Reverse Phone Check Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an honest Reverse Phone Check review?

Or perhaps you are in search of a free reverse phone lookup service?

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Ever wondered how phone number checks are done. Well, in this age, Google had an answer to this question.

It is done by using the phone directories and creating a computer program to sort out the relevant information attached to a certain number.

This may sound easy but there are a few issues regarding this idea.

The biggest being that you must automate all procedures.

This is how I came across Reverse Phone Check. The platform offers a lasting solution to all these issues.

In this article, we shall see what Reverse Phone Check is all about and whether we can use it reliably.


What is Reverse Phone Check all about?

reverse phone check

Reverse Phone Check is a platform that you can use to generate information regarding a certain phone number.

The number can be a mobile number, landline, unlisted number or a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) number.

This is useful for numbers in the locality of the United States of America. This is the only place you can run a phone number search from.

The searches are completely anonymous and secure for use by you.

After you search for information for a certain number, you shall be given a report showing the owner’s name, address, Email, Social accounts, criminal records, arrests and warrants, assets and court records.

how works

This is enough information for you to know the owner of the number.


Features of Reverse Phone Check.

For the platform to run smoothly, there are a few parts that work together to ensure that you get what you want. They include:

1. Area code directory

According to their home website, this is the database that has a collection of the telephone area codes specifically serving the United States.

An area code number is the identifier for a geographic region.

It is usually the number first number following the plus sign on a phone number.

For example, +1 for numbers used in the United States.

A search of the area code directory reveals complete information about the states it serves.

This means that a search of a particular area code can give you information relating to the history of the area code, regions served by the area code, number of exchange codes and even the zip codes that are covered by a particular exchange code.

An exchange code by definition is a three-digit code that identifies a much smaller region within an area code.


2. Find people by phone

This feature allows you to find someone’s address and name using only a phone number.

According to the home website, this feature has helped a lot of its subscribers to reconnect with long-lost loved ones such as relatives, friends and lovers.

The platform uses a reverse hone look-up and phone-to-address database to get access to this kind of information.



For you to utilize this feature, you must have a viable phone number of the person you want to locate.

All you have to do is type it into the search bar and formulate a report regarding the phone number.

You also have the option of searching using the phone number or the mobile number.


3. Free reverse phone lookup with name

This feature allows you to see basic user information using the website’s search option.

The information displayed is basic including the name of the owner, his or her postal address and the telephone carrier.



With the access to a large number of databases, you are sure to get this information easily at your disposal.

In the case where you are harassed and disturbed by suspicious phone calls, you have the chance to trace the origin of the phone calls so that you can provide a report to the law enforcement agencies.

This is the most used free feature on the platform.


4. International phone search

This feature allows you to gather the necessary information you need to place a call overseas.

When you run a search for an international number, you shall get information on it regarding the address of the caller and their country of origin.

The platform has an online directory of numbers worldwide.



You also get the necessary dialing codes and information to help you use the correct dialing pattern.

Here, you have one convenient database that helps you run a search from one place while combining the directories of major companies.

You can also use the international phone research feature to your advantage.


5. Phone book directory

This feature helps you find the phone numbers you need when you need them.

This is the store of all the phone numbers that can be accessed by the platform.

It is designed to provide you with the name, address, and number of any business or individual in the world.

The results can be sent to your email address.  It also includes listings for shops, restaurants and boutiques around the world.


6. Protect your phone number

This feature helps you to stop unwanted callers from disturbing you.

You can use this feature to avoid any unwanted form of harassment that could be committed through the phone.

An unsolicited call is considered an invasion of privacy and can be recognized as an offence.

When it is used, your privacy is protected which leads to a peaceful mind.


7. Reverse phone search.

This feature helps you get a hold of caller information.

This can also be useful when dealing with users outside the United States.

Instead of you tracking a number out of the blue, this feature helps to generate a report on a number that has just been received by you.

In simple terms, you are able to get access to caller information.


8. Trace phone numbers

This feature helps you trace any phone number in the world.

This helps you get information on prank callers or any other unwanted (unsolicited) phone calls.

The procedure is relatively safe and allows you access to the person’s accurate and relevant subscriber details.

They can be forwarded to law enforcement authorities for further investigations.


9. Unlisted phone number search

This feature is used to find complete information pertaining to the phone numbers that are not listed.

It is a bit difficult since no single telephone service can give you a list of unlisted numbers.


10. White pages directory.

This feature helps you find any private citizen in the United States and Canada.

This also applies to all businesses and individuals living in these areas.

The directories are arranged in alphabetical order rendering searches very productive.


How does Reverse Phone Check work?

For you to get access to this report, you must have an account with the platform.

When you try to run a search for a number, you shall be asked to login so that you can get access to the report.

To get started with an account, you must first signup with the platform.

You can do this by visiting the member’s area.

The steps involved include:

1. Enter any phone number

The first step to use this system is to enter the number into the search bar.

The search bar can be found on the home page of this platform’s website.

It can also be accessed after purchasing a subscription and logging in to your paid up account.

The system recognizes all types of phone numbers which include mobile numbers, landline numbers, business numbers, prepaid numbers, unlisted numbers and voice over IP numbers.

This means that there are no limitations to the type of number you would like to get more information about.


2. Database search

The next part is done by the system. The platform boasts of its algorithm being capable of running billions of searches within private and public telephone records.

This means that you get information on the number from the records that the platform can access.

The various features embedded in the system’s algorithm make it easy for results to be obtained from these records.


3. Access full report.

After the system runs an extensive search in the available private and public records, the information is organized and compiled in a report.

The report is the final product that you have paid for. Within the report, you get access to records pertaining to the owner’s name, address, contact information, criminal records, available email information, social accounts, arrests and warrants, assets and court records.

