Republicans Demand George Santos Resign for ‘Lying’ To Win Congressional Election

While we might not prefer it, we all know that when it comes to politics, lying happens. Having proof of those lies is another matter altogether. For freshman Representative George Santos, apparently, his lying went too far.

Reports are flooding in, that a group of senior Republican GOP leaders from New York is calling on George Santos to resign as inquiries into his finances and lies he allegedly told on the campaign trail have come to light.

Twitter user @mmpadellan posted the ‘breaking news.'

@Tuscanflower3 thinks the only reason they allowed him to continue to begin with is the ‘the speaker vote.'

@poshea thinks it's commendable that such senior representatives are admittedly how badly they got punked.

@BarbBrklycica thinks it's sad that anyone voted for him in the first place.

User @MichiganShirley thinks Republicans are a ‘day late and a dollar short.'

@OwlGoddess2 thinks Republicans should just ‘expel him from their party.'

@ReduxStl thinks it's more for show and that Santos ‘won't quit and everyone knows that.'

@MonarchyDante thinks Santos must be ‘too far out for the Republican party.'

@stripercat51 doesn't care how, Santos ‘just needs to be gone!!!'

@wisconsinandy thinks it's ‘nice timing' for the Republicans to ‘suddenly have ethics.'

@chrisfradkin thinks there a few other names that can go on the ‘resign' list.

@aspenquakes thinks this is a job for the ‘Office of Congressional Ethics' to tackle.

No one likes being lied to, but when it comes to politics we're rather conditioned to accept it as part and parcel of the democratic process. The issue comes, again, when there is little proof to pin the lie on the liar.

If Congressional Republicans have the evidence that Santos lied about his finances, campaign spending or his experience for doing the job; he should absolutely be expelled and forced to resign.

Unfortunately, that's not exactly as cut and dried as we might hope. Calling on Santos to ‘do the right thing,' and resign is a nice thought. If he refuses, which looks to be the case, we may have a long wait before New York gets a new representative.

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