82 Year-Old Dad and 59 Year-Old Daughter Spent This Summer Rebuilding a 1931 Model a Roadster Together

Ford 1931 blue model A Roadster

Summertime is over, and you're probably wondering how it went by so fast and reminiscing over the memories you made this year. Usual memories might include beach trips, late mornings, and kids home all week, endlessly asking for snacks. 

But this father/daughter pair spent their 2023 summer restoring an old 1931 Roadster together. The result? Nothing short of perfection. 

Check out their work:

@oceanlovinlisa My 82-year-old dad is building a 1931 roadster. We’ve had a great summer building and documenting his progress. I guess I got a little sentimental here… But it’s been the best summer a kid could ever have! And at 59… I’m still the kid♥️ #oldcar #oldcars #oldcarchallenge #oldtruck #oldtrucks #barndominium #classiccars #barn #fyp #foryoupage #classiccar #fypシ #82yearsandgoing #mechanic #orange #huggerorange #ducktail #ducktailrun #dad #fatherduaghter #jackblack #aging ♬ Wicked Game – Tenacious D


The daughter, Lisa Slater Schoolman, said, “It's not about rebuilding the car; it's about the time spent.”

Then, in her caption, she said, “It's the best summer a kid could ever ask for.”

Car restoration projects are already fun on their own, but when you can enjoy the process with your daughter, each repair and modification becomes a little more special. 

The History of The 1931 Model a Roadster

The car they're rebuilding is a piece of classic American history. These Ford Model A Roadsters were first released in 1928 to replace the well-known Model T. They were built with only 6,800 parts, probably making for an easy restoration project for these folks. 

If you were in the market for a car in 1931, these would have set you back $385 for the base model of the Roadster. Many people were excited to get their hands on the wheel because Ford sold three million Model A Roadsters in the first two years of production, making it their second biggest company success. 

Safety features have come a long way since the Model A. According to the Auto World Museum, it was the first car to have safety glass in the windshield. Considering it topped out at 40 horsepower and could only go 65 MPH, advanced safety features probably weren't on their minds quite yet. 

Lisa dedicates her TikTok to documenting her father's love for old cars, cool guitars, and slow days in the garage, leaving us all a little jealous of the life he's built for himself. 

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