Residual Payments Review – Is David and Patricia’s Course Legit?

Looking for an unbiased and honest Residual Payments review? Is Residual Payments course legit?

Well then continue reading this indepth review of the Residual Payments course to find out!

In online business setups, payment systems are the most important thing.

The money makes the business and the business cannot exist without the flow of money.

The setup includes the sender, the receiver and the payments processor.

The middle man facilitates transactions of money the way a bank does for its customers.

With the migration to ecommerce, the need to process payments for businesses has increased.

However, there are few courses out there that will teach you how to earn money this way.

I do not think any course comes close to the one offered by The Carlins.

They are very well known in the digital payments industry and they are the proprietors of the residual payments course.

As you read through this Residual Payments review, I will introduce you to everything related to this course and whether you should consider putting your savings into it.


Who are David and Patricia Carlin?



If you are part of the digital payments world, you have probably heard of them at least.

They are digital payments experts. They have accumulated experience over many years in the industry.  So, what are digital payment experts?

They are essentially authorized individuals that allow a business to accept credit card or bank debit card transactions using online ordering or point of sales systems.

David and Patricia are in essence a couple that has a course about residual payments.

They have worked in the Digital Payments industry for over fifteen years and are reasonably successful from an average person’s point of view.

They therefore decided to bless us with knowledge of how to make money in this industry through the residual payments course which is explained in detail below.


 What is Residual payments?


Residual payments course is an online course taught to curious people who seek to discover ways of making money online.

It was introduced by David and Patricia Carlin who have reasonable financial knowledge on the online market.

This is a training course created by David and Patricia Carlin. It is presented as a business opportunity to tap into the lucrative industry of digital payments.

residual payments review

It is an expansive course that gives you an overview of how to become a successful digital payments expert by creating real residual income.

It is clear that the only way to pay for anything online is electronically which means that all online businesses could potentially use the services of a digital payment agent.

This is done by helping small business owners, entrepreneurs amongst many others get setup with credit card processing for a small fee which accumulates with time.

You are basically a broker connecting the business owner to a credit card processor.

The course is called The Digital Payments Revolution and is available on their website Residual Payments.


The demand for the business is definitely there and the earnings potential is real.

With Residual Payments, you can learn a step by step process of earning residual income with this training course created by David and Patricia Carlin.

As I write this article, the course can be bought from the sight at $37 with upsells that start at $197 and could rise up to $5000. It’s a hefty price.

Upsells are intended to make you buy more than you intended to buy.

This happens when you buy the course cheaply. You might have to pay for an additional product that was not include in the first price. In this case, the limit is $5000.


What are the steps taken when studying the course?

It is divided into nine modules which are about twenty minutes long each and they are mentioned below.



Module 1: Introducing the Digital payments revolution.

residual payments

This is a mini course that shows you how the digital payments business works and how almost anyone can tap into this industry to create residual income.


Module 2: Meeting your instructors.

Here, you sit down with David and Patricia Carlin who explain who they are, where they come from, how they got to where they are, etcetera.

They share their story of how they amassed an income of over six figures per month in the digital payments space.


Module 3: Introduction to credit card processing.

This entails the entire business model in detail so that you know exactly what you’re getting into and how to make it work.


Module 4: How much can you make?

This introduces you to some numbers and the potential earnings that you can accumulate with their business model.

This is however not a fixed figure that will be earned by everyone who subscribes to this course.

It is just an estimate. It varies between specific people.


Module 5: Real residual income.

Under here, they explain the residual passive income potential.

As an example, they use one of their oldest clients that’s been paying them for over 15 years who explains how they were given a better deal with David and Patricia’s digital payments system.


Module 6: Understanding the opportunity.

This module further explains the opportunity you’re presented with.

It shows you the statistics of the anticipated shift where the whole world is gradually going cashless and you will have the opportunity of being at the fore front of this available market.


Module 7: Locating potential customers.

Here, you learn the best businesses to pursue because certain markets are open to trying out new opportunities and also why some business owners aren’t worth pursuing since the model does not fit with everybody.


Module 8: Getting Your First Client.

Here you learn what it takes to acquire your first paying client.

The hard work (the cold calling and emailing and also adding people to your mailing lists), the best businesses to approach and how to approach them amongst many other things.


