‘Reverse Woke Act’ Could Force Companies to Cover De-Transition Care

The Florida GOP recently introduced a bill called the “Reverse Woke Act,” which would require companies to cover the cost of “de-transition” care for employees. The proposed legislation is a response to the increasing number of companies that offer insurance coverage for gender-affirming healthcare, such as hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgeries.


Proponents of the bill argue that it is necessary to provide insurance coverage for “de-transition” procedures, which may be needed by individuals who regret their decision to transition.. The procedures can include surgeries to remove breast implants or reverse bottom surgeries. The bill would require insurance plans to cover these procedures, regardless of whether they are medically necessary or recommended by a doctor.

However, the bill has faced criticism from LGBTQ+ advocates and medical professionals, who argue that it is unnecessary and harmful to the transgender community. Many have pointed out that “de-transition” procedures are exceedingly rare, with only a small percentage of transgender individuals opting to reverse their transition.

Moreover, the bill could potentially send a harmful message to transgender individuals, implying that their healthcare needs are not legitimate and that they are not entitled to access to gender-affirming care.

One Twitter user, who goes by the handle @Esqueer_, highlighted some of the aspects of the bill in a recent thread. They noted that the bill includes a provision that would allow employers to request documentation from employees to prove that they are not using insurance coverage for gender-affirming care. This could potentially out transgender employees to their coworkers and supervisors, exposing them to discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Additionally, the bill would allow employers to refuse to cover gender-affirming healthcare altogether, even if it is recommended by a doctor.

One of Many Bills

The “Reverse Woke Act” has sparked controversy and drawn criticism from many quarters. While some argue that it is necessary to provide insurance coverage for “de-transition” procedures, others view it as a harmful and unnecessary attack on transgender rights.

If passed, the bill could have significant implications for transgender individuals in Florida and beyond. According to some, it could make it more difficult for transgender individuals to access healthcare and could potentially expose them to discrimination and harassment in the workplace. People also claim it could also set a dangerous precedent for other states and embolden anti-transgender activists to push for similar legislation.

The proposed legislation comes at a time when transgender rights are being heavily scrutinized across the United States. In recent years, there have been quite a few bills introduced related to transgender issues, addressing everything from access to healthcare to participation in sports. Many of these bills have been widely criticized by medical professionals and human rights advocates.

Critics of the “Reverse Woke Act” argue that it is part of a broader effort by conservative lawmakers to undermine transgender rights and restrict access to gender-affirming healthcare. They point out that transgender individuals face a wide range of challenges and obstacles in accessing healthcare, including high costs, lack of insurance coverage, and discrimination from healthcare providers.

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