The 50 Restaurants To Try in 2024, According to Yelp

Girl eating dinner

It's time to challenge the status quo and step beyond the comfort of the familiar. Embracing the thrill of discovery and allowing your palate to explore uncharted flavors can rekindle a passion for dining. Each new meal becomes a memorable adventure; each new experience is a chance to rediscover your love for food and the way it brings people together.

But when it comes to breaking bread, where do you start? Fortunately, Yelp is here to help kick-start the journey.

1. izzy's Comfort Kitchen – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

A burger, fries, fruit and other items plated in cozy baskets, restaurant service ready.
Image Credit: izzy's Comfort Kitchen.

izzy’s Comfort Kitchen is an inviting sanctuary of comfort food where Jason and Reannan Keene serve up soulful favorites. The Peach Bourbon BBQ Burger is a fan favorite, capturing the restaurant's knack for blending Southern flavors with classic comfort. 

No matter your mood, this intimate spot always offers a memorable dining experience with heartfelt dishes and a warm atmosphere. Next time you find yourself in this Idaho neighborhood, make it a point to stop by and grab a plate of culinary comfort.

2. Kenko Sushi – Lincoln Park, New Jersey

Kenko Special sushi roll: spicy tuna w/ salmon, tuna, white fish, crab meat, masago & spicy mayo on top.
Image Credit: Kenko Sushi.

Kenko Sushi sets the bar pretty high as far as culinary creativity goes in the sushi world. If you don’t believe us, head down and grab yourself their signature Godzilla roll—a crunchy fusion of spicy tuna, avocado, crab, and scallion, all topped off with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo. 

Folks in the neighborhood rave about the freshness and artful presentation, especially the visually stunning and palate-pleasing Devil's Ride roll. The staff at the restaurant aren’t the only ones getting creative: bring your pen and leave a message on their distinctive sticky note wall.

3. De Babel – Scottsdale, Arizona

Taboulih Salad and chicken shawarma.
Image Credit: De Babel.

De Babel is a Middle Eastern culinary oasis seamlessly blending authenticity with casual dining. Under the skilled hands of Chef Suleiman Saleem, dishes like the herb-rich falafel set a high standard for flavor and quality. The Chicken Tawook sandwich is a symphony of perfectly marinated chicken, pickled vegetables, and garlic sauce stuffed in a fresh pita. 

Every plate is a testament to De Babel's commitment to excellence. The establishment was founded by Marwan Kandeel, who brings two decades of food service experience from Dubai straight to Arizona. It’s a spot that prides itself on turning patrons into family with warm hospitality and generous servings.

4. Jim’s Smokin’ Que – Blairsville, Georgia

A couple being served in Jim’s Smokin’ Que by a waitress.
Image Credit: Jim’s Smokin’ Que.

Jim's Smokin' Que epitomizes the art of traditional barbecue, where the decadent flavors of lump charcoal and local hardwoods infuse every bite. This retreat for BBQ enthusiasts sets itself apart with succulent Pulled Pork, melt-in-your-mouth Brisket, and ribs that quite literally fall off the bone.

No true BBQ joint would be complete without hearty sides like creamy Macaroni & Cheese or Cheddar Gouda Grits. However, it's not just the perfectly smoked meats that draw the crowds. It’s the promise of a dining experience where the staff carefully crafts each dish and serves with genuine Southern hospitality.

5. Freeman’s Grub & Pub – Greensboro, North Carolina

(L) Citrus BBQ Chicken; (R) Uncle Mike’s Hot Honey Chicken.
Image Credit: Freeman’s Grub & Pub.

Freeman's Grub & Pub is a historic marvel where global comfort food meets Southern hospitality. Owners Emily and Kevin Purcell curate a menu that makes our mouths water, featuring plates like the Chopped Brisket sandwich–a tender masterpiece simmered in blackberry barbecue sauce. 

As for me, I’ll be ordering the Buffalo Fried Chicken sandwich over and over. Every dish reflects a commitment to homemade perfection. Somewhere between bites, you’ll even find innovative offerings like their own authentic liquor infusions and the highly sought-after Butterfinger pies.

6. Manito Taco Shop – Lockport, New York

Various traditional street tacos.
Image Credit: Manito Taco Shop.

Manito Taco Shop is a testament to authentic Mexican cuisine–miles away from its homeland but right next to the hearts of its patrons. Spawned from a humble taco truck, Manito Gonzales and his daughter are now landlocked in a cherished local haunt. 

Their menu includes traditional soft corn tortillas filled with Carne Asada, Shrimp, and slow-cooked beef brisket–each bite brings an explosion of flavor. The shop's versatility shines through with options like tortas, quesadillas, and tostada salads, ensuring there's something for every palate. The Carne Asada Fries and sweet treats like flan and churros round off a culinary journey that's as delightful as it is authentic.

