Review: Ascension: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Is Deck-building Fun

Your return to the world of Vigil comes at a dangerous time as the barrier that once protected you from distant realms is collapsing. Samael, the Fallen One, has returned with an army of monsters from beyond and only a legendary warrior like yourself can save Vigil from annihilation.

Review: Ascension: 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Ascension: 10 Year Anniversary Edition

If you are a fan of the original Ascension board game, then you won’t want to miss out on the gorgeously remastered 10 Year Anniversary Edition. Designed by several Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour champs this new-and-improved board game features a premium 10th-anniversary game board and brand-new cart art.

Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and Brian Kibler designed the fantasy deck-builder Ascension a decade ago, which eventually spawns into multiple expansion packs like Storm of Souls and Ascension: Immortal Heroes. Now the epic and popular card game is back to commemorate its ten-year anniversary.

Ascension can be played with two to four players and takes roughly 30 minutes to play through to a win. The Year Anniversary Edition comes with 181 gorgeously designed cards, 50 red and white honor tokens, a premium game board, and an easy-to-follow rulebook. While the game isn’t overly complicated, it is recommended that only players thirteen years and up play it.

It took about ten minutes to set up the board for the first time and around five of those minutes were occupied with trying to learn the rules and figure out who got which card and when. At the top of the deck, you place the singular Cultist card beside purchasable Heavy Infantry and Mystic cards, below that is a line-up of six cards at the center of the board which are also available for purchase. These cards are Heroes, Constructs, and Monsters.

Each turn, players draw five cards from their personal deck, using the total of Runes or Power available to purchase new cards. Depending on the card pulled, players will have to fight monsters, discard and banish various cards, and win Honor Points, which will ultimately allow them to win the game. There are so many different possibilities, combinations, and outcomes that the gameplay will never be the same each time you play.

If you have never played Ascension before or you’re a newbie to the realm of deck-building games, then the 10th Anniversary Edition may be the perfect board game for you. It’s fun to play in pairs or with several friends, it is easy enough to learn and master, and there are endless possibilities for the gameplay. It is all the fun of overly complicated deck-building games, with ease and accessibility for someone who finds day-long campaigns daunting.

Ascension: 10 Year Anniversary Edition is available for preorder for $40 at most distributors and it arrives on shelves August 13, 2021.

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