17 Perfect Comebacks When Someone Says “You Should Smile More”

Don't judge a book by its cover. Some people have a naturally resting “mean face,” and it's no crime, no matter how others make you feel about it.

The words “you should smile more” can be pretty offensive to some people. It's even more annoying when you lack a response to that rude remark. Until now, that is. Here are 15 comebacks to stick up for yourself.

1. “You Should Stop Saying That”

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Maybe they should try talking less if you have to smile more. Sometimes just explaining why people shouldn't say it is your best argument. 

2. Just Stare at Them

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Just look at them dead in the eyes, without blinking. Stare at them Wednesday Addams style until they leave you alone. That should work. 

3. “You Should Talk Less”

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People need to consider that sometimes they may be overbearing, and it's hard to smile about anything when you're around someone obnoxious. It may sting, but doesn't the truth always?

4. “You First”

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We bet they wouldn't know how to react if you said this back to them, proving that people keep giving what they can't take. The next time a random bozo asks you to smile more, be the gentleman/lady and tell them to go first.

5. “You Should Say That Less”

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A perfect comeback any day, any time; this will undoubtedly bounce back the embarrassment they had hoped you'd feel. It would make anyone feel stupid, and even though you're not a mean person, an eye for an eye, eh?

6. “You Should Be Funnier Then”

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What better way to get back at someone than hurting their ego? This ruthless one will hit right in the gut and warn a careless person to be more careful with their words next time.

7. “I Am Smiling”

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Saying this with a straight face is a killer comeback. And then, as one person shares, they do not engage further after this statement. It doesn't get any better than this, believe me.

8. “No, Thank You”

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Many people hate saying no and fear how it makes them look. Still, sometimes, nothing else does the magic better than a simple “no, thank you,” especially when someone tries to dictate your expressions.

9. “I Try To Be Honest With My Facial Expressions”

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This way, they know you're just being polite and avoiding the fake smile everyone seems to be getting too comfortable with. Let them know your expressions directly reflect how you feel at every point, and they'll either appreciate your honesty or leave you alone.

10. “Asking People That Isn't Going To Win You Any Friends”

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You have to admit, people who can pointedly ask you to “smile more” mostly have little experience with keeping or gaining friends. Unless the person is close to you and says it as banter, a phrase like that could reflect one's insecurity.

11. “Please Don't Judge My Facial Expressions”

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You can try this polite response if you're not in the mood for any heat. Just ask them not to judge your facial expressions, and if they insist on it… by all means, apply the heat.

12. “I Don't Know if You Realized, but That's Kind of Rude To Ask Someone?”

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Again, this makes them realize how stupid their question was, and if they don't, their question is probably not the only stupid thing. This is a polite way to tell someone to back off and be considerate.

13. “Okay”

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Here's a simple one for people who like to play it safe. With this, there are no chances of it leading to a heated exchange, hurt feelings, or ruined (potential) friendships. Just say okay and try not to overthink it.

14. Just Stare at Them

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Give them the “Wednesday reaction,” and stare at them blankly. “Bonus points if you bare your teeth without smiling while you do this,” someone adds.

Your stoic reaction will do one of two things: it will creep them out or mirror the stupidity of their request.

15. “I Have Facial Nerve Damage”

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This one will make them so uncomfortable, as they wonder if you're telling the truth (and if, by asking, they became the most insensitive person on the planet) or were just so disgusted by the request that you had to lie: a win-win, either way.

16. “I Am Not Here for Your Decoration”

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This is a favorite; something about it packs a heavy punch. It reminds anyone that you are not there for their purpose and that it is your face to do with as you will.

17. “And You Should Care More About Your Own Business”

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The “mind your business” comeback never fails to hit people right where you need to. Ask them to mind their business and watch them recoil and find better things to do with their time and words.

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