7. Worth Takeaway – Mesa, Arizona

Breakfast sandwich topped with a fresh sunny side up egg.
Image Credit: Worth Takeaway.

Worth Takeaway brings food lovers delightful dishes from bowls to wraps and everything in between. Founded in 2016 by Kelsey and Jim Bob Strothers, this endearing eatery takes house-made specialties to the next level. Zesty dill pickles and crisp potato chips complement their mouth-watering sandwiches. 

The Mac and Cheese is out-of-this-world good, and it features a Buffalo-style twist for when your spicy craving kicks in. The menu doesn’t stop there, as the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with honey-Sriracha sauce puts most other chicken sandwiches to shame. Bottom line–Worth Takeaway crafts dishes that resonate with the soul, making every visit a memorable experience.

8. Amy’s French Bakery & Bistro – Pompano Beach, Florida

A sandwich with various toppings next to a basket of French fries.
Image Credit: Amy’s French Bakery & Bistro.

Amy's French Bakery & Bistro captures the essence of a quaint beachside retreat, blending American comfort with French culinary artistry. Laurent and Silvia Demoss offer a delightful all-day breakfast menu featuring favorites like fluffy omelets and an indulgent French Toast Breakfast. 

The bistro pays homage to their daughter Amy, embodying a family-centric vibe where they craft every dish with personal care. The fresh-squeezed orange juice comes highly recommended and hailed as the finest in Florida. As the day unfolds, the menu adds an array of fresh salads and sandwiches, perfect for a leisurely lunch.

9. New Village Gastro Pub – Northbrook, Illinois

Various asian dishes with noodles, dumplings, kimchi and more scattered across a table.
Image Credit: New Village Pub.

New Village Gastro Pub offers an enchanting escape into the world of Korean street food–all packed into a local strip mall. Here, the staff reimagines traditional Korean cuisine, presenting dishes like the Sea Snail and Squid Muchim. 

The pub's Korean Market Style Chicken is a deep-fried delight, and the hearty Army Stew, brimming with ham, sausages, kimchi, and tofu, is just a glimpse into its rich culinary offerings. Locals love every dish's authenticity and depth of flavor, from the crisp, seafood-laden pancakes to the sumptuous stews, making New Village a must-visit for aficionados of Korean gastronomy.

10. Adela’s Country Eatery – Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii

Various plates and desserts featuring specialty items like Taro, Ube, Squid Ink and more.
Image Credit: Adela’s Country Eatery.

Adela's Country Eatery showcases what a Hawaiian bounty can bring, turning local produce into colorful, artisanal noodles and taking the neighborhood by storm. Since 2019, Millie Chan and her daughter Elizabeth have turned this quaint eatery into a case study on sustainability. They craft their signature noodles using ingredients like Okinawan sweet potatoes and ulu. 

You also have the option to customize plates with various homemade noodles, sauces, and toppings like short ribs and lechon, which makes dining here a personalized culinary adventure. While Adela’s keeps gaining fame, it remains grounded in its origins as a small, family-run business, cherishing the close-knit community that has formed around its tables.

11. Tumerico – Tucson, Arizona

Scattered tacos and various Latin vegan dining options.
Image Credit: Tumerico.

Tumerico is on a quest to redefine vegetarian Mexican cuisine with its innovative, plant-based creations that even meat eaters admire. Chef-owner Wendy Garcia infuses traditional Mexican dishes with a vegetarian twist, using secret ingredients like jackfruit to whip up carnitas that mimic the texture and taste of meat. 

The daily-changing chalkboard menu reflects foods of the season, but Tumerico’s commitment to authenticity and flavor is evident in each and every dish they think up. From its humble beginnings at a farmers market, Garcia's vision brings a taste of her heritage to the table while building a sense of community.

12. Shannon’s Unshelled – Boothbay, Maine

Lobster roll basket from Shannon's Unshelled.
Image Credit: Shannon’s Unshelled.

There’s not much I wouldn’t do for a good lobster roll, and Shannon's Unshelled serves up some of the best in the business. Shannon Schmelzer is the heart and soul behind this beloved spot, capturing the quintessential New England lobster shack experience.

Beyond the lobster rolls, Shannon's delivers flavor with an array of local fare, from gluten-free fried clams to homemade chowders–not to mention unique treats like blueberry soda and the Maine Wicked Whoopie Pies. With over a decade of success, Shannon's contributes to Maine's rich culinary heritage and the tight-knit community it serves.

13. Sierra Subs and Salads – Three Rivers, California

Various soups, chowders and stews.
Image Credit: Sierra Subs and Salads.

