Review: DC’s Stargirl Episode 2×8 Hands Over Focus to Rick & Beth

DC’s Stargirl season 2 is struggling after that high of the mid-season episode that showed the Justice Society of America and the Injustice Society of America facing off with one another. The last episode put the attention on Yolanda and the PTSD she has been suffering with all season, and the latest episode found itself focusing on Rick and Beth, trying to give them the time they need to shine.

DC’s Stargirl Episode 2×8 Hands Over Focus To Rick & Beth

In one of the first episodes of the season, Beth found divorce papers, but she hasn’t yet had the time to really dive into that with her parents. In this episode she is able to have a conversation with them, finally, however, it is more focused on racism than the divorce.

This is all because during the episode Eclipso messed with Beth pretty heavily, being sure to tell her that she doesn’t deserve to be a member of the JSA due to her age, gender, and most importantly, her race. This villain has the ability to tap into people’s fears, so this must be something that has been on Beth’s mind, at least in the back of it. So to be able to have that conversation with her mother at the end of the episode, who explains that she is Blue Valley’s first Black doctor and she just worked hard until she won the townsfolk over.

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In episode 8 of season 2, Beth learns that the googles are able to protect her from Eclipso’s visions, and Doctor Mid-Nite urges her to keep them on at all times. He also explains that he is very much still alive, wherever he is, and he thinks they are connected by the goggles they wear.

As for Rick, he has been sneaking off to feed Solomon Grundy for a while now and that comes back to haunt him in this episode. The reason why has not been explained until now, and it is because he thinks he can befriend him.

He tells a story about a dog that his Uncle owned and was horrible to. He would beat the dog and the dog was terrible. Eventually, he was sick of it and he took the dog and gave it to a more loving family. A year later, when he went to visit it, the dog was like a whole new dog.

Rick applies this logic to Grundy thinking that if he had friends like the JSA, he wouldn’t be a monster like he was when with the ISA. The two sit and enjoy a meal together, and it seems like his logic might be accurate.

Throughout the season there have been reports of bear sightings on the radio, and viewers, as well as Rick, know these are actually Grundy sightings. The town ends up scared of the bear and now there are a bunch of hunters roaming the woods looking for it, ready to kill.

Rick calls Pat and confesses to him and Courtney that he has been feeding Grundy but has a good reason he will explain to them later. The Cosmic Staff is still suffering after its interaction with Eclipso, but Courtney takes it with her hoping it has one or two good blasts left in it should she need to use it.

While looking for Grundy, Rick runs into a couple of the hunters – one of which is badly injured. They say that not only did something push that man and hurt him, there is a little girl missing. Of course, Rick immediately starts to blame himself, and eventually he finds Grundy standing over the body of a little girl in the river.

When he confronts him about it Grundy just runs away, forcing Rick to go after him, yelling all the way that he is going to kill him. Courtney and Pat are right behind Rick and they discover the body of the little girl as well. However her eyes open and as she disappears an evil giggle can be heard. This is Eclipso playing mind tricks with Rick.

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When Courtney and Pat find Rick he is brutally beating Grundy, who is refusing to fight back. It is then discovered that this is not Grundy at all, but Rick’s Uncle, and he is hanging on for dear life. Rick is so angry at himself and what is happening that he smashes the Hour Glass, seemingly quitting the JSA as well.

Rick ends up arrested for his actions, rightfully so, and as he is taken away Grundy looks on from the woods and whispers the word “friend.”

The problem with this episode is that while it focused on some characters who have been pushed to the side most of the season, it just wasn’t executed well. It feels like nothing major happened during it except for Eclipso messing with Beth and Rick – something that could have been shown over the course of a few scenes, and not an entire episode.

That coupled with the fact that Grundy’s CGI looks awful, like really awful, makes this the worst episode of the season. With the JSA falling apart and Eclipso growing stronger and stronger, hopefully, the season picks back up soon, or it might be a flop of a finale.

Stargirl (Season 2, Episode 8)


The problem with this episode is that while it focused on some characters who have been pushed to the side most of the season, it just wasn’t executed well.


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