Review: ‘A Vader Family Sithmas’ Is a Delightful Christmas Tale

The holidays are right around the corner and Jeffrey Brown and Chronicle Books are here to give Star Wars fans a Christmas-y good time in his new adorable book: A Vader Family Sithmas.

A Vader Family Sithmas is a Delightful Christmas Tale

Brown has written a number of adorable books including Vader’s Little Princess, Darth Vader and Son, and Darth Vader and Friends which have found their way onto the New York Times bestseller list over the years and there’s no doubt in my mind that A Vader Family Sithmas will find its home on the list as well. In the span of 64-colorful and delightful pages, he creates a wholesome picture of Darth Vader as the doting father of Luke and Leia. Yes, you read that right.

A Vader Family Sithmas

In this whimsical world, Darth Vader is nothing more than a Sith Lord-clad father who is trying to do his best running the Death Star and dealing with Luke and Leia running around causing Christmas merriment. There are Force-fueled snowball fights, caroling, Secret Santa, and even sledding with Han Solo. All of the beloved characters from the Original Trilogy, including Boba Fett make their appearances throughout the story, but in particular, Jabba the Hutt’s holiday party is a real who’s who of Star Wars characters.

Each page turn functions as a bit of a vignette, featuring Christmas-themed merriment between Darth Vader and the twins. It’s really endearing to see Darth Vader interacting with the kids as any father would at the holidays. Suspend believability and just dive head-first into the adorable moments filled with the awkwardness and growing that comes with kids.

Some of the situations aren’t quite as comical as you might expect from this type of story, but A Vader Family Sithmas is a stocking full of cheeky callbacks, humorous situations, and adorable scenes. It’s a must-have for parents and kids alike who are looking for a sweet little Christmas gift to share with the family this year. Combine this with A Life Day Treasury and you will be well on your way to decking the halls with boughs of holly in a galaxy fa la la la far, far away.

A Vader Family Sithmas is out on October 5th, ahead of the holiday season.

A Vader Family Sithmas


A Vader Family Sithmas is a stocking full of cheeky callbacks, humorous situations, and adorable scenes.


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