Sierra Subs and Salads merges the majesty of Sequoia National Park with innovative sandwich genius. Owners Allison and Dane Millner think up sandwiches that mirror the park's grandeur, featuring signature creations like the spicy Hollywood Tremor and the hearty Manwich.

As if that’s not impressive enough, the Millners' passion for culinary exploration means a new sandwich hits the menu weekly. There’s even a dog-friendly deck with refreshing river views. Sierra Subs and Salads is a must-visit spot, whether you stumble upon it during your park visit or seek it out to satisfy the sandwich aficionado in you.

14. Express Deli – Brook Park, Ohio

A Rueben sandwich wrap from Express Deli in Ohio.
Image Credit: Express Deli.

The Aboukhaled family’s Express Deli puts corned beef on a golden pedestal, devoting themselves to perfecting their beloved delicacy. The family goes through a meticulous process of chilling and slicing the meat to ensure each bite is succulently moist–a technique that's captivated loyal patrons for over 25 years. 

The deli's reimagined Reuben rolls up dried and seasoned sauerkraut into a pita with garlic mayo. The Beirut Chicken wrap offers a taste of the diverse flavors that make this deli a cornerstone of the Cleveland culinary scene. Combined with its welcoming atmosphere that treats you like an old friend, Express Deli perfectly fuses the art of sandwich making with the warmth of a family-run business.

15. BOOMCHIA – Montclair, New Jersey

Fruit and topping acai bowl.
Image Credit: Boomchia.

BOOMCHIA marries the aesthetics of art with the principles of nutrition, creating bowls that dazzle your eye and palate. Owner Josh Baek integrates his passion for health into every customizable bowl, offering a canvas of frozen acai, grains, seeds, and fruits to craft your own nutrient-packed creation. 

Inspired by the acai bowl craze in Southern California, Baek elevates the concept with his rainbow-hued offerings, making healthy eating an indulgent experience. The Blue Coconut base exemplifies BOOMCHIA's commitment to taste and health, using blue spirulina for its striking color. Seasonal specials, like the detoxifying blend of blood orange and activated charcoal, keep the menu exciting.

16. Rosemarie’s Burgers – San Diego, California

Mushroom and swiss burgers plated on a white porcelain dish.
Image Credit: Rosemarie’s Burgers.

Rosemarie's Burgers is where culinary artistry meets the casual charm of a gastropub. Chef Nick Balsamo and his inventive slider menu challenge the notion of “small” with generously sized options–from the Wagyu-based Classic to the standout Nashville Hot Chicken slider. Locals love it so much, and it’s known to be the finest in Southern California for its perfect blend of spice and crunch.

The Bombay Hot Chicken slider adds an exotic twist with curry spices, while Vegetarian options, like the We Have Eggplant slider, ensure there's delight in every bite for everyone. The crowd-pleasing Spicy Elote Fries seal the deal, making this a must-visit spot when you’re seeking a taste of San Diego's vibrant food scene.

17. Livery – Indianapolis – Indianapolis, Indiana

Various empanadas and yuca fries.
Image Credit: Livery Restaurant.

Livery melds the charm of its historical ambiance with a culinary palette inspired by Spain, South America, and Mexico. An open-air rooftop and modern rustic decor help it further stand out on the local dining scene. The menu celebrates shared experiences, featuring an array of signature dishes such as the memory-lacing Paella, the richly flavored Green Chile Lamb, and the visually pleasing Skirt Steak.

Livery's commitment to innovation and quality starts with locally sourced ingredients and the Cunningham Restaurant Group's greenhouse. With its fusion of traditional flavors and contemporary flair, Livery offers an exceptional dining journey that resonates with Indianapolis's soul.

18. The St. James Tearoom – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tea and biscuits.
Image Credit: St. James Tearoom.

The St. James Tearoom takes the art of afternoon tea to a new level, enchanting guests for over two decades with a thematically-inspired English tea experience. Founder Mary Alice Higbie brings you on a journey through time, from the Whimsical Wonderland Tea Party to the intriguing World of Wizards menus. 

The parlor provides a selection of fine teas and an exquisite array of bites, from classic scones and cucumber sandwiches to thematic delights like the “Scotland Yard’s Saffron Bread.” It's a place where the servings may appear dainty but leave you more than satiated–often even with leftovers to take home.

19. Menya Rui – St. Louis, Missouri

Ramen noodles with egg, bamboo, bean sprouts and other toppings.
Image Credit: Menya Rui.

Menya Rui shows exactly what kind of impact dedication and craftsmanship can have in the culinary world. After immersing himself in the art of ramen-making across Japan, Chef-owner Steven Pursley opened a noodle haven in his hometown that lures you in more and more with every bowl. 