Module 9: Sales Call Time.

This is where the Carlins will encourage you to set up a one on one call with a representative of Residual Payments.

It gives you a one on one interaction about the entire course and how to put it into action so that it works for you. It is vital to note that this is very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars.


What do you have access to?

1. Video training:

Here, you get over ten hours of in depth explanations on prospecting, sales, systems and retention.


2. PDF guides:

All the content in the videos is also summarized in PDF easy to read and readily printable guides.


3. Tests:

The modules have inbuilt testing format where you can identify areas in which you are making progress and those that require a little bit of help.


4. A worldwide panel of digital marketing and social media experts, successful entrepreneurs, media moguls and leading payment professionals:

This is basically networking and the bigger the network, the more successful you are likely to be.


Is this course legit or a scam?

It is important to know that the course is very expensive and requires one to cough up thousands of dollars.

Also, that is not even the hard part.

The hard part is that it might or might not work for you.

It is only the tip of the iceberg into being a successful Digital Payments Agent.

You have to put in more work and effort to become a good sales person.

This includes calling, emailing, texting potential clients and selling your idea.

You will most likely face a lot of rejection but you have to keep going and getting to a point of acquiring actual profit requires a lot of cold outreach via calls and emails.

Honestly, not everyone is suited to be a salesperson and for some, the idea of cold calling, emailing, or contacting business owners without their explicit consent is scary.

Also, the money paid upfront is only for the program (course) and excludes other upsells (utilities) attached to the course like the digital payments playbook.

This basically means you’ll have to spend more on those.

Clearly, not everyone is going to welcome the idea of spending thousands of dollars to get complete access to everything this program has to offer.

The website also includes an earning disclaimer which states that there is absolutely no guarantee that you will earn any money using the availed techniques and ideas.

So, it is alarmingly clear that your success depends on you and is not automatic.

Some of you will be thrown off by this but it is true for most opportunities in the world.

Hard work pays. It is your skills, devotion and resilience that matters, not the Carlins.

The Carlins however do claim to amass 500 dollars per business that buys a credit card processing service through them. Promising, right?

It is however noteworthy that they have been doing this for years and they paid their dues.

They put in the time and work required and it worked out.

If you want the success, you must be willing to do your part too and keep in mind that it might not work out.

You should be alive to the fact that you may not equal or surpass their success.

Not to blow your bubble because you could also be better than them.

It all depends on numerous factors.



Can You Get a Refund?

Yes, and No.

Yes, the Residual Payments website offers a 30-day 100% refund guarantee for The Digital Payments Revolution course. So, if you are unsatisfied with the results or you feel this is not your niche, reach out to them for your refund.

No, because it excludes everything else since the guarantee covers the course only.

This means that once you buy any of the upsells, you can’t return your purchase no matter what.

This could be a deal breaker because the upsells are way more expensive than the actual course which just gives a snippet of what you actually require.

So, it is definitely risky to invest in and frankly this is a tad discouraging considering how expensive the additional products are.


Is Residual Payments worth it?

Well, there are obviously Pros and Cons.


1. The business model is unique with real potential for earning passive income.

There are very few courses out there that teach you these things.

So, this means that you can tap into an industry that is in demand, with very little competition as opposed to other opportunities.


2. The industry is growing.

More and more business owners are turning to digital payment options than ever.

It is also predicted that the entire world is very soon going to be entirely cashless.

This means it might actually be a good time to hop on the residual payments train.


3. The Carlings are legit.

In my humble opinion, they know what they’re doing and how to teach others as well.

They have various videos on YouTube explaining the business.

And they have also been on various podcasts to explain to the people how this works.

The Carlings have various positive reviews online, numerous success stories displayed on their social media pages and some on their website.

They also have legit credentials that show they know what they are doing.

Of course they give you a bit of the information leaving you yearning for more. That is selling. They walk the talk and clearly put in the work.



1. The refund policy can be very misleading.

Some people may come to the wrong conclusion that the money-back guarantee applies to every single product inside.

To be clear, it doesn’t. That’s why you always have to read the terms of service.


2. The upsells are way too expensive.

The most expensive one could cost you upwards of $5,000.

Now, for a low income earner, that is downright extortion!

And the worst thing about it is that there can be no refunds especially if you choose to opt out.

That will leave you with a hole in your pocket.


