbach thinks the ‘Immoral Majority' now controls the House of Representatives.

@SCRCali68 is pretty sure Republicans only care about corporations and helping the rich get richer.

User @sarahnvsun wants to help the GOP get back on track and has some advice on how they can get there.

@pe62050408 wants to remind users about former president Donald Trump's tax schedule.

@fairdeal2000 shared a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

@namwella1961 fears the GOP is ‘morally bankrupt.'

@EarthlingJR thinks there are only certain people who are ‘afraid' of 87,000 additional Internal Revenue Service agents.

@conklin4 wants everyone to remember what the IRS funding under the Biden administration is actually for.

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