The intimate 24-seat eatery echoes the essence of traditional Japanese noodle shops. In particular, the pork shoyu ramen–a mixture of chintan broth, tare, and rendered pork fat–is simply a culinary masterpiece. With Pursley calling the shots, Menya Rui consistently draws lines of hungry folks who can’t wait to experience the high-energy atmosphere.

20. M & N’s Pizza – Bethesda, Maryland

(L) A half-eaten pizza; (R) A spicy chicken curry pizza.
Image Credit: M & N's Pizza.

M & N’s Pizza redefines the pizzeria experience with its inventive “Whacky Pizza” menu, blending the flavors of Indian cuisine with the universal appeal of pizza. The Aushak Pizza is a creative nod to Afghan dumplings, and the vegetarian Dal Makhani Pizza is just the beginning of a culinary adventure that challenges and delights your palate. 

Beyond fusion pizzas, the establishment honors traditional Indian curries, offering dishes like the fiery Chicken Vindaloo and the Achari Lamb. Locals in the neighborhood love the menu’s diversity and typically find a new favorite dish with each visit. So, if you’re looking for an unconventional twist on pizza and a taste of Indian culinary heritage, this is your go-to spot.

21. Tacos Doña Lena – Houston, Texas

(L) birria tacos and various sauces scattered on a restaurant table; (R) steak and fajitas with avocado, rice and cheese.
Image Credit: Tacos Doña Lena.

Tacos Doña Lena embodies the spirit of familial warmth and culinary authenticity. Founded by the entrepreneurial spirit of Doña Lena–who initially sold tacos from her home–brings the essence of a Mexican grandmother's kitchen to the heart of Houston. 

The menu features classics like birria street tacos, handmade gorditas, and sopes. But the array of house-made hot salsas elevates the flavor to a new level. Tacos Doña Lena proves that with enough hard work and a little talent, you can realize the American dream–in this case, through the unifying power of food.

22. Haywood Smokehouse – Dillsboro, North Carolina

Sausage, ribs and beef on a wooden butcher board.
Image Credit: Haywood Smokehouse.

Haywood Smokehouse is a family-run eatery made especially for barbecue enthusiasts–and folks in the neighborhood specifically hail the establishment for its Texas-style dry-rub meats. From brisket to fall-off-the-bone ribs, Joe Beasley and family slow cook and hickory smoke their way to perfection in every bite. 

But that’s not all this place brings you when you walk through its doors. A selection of Southern sides and house-made sauces complement each meat perfectly. With three locations thriving on family values and culinary excellence, Haywood Smokehouse is a must-visit for an authentic barbecue experience.

23. Mio’s Grill & Cafe – St. Petersburg, Florida

3 pieces of pistachio baklava on a white dish.
Image Credit: Mio's Grill and Cafe.

Mio's Grill & Cafe transports you straight to the Mediterranean with authentic cuisine and an accompanying atmosphere. From the beef gyro platter to the Greek salad, every dish demonstrates Chef-owner Bora Caliskan's rich culinary background. 

Opened in 2019 and named after his dog, Mio's is an open invitation to Caliskan’s home, offering dishes like Mio's Yogurt Kebab and falafel wrap platter. Mio's quickly became a cherished spot with its warm Mediterranean hospitality and fresh dishes, expanding to Clearwater in 2023.

24. Mr. A-Ok’s Kitchen – San Antonio, Texas

(L) Greens, yams, stuffing and gravy, turkey and gravy; (R) A multi-layer meat and topping sandwich on texas toast.
Image Credit: Mr. A Ok's Kitchen.

Chef Steven Harris channels his family's culinary legacy into every dish at Mr. A-Ok’s Kitchen, bringing genuine Southern comfort. You’ll feel it in your soul and your belly. The menu features homestyle favorites like Chicken & Waffles alongside inventive creations like the Grill Cheese Meatloaf–a comforting blend of meatloaf and mac and cheese encased in buttery toast. We’re drooling already. 

There is no better option than the perfectly spiced fried chicken or crispy fried okra. It’s a menu you read over and over because it’s hard to pick just one dish. The friendly staff and personal touches ensure a memorable dining experience that celebrates the soul of Southern cooking.

25. The Riv – The Dalles, Oregon

A plated chicken sandwich with a large knife top down through the sandwich.
Image Credit: The Riv.

The Riv reforms a historic stone church into a stylish cafe where community and homestyle cuisine converge. Co-owners Josh Barrow and Noah Blakely infuse the menu with recipes from their families, like Noah's mother's French Toast and biscuits from his wife's grandmother. 

