Review: ‘Calls’ Is a Reality-bending Mindf*CK You Have To Listen To

Apple TV+ first caught my attention with Calls with its star-studded cast list. Anything that has Aubrey Plaza, Judy Greer, Pedro Pascal, Ben Schwartz, Clancy Brown, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nick Jonas, Karen Gillian, and Laura Harrier is bound to be a masterpiece in my book, but I truly had no idea what kind of journey I was about to embark on. 

Calls is a Reality-Bending Mindf*ck You Have to Listen to

Director Fede Álvarez is best known for his 2013 reboot of the horror film Evil Dead, which starred Bruce Campbell, and recently he directed reshoots of Chaos Walking alongside the film’s director Doug Liman. Looking at his past work, I could have never imagined that he could bring together such an immersive and wholly unexpected project like Calls, but he is the perfect director for this series. 

Calls had me enraptured from the very first episode. On paper, the concept of minimalistic audio stories doesn’t instantly compel a person, but I assure you this is an experience you will not want to miss. The series is comprised of nine truly bone-chilling, interconnected short-form stories that culminates in a dark reality. 

I am a visual person so my expectations were low about whether Calls could provide enough in audio-form to capture my focus, but I couldn’t look away as entrancing and story-motivated visuals danced across my screen. My heart raced, my skin crawled, and the immersive nature of the project made me feel privy to the most intimate and terrifying moments of these characters’ lives that I worried I had slipped through the glitch in the matrix. 

Calls on Apple TV+
Calls, Episode 3 “Pedro Across the Street” | Credit: Apple TV+

For fans of conspiracy theories, mind-bending multiverse concepts, and those that question their own realities, Calls plays into all of your worst nightmares and it is a glorious journey. 

If you are leary of audio dramas, I assure you that the visuals provided by Álvarez and his team are more than enough to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. This is fresh, creative, and wildly addictive. These bite-sized stories will have you ready to plow through the series in one sitting, but it’s best to savor each isolated story as they slowly come together to blow your mind 

Given the style of Calls, you may be inclined to believe that this was a product of COVID-19 creating challenges for productions, but AppleTV+ actually ordered it to series in 2018. Which, after you watch Calls, may have you wondering who made that call from the future. The series is an adaptation of Timothée Hochet’s French short-form series by the same name from Canal+. 

Calls on Apple TV+
Calls, Episode 5 “The Universe Did It” | Credit: Apple TV+

Now when you see how short the episodes are in the first season of Calls you may be inclined to click on the episode featuring your favorite actor, but do not do that. Watch each episode in order to get the full impact of the absolute mindfuck this series will give you. There is nothing like this currently out there and I do not see how any other show will be able to top Álvarez’s Calls

Calls will premiere globally on Friday, March 19, exclusively on Apple TV+.



A Reality-Bending Mindf*ck


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