15 Things We Once Cherished, Now Seen as Ridiculous

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Times change; it's hard to keep up with an ever-evolving culture and its new trends. Recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal a handful of things that used to be in high regard but now are unanimously considered jokes. 

1. MTV

Editorial illustrative. In this photo illustration a MTV (originally an initialism of Music Television) logo is seen displayed on a smartphone
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In its heyday, MTV was a haven for music fans, as it was the only place for people to catch the latest music videos from their favorite artists. Currently, it's a place to watch The Challenge, a reality-TV competition show featuring D-list celebrities hamming it up for the cameras. 

2. Bank Managers

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Countless people remember the days when bank managers of the 80s and 90s bore no relation to present-day bank managers. Nowadays, they're mostly just agents of customer service at the banks.

3. The Guinness Book of World Records

Guinness Museum logo and marquee. The Guinness Museum is an attraction on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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At one point, receiving recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records was legitimately remarkable. But, unfortunately, that doesn't hold today. It feels like everyone can try for whatever record they might want to win now.

4. Facebook

Woman holds smart phone with facebook application on the screen. facebook is a photo-sharing app for smartphones
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Not only did Facebook used to be respected, but it also used to be cool. For college students in the mid-2000s, Facebook represented something innovative and exciting. But, unfortunately, in 2023, it is now primarily used by our moms, aunts, and uncles to post their uninteresting thoughts and opinions on topics like politics and, well, politics. 

5. Hobbies

fidget spinners
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We live in a world where everything must be monetized — even simple hobbies that spark joy. People are forced to hustle to make these hobbies paying careers, and even if they just want it to be a hobby, there can be pressure to show your craft is worth something by the money you bring in.

6. Air Travel

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There used to be a time when air travel was affordable and luxurious at the same time. Sadly, those times have long passed. Enjoyable flights have been replaced by what feels like giant Greyhound buses capable of flying. 

7. The Catholic Church

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Religion doesn't carry the same gravitas as it used to, with the Catholic church taking the biggest hit in recent years. By any metric, church attendance is down, and you never hear about people's religious preferences anymore. (Unless, of course, you still use Facebook.)

8. The Better Business Bureau

Website homepage of Better Business Bureau (BBB), a nonprofit whose self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust, is seen on a computer.
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The Bureau used to be a well-respected reporter of a company's reputation, and the data they provided gave consumers some much-needed information. But, unfortunately, many believe it's a shell of what it used to be.

9. Common Decency

The coffee shop owner is opening the door, inviting customers to his shop
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I wouldn't be surprised to discover that countless people believe common decency is dead. It sometimes can feel like people are trying to outdo each other and constantly prove their lives are better instead of treating each other with kindness.

10. Major News Networks

NEW YORK, USA - July 10, 2019: Signboard Fox News Channel at the News Corporation headquarters building in Manhattan, New York City. Mass media corporation.
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Networks like CNN, CBS, NBC, and Fox used to be universally trusted. Now, nearly every viewer has programmed themselves to take everything these networks broadcast with a grain of salt, leading to most of these news networks being second-guessed at every moment. 

11. Bank Savings Accounts

Woman using a cell phone and putting change into a piggy bank
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Just a few decades ago, it wasn't uncommon for standard savings accounts to reward customers with high-interest rates. In 2023, however, you're lucky to make a few pennies a month in interest unless you subject your savings to a high-risk, high-reward brokerage account. 

12. Levi's Denim 

loseup Levi's jeans display in outlet.Selective focus. Levi Strauss & Co.known worldwide for its Levi's brand of denim jeans.
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Once the undisputed king of jeans, Levi's popularity has dwindled in recent years, so they no longer sit at the top of the denim world. Many people cite poor-quality jeans and a lack of innovative styles as reasons they look elsewhere when shopping for denim. 

13. Being Loyal to a Job

hate my job
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There was a time when being loyal to your job guaranteed good pay and promotions, but now companies are laying people off without worrying about longevity at the company. Plus, younger people are moving from job to job and don't feel the loyalty that older generations do.

14. The Learning Channel (TLC) 

TLC logo
Image Credit: Discovery Communications/Wikimedia Commons.

TLC used to be known as The Learning Channel, but nowadays, there's nothing to really learn from it. The network got rid of almost all of their educational programming and now it's all reality tv shows.

15. The British Royal Family 

London, UK. 6th May 2023. King Charles III and Queen Camilla and other Royal Family Members on the Buckingham Palace balcony during the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla
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The British Royal Family used to hold a huge place in society, especially when the British Empire ruled over much of the world. Now, they're just like other celebrities and are objects of gossip more than rule.

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