Folks flock from all over to taste the fried chicken. You can enjoy this crispy bite of heaven atop a waffle or a standout chicken sandwich. The in-house roasted coffee and weekly hand pie specials complement your amazing food experience. Stained glass windows and a church organ restroom make The Riv one of the unique spots to visit for a leisurely, made-to-order meal.

26. Union Park Pizza – Boston, Massachusetts

Union Park Pizza
Image Credit: Union Park Pizza.

Union Park Pizza crafts its pies with a commitment to freshness and quality, blending Italian-imported ingredients with local produce. The pizzeria prepares its dough and sauce every day, creating the foundation for classic and innovative creations. 

Favorites from the neighborhood locals include The Pesto Veg and Chicken Bacon Ranch, featuring nut-free pesto and homemade ranch dressing. You’d be hard-pressed not to enjoy this spot’s unique flavor combinations, fresh ingredients, and perfect crust. Add fast, friendly service, and you’re in for one exceptional pizza-eating experience.

27. Little India – American Fork, Utah

Chicken curry and various vegetables.
Image Credit: Little India, Utah.

If Indian cuisine is your thing and you’re in Utah, check out Little India. The restaurant seemingly collects rave reviews for its Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Makhani. They craft every dish carefully—the Tikka Masala sauce alone takes 4 hours. We can almost guarantee that the Onion Naan will be a game-changer for you, and the Peshawari Naan is sweetly stuffed with coconut, raisins, and cashews. 

Manjit Singh and family run the joint, ensuring you feel at home during your dining experience. It's always buzzing on weekends, and they're opening another location later in 2024. Trust us, you won't see Indian food the same way after a trip to Little India.

28. Sabores Tapas Bar – Arlington, Virginia

(L) Steak fajitas, fries and rice; (R) Steak.
Image Credit: Sabores Tapas Bar.

Sabores Tapas Bar saw a group of friends turn their vision into a tapas destination that celebrates their Latin American heritage. Founders Carlos, Alex, and Ernesto carefully curate a menu that reflects the culinary traditions of Venezuela, Colombia, and Honduras. Offerings include Arepitas fritas and Tostada de carne. 

Additionally, the tapas brunch provides an exceptional opportunity to enjoy an array of small plates over two hours. Sabores Tapas Bar promises a sophisticated yet approachable dining experience, from the Churrasco to the ceviche. Other noteworthy dishes, such as the Patatas Bravas and Croquetas de Pollo, exemplify the restaurant's commitment to quality and presentation.

29. Pizzeria Luba – Auburn, California

(L) Ham and sweet potato pizza; (R) Garlic bread.
Image Credit: Pizzeria Luba.

Pizzeria Luba takes pizza making in a different direction, offering you a glimpse into the world of sourdough-crust. Chef-owner Corey Belanger's commitment to natural ingredients shines through in the 100% naturally leavened, thin-crust Neapolitan-style pies. Seriously–the sourdough base has no added yeast, sugar, or oil. 

Signature pies like the Honey Badger pizza and the Foggy Dew Mushroom pizza keep menu options fresh and exciting. Originating from a backyard wood-fired oven during the COVID-19 pandemic, Corey and his wife truly wanted to the spot to capture the spirit of family and community. But if pizza is not your thing, the menu also features standout meatballs and homemade artisanal ice cream.

30. How Ya Dough’n – Boca Raton, Florida

(L) Kale, feta and onion pizza; (R) The Drunken Leeds.
Image Credit: How Ya Dough’n.

How Ya Dough’n manifests passion and innovation, evolving from a home-based hobby to a beloved family-run pizzeria. Founders Garett and Gabby Goodman started their journey by sharing their creations with neighbors. But they quickly captured the attention of a wider audience with their distinctive sourdough crust pizzas. 

The shop's signature pie, The OG, and favorites like the Cremini show their commitment to quality and creativity. Their dedication to the craft is evident in the daily preparation of sourdough. It delivers a unique taste you can enjoy, even with a gluten allergy. You can truly feel the pizzeria's artistry and heart in each pizza they make.

31. Maple Soul – Rochester, Vermont

(L) Tenderloin; (R) Fresh breaded chicken breast.
Image Credit: Maple Soul.

Maple Soul is where Vermont's comfort food tradition merges with the warm, soulful flavors of the South. Owners Jim and Jen Huntington bring together the best of New England and Southern cuisine in their cozy farmhouse setting. 

With a menu that changes to reflect the freshest local produce, you can savor unique dishes like Parsnip Tots with salted maple creme and Maple Soul Pickle Plate. Every dish, from the Nitty Gritty Hush Puppies to the Poutine, carries a touch of Vermont, featuring locally sourced butter, flour, and maple.