This information should be available for the platform to access through private and public means.

If it does not include some information as described, then the records are either unavailable or un accessible.

With the free section of the platform, you can only get access to basic information like the name of the owner, postal address and telephone carrier.

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How much does Reverse Phone Check cost?

Reverse Phone Check has two subscription packages.

The first one is free and has very limited features.

Once you run a free phone lookup, you only get access to the basic information like the name of the owner, the telephone carrier and the postal address of the owner.

Plus, you only have these privileges for a short time.

The paid subscription costs you $19.95 per month.

You also have the option of trying out for the platform on a free trial by purchasing a trial account for $4.95 available for 5 days.

With these two subscription plans, you have access to all relevant features of the platform including the features mentioned above.

You also get access to the full report compiled by the platform’s database which includes the owner’s name, address, contact information, criminal records, available email information, social accounts, arrests and warrants, assets and court records.

You should know that the payments made for these services are processed using a valid credit card, debit card of other payment options approved by the platform.

On your statement, the bill shall appear as SAFECART.COM PHONECHK or INFOPAYCOM 800309935.

In light of the paid subscription, you should keep in mind that the platform does not have a refund policy.

It stipulates that no refunds are made for any services rendered by the platform.

Even when you choose to cancel your subscription, you cannot receive any amounts that had already paid for the current period.

This means that you can only cancel recurring payment subscriptions.

In the case that you pay for one-time use, you are not eligible for refunds whether you have used the services or not.

This also applies if the report generated has not been of use to you.

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Reverse Phone Check affiliates.

The platform has an affiliate program designed to make extra money for you.

The program allows you to make 75% lifetime recurring commission.

It also promises you $80 lifetime value per customer you refer.

Based on the information available on the website, they estimate the conversion rate to be about 2 – 3%.

This means you have to work extra hard to make that money flow back to you.

a) Create an account with an authorized affiliate networks.

In this case, you have to create an account by providing information like your full name, email address, authorized affiliate network, RevenueWire ID and RevenueWire TID (tax incremental district).

An authorized affiliate network is one that was allowed access by the client to use products and services under contract.

In this case, the authorized affiliate networks are RevenueWire and ClickBank.

They also have Info pay listed on their website even though it is not an option available under the “authorized affiliate network” section as you create an account.


b) Select your link, banner or search box.

After creating your account, you shall be asked to select a way for you to advertise the platform.

You can choose from a banner, link or search box.

affiliate material

All of these options are great for your website. For social media accounts, it would be better to share a link instead of a banner.

This program could benefit you when you have a reasonable following dues to the low conversion rate.


c) Place the banner, search box or link on your site.

After making a selection of your advert format, you have to share it with your customers.

For websites, you can add a banner, link and search box since there is a high possibility for you to get a click from a visitor to your site.

Basing on the design, you can mostly share the link with your viewers on social media.

Whenever you refer someone and a purchase is made, you can start making money.


Pros of Reverse Phone Check

There are some benefits of having to use this platform for your phone checking needs.

They include:

1. You have a trial period.

The platform gives its users full access to its features for 5 days at a subsidized fee of $4.95.

Even if this trial period is paid for, you have the opportunity to test out all its features so you can see how helpful the website is to you.


2. Has both international and local based databases for running inquiries.

The databases help you search in the right places to get the best information for the final report.

This improves the quality of the results.


3. Useful even when you are searching for international numbers.

The service can be employed when looking for information about international numbers.

It can be through a phone search or a reverse phone search.


4. Gives a full report once you complete a search.

At the end of the search, you receive a comprehensive report that gives you an overall idea of the kind of person you are dealing with.

This improves awareness and paints a picture of who this person really is.


5. Offers a free phone look up offer.

For those unwilling to pay a subscription, you always have the option of using the phone look up feature for free.

The website does not indicate how many times you are to use this feature but it comes in handy.


6. Has an affiliate program.

A lot of the platforms’ customers are happy to use this program to use extra money for themselves.

Since they fully understand the program details, they can easily market it to other users.


Cons of Reverse Phone Check

There are a few things that people do not like about the website.

They can be summarized into the two points below:

1. No money back guarantee.

The platform does not have the option of refunding your money back.

Even when you do not get the intended results, you shall not get any money back.

The only way you can save money while using this platform is to cancel a recurring subscription.

Even in such a case, you are not entitled to a refund for a subscription made for services not yet received.

For example, if you cancel your subscription in the middle of the month, you shall not receive a partial payment for not using the services throughout the month.


2. Not always useful.

At times, the report you get may not be as useful as you may want it to be.

The platform uses information that it can get access to so it cannot get all the information about all numbers ion the world.

That is why at times, the reports generated might have a lot of scanty and unhelpful information.

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Conclusion: Reverse Phone Check review – Is it a Scam?

This platform is not a scam. Its phone directories help you find what you are looking for in most cases. However, I do not recommend this platform to you.

The fact that there is no money back guarantee if you do not get what you want is not so convincing given the nature of the service rendered.

In addition, there have been numerous reports indicating that subscribers can fail to get what they want.

I think they have to formulate a refund policy to curb the issues of generating a useless report.

Otherwise, I do not encourage you to become part of this platform.

A much better alternative to Reverse Phone Check is Intelius.

It is an amazing  phone lookup site with very responsive and fast support to help you with any issues you may have while using their service.

Some of the other things that make Intelius stand out among other phone lookup services include;

  • Look up any cell phone number
  • Reports generated right away
  • Unlimited cell phone number searches 
  • Your privacy is always protected 

You can sign up for Intelius here.

Feel free to leave any comment or question you may have about Reverse Phone Check or reverse phone lookup sites and services in general.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Also don’t forget to share this Reverse Phone Check review with your friends and family.