Review: Broken Top Juniper Smoke Candle

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh-cut grass or that new book smell? Yes, there is and it’s the Broken Top Juniper Smoke Candle. That may seem hard to believe, but this is the kind of candle that will give your home or office a delightful natural fragrance that evokes the warmth and thrill of summer evenings around the fire. 

Broken Top Juniper Smoke Candle

Broken Top Juniper Smoke Candle

It’s 2021 and people are starting to become more eco-conscious with their purchases. Not all candles are eco-friendly or naturally sourced, but Broken Top is. The Broken Top brand started in 2015 in Affton Coffelt-Shouse’s kitchen in Bend, Oregon and now it’s become a major creator of a variety of eco-conscious products. 

The Juniper Smoke candle is the perfect combination of campfire warmth, tied together with hints of juniper, hardwood, and smoke. The juniper notes make for a clean, fresh scent that pairs nicely with the smokey pine scent. If you love the smell of campfires or you’re pinning for brisk fall bonfires this is the candle for you. 

While we love the Broken Top Juniper Smoke Candle, all of the brand’s candles feature hand-crafted scents made with oil-infused fragrances that burn slowly, so they don’t overwhelm the space. 

All of Broken Top’s candles are made from soybeans that were grown locally by U.S. farmers. Not only do soy candles burn cleaner and last longer than most traditional candles, but soy is biodegradable! If you happen to bump into the candle and spill the wax, soy is water-soluble and easy to clean up. Each candle comes in a 4oz or 9oz glass jar with a screwtop lid that could easily be reused. 

Where could you go wrong with a natural, organic candle that’s both gluten and vegan-free and made with mindfully sourced renewable materials? If you try out the candle and love it too, check out all of Broken Top’s products — you won’t be sorry. 

You can own your very own Broken Top Juniper Smoke Candle for $26.

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