32. Gino’s Deli Stop N Buy – San Antonio, Texas

2 large baked sandwiches.
Image Credit: Gino’s Deli Stop N Buy.

The best food sometimes comes from the most unlikely locations–and Gino’s Deli Stop N Buy is the proof in the pudding. Who thought you could stumble across a mini-mart in Texas with a big reputation for Philly cheesesteaks? But this spot does just that, drawing daily crowds eager to scarf down its tender ribeye, provolone cheese, and sautéed veggies on local Uwe’s bakery bread. 

Owner Aleem Chaudhry honed his craft in a Brooklyn deli, bringing an artful touch to the sandwich-making process. He also incorporates Texan flavors like jalapenos into his creations. Beyond the famed cheesesteak, Gino’s offers a variety of deli sandwiches and unique dishes like the Smoke Stack, all maintaining high standards of quality and taste.

33. Fratellino – Coral Gables, Florida

Ossobuco alla milanese.
Image Credit: Fratellino Ristorante.

Fratellino celebrates classic Italian cuisine and homemade pasta, collecting widespread acclaim and top rankings for their cuisine. Third-generation restaurateur Beto DiCarlo is at the helm, creating an inviting atmosphere akin to a comfortable trattoria. The spot completes the atmosphere with family photos and cherished recipes like the Ossobuco Alla Milanese. 

The menu features a selection of pasta made in-house and exquisite dishes such as the Shrimp Scampi. You’ll likely notice the exceptional quality of the food right away, with many visitors declaring it the best Italian fare they've experienced.

34. Crafted Greens – El Cajon, California

Top: Salad and balsamic dressing; Bottom: Vegetables including carrots, green beans and others.
Image Credit: Crafted Greens.

At Crafted Greens, you'll find yourself among a loyal crowd that's all about their healthy, fast-casual eats. This family-owned eatery really knows how to do it right with organic, free-range, and sustainably sourced goodies like grass-fed beef and Cajun seared ahi tuna. 

When you stop by, try their Chimichurri Grass-Fed Steak sandwich and the Beet and Goat Cheese salad–they're total crowd-pleasers. Owner Faris Zoma has 30 years of experience and makes sure you walk out feeling like part of the family. So, if you're after a meal that's both delicious and good for you, Crafted Greens should be on your radar.

35. CHILI – New York, New York

(L) Truffle beef tenderloin; (R) Fish filet.
Image Credit: CHILI NYC.

At CHILI in Midtown Manhattan, you're in for a real treat–and you don’t just visit this Michelin-starred establishment for the food. It's an experience that blends 1920s Shanghai vibes with a modern Szechuan twist. 

Start off with a Bubble Dream cocktail that's as theatrical as it is tasty. Move into dishes like the Braised Tofu with Crab Meat, served with a side of drama thanks to smoking dry ice. You can enjoy both classic favorites like Pork Dumplings in Chili Oil and innovative dishes like Truffled Beef Tenderloin. Trust us, CHILI is the place to be for an unforgettable Szechuan dining experience in New York City.

36. Zenaida’s Cafe – Las Vegas, Nevada

Roast beef sandwich.
Image Credit: Zenaida’s Cafe.

If you're hunting for an amazing breakfast in Vegas, Zenaida’s Cafe is where you want to be. Since 2016, this family-owned cafe just off the Strip has been serving up comfort food that hits the spot. If you ask award-winning chef-owner Sterling C. Burpee, local favorites include the Baked French Toast, Caprese Eggs Benedict, and the Cinnamon Rolls. 

Don't miss out on the Country Fried Steak or the Smoked Salmon Plate. Plus, every meal ends with a complimentary chocolate chip cookie. Sterling and his wife have created a place where delicious food and a warm welcome ensure you always feel right at home.

37. Tandoori Kitchen – Lafayette, Colorado

Various curry and chutney dishes.
Image Credit: Tandoori Kitchen.

Head over to Tandoori Kitchen for an authentic Himalayan culinary experience. This spot brings some of the best Indian and Nepalese dishes, from Vegetable Samosas to Thukpa and the Himalayan Sweet Orange Chicken. 

Don't miss their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet from Tuesday to Friday, where you can grab as much Chicken Tikka Masala as you want and explore various vegan options like Aloo Jeera and Chana Masala. With all this and more, it's really no wonder this place is a local favorite.

38. Guy’s for Lunch – Roseville, California

Soup and sandwich.
Image Credit: Guy’s for Lunch.

Swing by Guy’s for Lunch, where the French sous vide technique turns chicken salad and pulled pork into power players of the menu. Owner Guy Manwaring uses this method to ensure the pulled pork is incredibly tender, enhanced with sweet barbecue and house-made jalapeno sauce for the right mix of flavor and heat. 

