Review: Daniel José Older’s Race to Crashpoint Tower Is a Fast-paced Adventure Ride 

The whole for the whole, each part for the role it plays. A mantra that Jedi Padawan Ram Jomaram keeps at the forefront of his mind as he finds himself in a race against time as he discovers the Nihil’s plans to crash the festivities at the Republic Fair. 

Race to Crashpoint Tower is a junior Star Wars novel, set just before the disastrous events of The Rising Storm on the planet Valo. 

Daniel José Older’s Race to Crashpoint Tower is a Fast-Paced Adventure Ride 

Race to Crashpoint Tower

If Justina Ireland’s A Test of Courage was your favorite book from the first phase of The High Republic, then you are bound to love Daniel José Older’s Race to Crashpoint Tower. With a cast composed primarily of Jedi Padawan, readers are treated to an adventure where the young characters are faced with serious situations and it makes for a truly fun read. We might even get to see a favorite from A Test of Courage in a new role. 

For fans of IDW’s The High Republic Adventures comic series, we finally get to see our beloved heroines Lula and Zeen brought to life in a book! As much as I love seeing their misadventures in the monthly issues, there was something special about reading their points of view in Race to Crashpoint Tower

The story is told in three parts centered around Ram and Lula’s points of view as they are thrown into the thick of things, fighting against not only the brutal Nihil assault but the fearsome and carnivorous Drengir. Yes, the very same Drengir we read about in Claudia Gray’s Into the Dark and seen in Cavan Scott’s Star Wars: The High Republic comic series at Marvel. I chuckled a number of times while reading the dialogue Older chose for the terrifying living — and hungry — plant. 

One thing that I love about Daniel José Older’s Star Wars tales is that there is always a concentrated effort to usher in diversity while making it effortlessly genuine. He doesn’t draw a circle around it and point it out, he makes it as natural as it is in our day-to-day lives. These characters not only exist, but they are fully fleshed-out characters that play an important part in the story. It’s one of the strongest parts of The High Republic-era. At long last, there are Star Wars characters that fans can see themselves in and they’re not silent background characters — they’re actually the main characters! It warms my heart to know that so many of my friends are finally seeing themselves and their experiences brought to life in their favorite franchise. 

You will not want to miss out on this High Republic-era novel. It’s fun, humorous, adventure-filled, filled with clever and endearing characters, and the perfect convergence of so many of the stories we’ve come to love over the past six months. 

Daniel José Older’s Star Wars: Race to Crashpoint Tower is out June 29, 2021, wherever books are sold. It’s available for pre-order now

Race to Crashpoint Tower


A Fast-Paced Adventure Ride


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