3. There is too much marketing hype.

All the scarcity tactics and excitement that they try to create on their sales page is a lot for me.

From the information indicating that registration for the course is a limited time offer never to be seen again and time is running out to flaunting their supposed success to stating that after payment, you’ll be part of an exclusive private members are and even be included in the private Facebook group.

They even have a countdown timer on their order page which they glaringly remind you of every now and then and also state that the course is 54% off. It is too much.

This is a clear indication that they are looking to make money from you too.


4. It is not for everyone.

Even though it’s a good opportunity overall, not everyone can benefit from residual payments.

You need to be a certain kind of person to become successful with this business model.

This means that you need to sell. Be a good salesperson and market yourself or else it will not work out.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is vital because if you cannot sell, leave.


5. It can also be very frustrating when businesses do not trust you at first instance with their money.

I mean, it is expected but it is still a pang in your chest that has you questioning your confidence, your anticipated success and your skills.

But if you are willing to go for this, don’t fret but instead fortify yourself, for it is true that everything good in life comes at a cost.



Verdict: Is Residual Payments Legit?

I do think the digital payments course and residual payments is a good investment for people who know how to sell.

Must have qualities are good marketer, hard worker and resilience. They all go together.

If you lack any one, let it go and look for better options that don’t require as much hard work or one that requires less cold calling and emailing and texting.

Then again, only you know your strengths and weaknesses. Use them accordingly.

Bad judgement on your side will affect you but it won’t leave even a scratch on the Carlins who understood the assignment and are earning handsomely.

Also, a very important factor to consider is you must have the dollars, in thousands that are required for the course and the upsells. Remember, no refund on the upsells, just the course.

I do not think it is a scam, at least on the face of it.

There are no visible red flags because everything they say checks out.

There are no weird or suspicious tactics used in their marketing.

Also, the business itself does not sound so bad if you actually get the hang of it.

You must understand that it could be pretty hard at first but with time, the earnings become tangible.

So, if you have some extra cash and are looking to invest, try Residual Payments out, it could turn out to be your calling and you may end up earning insane amounts of money with the required effort and time and also investment.

In the same breath, I do not think you should be doing this.

The business model is meant to facilitate payments between two people.

The way you can earn is by charging a fee for every transaction you make for your client.

It is not like there is something unique you have to do.

There is little room for innovation and creativity.

The only way you can compete is if you can build trust amongst your clients and also charging relatively low fees in order to keep your customers.


Is There a Better Alternative?

Yes, there are better alternatives.

I know not everyone is going to like the idea of spending thousands of dollars to get complete access to everything this program has to offer, and not everyone is suited to be a salesperson.

For some, the idea of cold calling, emailing, or contacting business owners without their explicit consent may be intimidating.

I do think that there is a better way to earn passive income online while avoiding high-pressure situations altogether. Affiliate marketing is a good start.

Here, you don’t have to invest a lot of money in courses, tools, and resources to be successful.

There is a way to let other people find you, rather than you doing all the chasing and convincing.

This approach can yield way more conversions, and the startup costs are significantly lower.

From the hundreds of courses and make money online programs, I think that affiliate marketing is the easiest and one of the most rewarding ways to create an online business, if you do it the right way, by following a method that works.

And I honestly cannot think of a better place to learn Affiliate Marketing than the Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a free program that will teach you everything you need to do to build a successful online business from scratch.

This is a friendly program that is suited for not only complete newbies to the Affiliate marketing space but also experienced affiliate marketers.

And the best part is that you don’t need to spend a single penny to gain access to the wealth of knowledge on this platform.

You can sign up for a free account here. No Credit Card is required.

You can look at some of the success stories from members of the Wealthy Affiliate.





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Conclusion: Residual Payments Review

The course is fine by me. The proprietors do not have any area in which you should doubt them when it comes to online business.

My issues with this course are the high startup costs and the potential to make money.

The only way to stand out is if you are offering better prices (low process to the customer which could decrease profitability) or you have gained trust in the community the way the Carlins have.

With almost no room for creativity, one may find it hard to distinguish themselves from what others in the industry offer to the clients.

This makes the course highly unattractive and greatly limits your potential of earning in proportion to the startup costs incurred.

I do not recommend this course to you my reader because I want you to get value for money.