Dubbed the “Triple Pig,” the meal includes ham, pulled pork, and bacon on French bread with cheddar cheese. Other favorites include the The Foodie and the The Cali. With such unique offerings, Guy’s for Lunch is a must-visit for the sandwich lover in you.

39. Southern Yankee Crafthouse – Houston, Texas

(L) Poke bowl; (R) Alcoholic beverage.
Image Credit: Southern Yankee Crafthouse.

If Southern Yankee Crafthouse is passionate about one thing, it’s pairing Neapolitan-style pizza with a diverse array of craft beers from their in-house brewery. The menu boasts unique items like the Pickle Pizza, and Wood-Fired Wings by the Pound–customizable with various sauces. 

We almost guarantee you’ll rave about the unexpected delights, such as the Yum Yum Salmon Bowl, alongside a Pepper Crusted Ribeye enhanced with gorgonzola cheese and crispy onion straws. The attention to detail extends to the sides, with the Truffle Fries receiving a special mention for their excellence.

40. Burger-chan – Houston, Texas

Two different hamburgers served and being made.
Image Credit: Burger-chan.

Burger-chan simply redefines the burger scene with its monstrous, umami-packed creations. Chef-owner Willet Feng's Japanese tare glaze–a mix of soy sauce, brown butter, roasted garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and shiitake mushrooms–is the secret touch that keeps folks from the neighborhood coming back time and time again. 

The menu offers a wide array of Asian-inspired condiments like sambal mayo and scallion aioli, elevating the juicy burger patties to new heights. Apart from the build-your-own options, you can indulge in Willet's prebuilt favorites, including the popular Burger-Chan. No burger joint would be complete without shakes–and the unique flavors accompanying your burger range from Black Sesame to Vietnamese Coffee.

41. Ekiben – Baltimore, Maryland

Tacos being prepared and served.
Image Credit: Ekiben.

Ekiben makes you wonder if you ever knew what a fried chicken sandwich could be. This Asian fusion spot puts it on a bao bun–and they’ve been drawing crowds and making the spot a neighborhood favorite ever since. 

Starting from a humble hot dog cart in 2014, Ekiben expanded to three locations, thanks to dishes like the Neighborhood Bird–a Taiwanese curry-fried chicken thigh masterpiece with spicy mayo nestled in a soft bao bun or served over rice. If fried chicken isn't your thing, the Tofu Brah, with its crispy tofu nuggets and spicy peanut sauce, might just win you over.

42. Jessica’s Cafe – Plainfield, New Jersey

Pork chop plated with sprouts and other garnishes.
Image Credit: Jessica's Restaurant.

Jessica's Cafe blends the best of French and Italian cuisines thanks to owner-chef Armen Saqe. This spot offers fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere, with standout dishes like Pasta al Ragứ and a selection of homemade desserts, including Creme Brulee and Apricot Bread Pudding. 

The Jumbo Lump Crab Meat Crêpe and the Grilled 15-oz Milk-Fed Pork Chop come highly recommended. But don't leave until you’ve tried the warm focaccia bread with seasoned olive oil.

43. Perly’s – Richmond, Virginia

Hot dog topped with fresh mustard and coleslaw on the side, with a large pickle.
Image Credit: Perly’s.

If Virginia is for lovers, Perly’s niches down for all the sandwich aficionados in the state. The spot is a culinary nod to classic Jewish deli fare, seamlessly blending tradition with a hint of contemporary zest. Since its opening in 1961, Perly's has been beloved for satisfying the craving for authentic flavors with fan favorites like the Reuben sandwich and Matzoh Ball Soup.

You’re in for a real treat if you stop by in the morning, as the Cinnamon Babka French Toast puts a sweet twist on the traditional favorite. The establishment’s casual vibe, swift service, and generous portions continue to make Perly’s a soul-satisfying sanctuary that fuses history with taste buds.

44. Tutti Da Gio – Hermitage, Tennessee

Meatball sub on a multicolor plate.
Image Credit: Tutti Da Gio.

Tutti Da Gio brings a genuine slice of Sicily straight into Tennessee–and the people couldn’t be happier about it. Chef-owner Giovanna Orsino crafts hand-made Sicilian pasta, gnocchi, lasagnas, paninis, wood-fired pizzas, and desserts that transport you straight to Italy. 

Despite its off-the-beaten-path location and lack of a formal dining room, Tutti Da Gio's pizzas, in particular, keep the ovens hot and the phones ringing. Their light, bubbly crust, and high-quality ingredients have quickly made this authentic Italian joint the go-to spot for takeout and delivery.

45. Sunny Side Kitchen – Escondido, California

Beef and onion grilled sandwich/panini.
Image Credit: Sunny Side Kitchen.

Sunny Side Kitchen is more than just a place for crispy, cheese-encrusted grilled sandwiches; it's where locals come for a dose of comfort food heaven for breakfast and brunch. Run by Kate and Bob Carpenter, this coastal cafe exudes warmth, from its vintage decor to a menu brimming with homemade delights. 

Locals swear by The Works breakfast sandwich, while the Gourmet Grilled Cheese panini is a lunchtime hit. But if you’re seeking gluten-free options, the cafe offers a variety of gluten-free muffins and crustless quiches. Kate's commitment to handcrafted, small-batch cooking shines through in every dish, including the refreshing strawberry lemonade made to order.

46. Tá Jóia – Bothell, Washington

Grilled chicken.
Image Credit: Tá Jóia.

At Tá Jóia, you're in for a culinary adventure with a Korean-Japanese-Brazilian fusion you couldn’t have thought up in your wildest dreams. This Seattle-area gem puts a unique spin on teriyaki, blending flavors like chicken katsu with Brazil's classic feijoada. The name Tá Jóia even cleverly merges Portuguese and Korean, reflecting the multicultural vibe. 

Favorites include the Spicy Chicken, marinated in homemade chili sauce, and the Bulgogi Beef, perfect with their signature pico de gallo vinaigrette. With roots in South Korea, Brazil, and Argentina, the Lee family brings a rich tapestry of flavors to their dishes, reimagining Seattle's teriyaki tradition with a global twist.

47. Sabor Unido – Newark, New Jersey

Fajita steak topped with pico de gallo and a seared lemon.
Image Credit: Sabor Unido.

At Sabor Unido, you'll find a family-run spot that's been dishing out authentic Brazilian and Portuguese cuisine since 2012. This cozy restaurant brings people together with food that feels like home. Start your meal with the crowd-pleasing Camarão a Guilho–grilled garlic shrimp that's a hit with regulars. 

When it comes to your meal, you're in for even more of a treat with options like the Brazilian Porkchop, Tortellini, or Chicken Marsala. Sides like the Fried Sweet Potato or Cherry Peppers offer a sweet compliment to your dining experience.

48. Lucky Cat Ramen – Portland, Oregon

Two ramen dishes taken with overhead shots.
Image Credit: Lucky.Cat.Ramen.Tigard.

Tucked away inside H Mart in Portland, Oregon, Lucky Cat Ramen is the kind of spot you stumble upon and can't help but fall in love with. Run by Sarah Ley and her mother-in-law, this place keeps it cozy with just 15 barstools. But the ramen here is something else. It’s like diving into a bowl that transports you straight to Japan with its spot-on noodles and rich, flavorful broth.

The place is charming, dotted with lucky cat figurines from customers that add to its quirky vibe. The portions here are hearty, so come hungry–and save some room for their mochi ice cream. It's the perfect sweet finish.

49. BROKEN MOUTH | Lee’s Homestyle – Los Angeles, California

An assortment of Hawaiian food.
Image Credit: Lee's Homestyle | Broken Mouth.

At BROKEN MOUTH | Lee's Homestyle, Chef Tim Lee is serving up a taste of his Oahu upbringing with a side of Korean-Hawaiian comfort food that feels like a warm hug from home. Lee loves sharing a piece of his heritage by blending Korean flavors with Hawaiian heart. 

The Hawaii's Meat Jun is legendary—a thinly sliced ribeye marinated, egg-battered, and pan-fried to perfection. It's also slathered with the Meat Jun Sauce that's pure magic. The plate lunches here also add a unique twist to the Hawaiian staple, featuring a Teri Chicken Sandwich and Korean Greens alongside a Potato-Mac salad that's both hearty and heartwarming. But for a quick bite, don't miss the Spam Musubi.

50. Baja Cafe – Tucson, Arizona

(L) Fruit-topped waffles; (R) Chop steak with fried onions.
Image Credit: Baja Cafe of Tucson.

Baja Cafe is a breakfast joint where the staff cracks over 375,000 eggs yearly to whip up mouth-watering dishes that draw weekend crowds. Owners Kim Scanlan and Gerard Meurer have turned Eggs Benedict into an art form, creating over 4,000 variations since 2014. Give the Southwestern-inspired Wyatt Earp a try. It comes with tamale pie and avocado hollandaise. 

It's not just the Bennies that keep folks coming back. Don't skip their sweet treats like the pearl sugar-laden Liege Waffle or the Snickerdoodle pancake. Plus, with dishes like the Brioche Cinnamon Roll French Toast and the Coyote Eggs Benedict, it's easy to see why this spot is a favorite in the neighborhood.