Review: DC’s Stargirl Gives Fans the All Out Battle They Have Been Waiting For

DC’s Stargirl has finally given fans what they have been waiting for since Cindy was seen putting together her new version of the Injustice Society of America – an all-out fight between good and evil. That’s right, Episode 6 of DC’s Stargirl Season 2 delivers a battle between the JSA and the ISA – and leaves a lot of wreckage to be cleaned up in the aftermath of it all.

DC’s Stargirl Gives Fans the All Out Battle They Have Been Waiting For

In the first few scenes of the episode, the ISA is poking at members of the JSA, letting them know that a fight is coming. Isaac is tasked with confronting Yolanda, while Artemis antagonizes Beth. Cindy has a different job – she surprises Mike at the junkyard and tells him all about her new team. When he says there is no way she would join she laughs in his face saying that isn’t what she had in mind at all. Mike is to be the bait.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Pat are cleaning up the art room at the school and in comes Cameron. When they find a painting of Cindy and the Black Diamond, Cameron tells them that she is back in town. They make an excuse to leave, and split up to collect the JSA and get ready to track down Cindy.

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Things do not go according to plan though because when Pat arrives at the Pit Stop, Isaac is there waiting for him. He has learned to play the violin and use it as a weapon. Artemis also shows up and the two team up against Pat, taking him down fairly easily. When Isaac is about to kill him, Artemis stops him, saying he is her dad’s friend. They then get to work on taking apart S.T.R.I.P.E.

Pat is so badly hurt that he ends up in the hospital. Barbara and Courtney are there with him, and trying desperately to get a hold of Mike. They don’t waste too long trying to figure out where he is though, as just then Cindy calls Courtney from Mike's phone, letting her know that the ISA has kidnapped him. Barbara tells Courtney to go be Stargirl for Mike and her friends, and to “kick that girl’s ass”. Once Courtney leaves, she calls The Shade to tell him everything. Which turns out to have been a really good idea.

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When the JSA shows up at the school and is met by a fully costumed ISA it is clear that it is finally time for the fight we have all been waiting for. And this fight truly delivers. The choreography is very well done – filled with acrobatics and props. It seems like each character gets there moment to shine – heroes and villains alike.

The JSA shows up at the school costumed and ready to fight. They meet the ISA, who are also in their costumes, and the fight starts. It does not disappoint and is well worth that wait. The fighting choreography is on point, and it is fun to see each and every character shine — hero and villain. Eventually, Beth finds Mike, and gets him loose. Of course, he tries to join in the fight by throwing something at Cindy, but she gets right back up.

The teams stare at each other and look like they are about to go for round two, but Isaac’s violin is broken, and so Cindy gets annoyed. She pulls out the Black Diamond, saying she will do it all herself. Lucky for them all, The Shade shows up thanks to Barbara giving him a heads up. He steps in between the two teams and faces the ISA making it look like he is on the good side of things – at least for now. This is where things get wild – Eclipso says it is his time now, and he goes from the Black Diamond to Cindy – her eyes turning red and her face black and purple in the process.

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Courtney isn’t about to let this happen though and she attacks the diamond with her staff, causing it to shatter but releasing a darkness over Blue Valley in the process, which creates an eclipse. That’s not all, it releases Eclipso from the Diamond, who we now see in a physical form. He looks a bit silly and the makeup is kind of overkill, but he fits in with the classic CW villain look. His appearance isn’t exactly like the poster that was released, but it isn’t distractingly bad either. It can be assumed the more souls he devours, the more evil and grotesque he will look.

Cindy, now free from his grasp, is completely unafraid to confront him. She yells at him saying he betrayed her, but he is not scared of her at all. He rips her knife out of her wrist, and then kills Isaac. He throws a piece of the diamond at Cindy which opens up a gooey mess below her, that sucks her in. Courtney tries to save her, but to no avail. He then walks over to Isaac and consumes his soul, just like he did with Cindy’s stepmother.

The Shade confronts Eclipso and calls him out for feeding on the souls of children. What seems like it should have been an epic fight is barely anything at all as Eclipso easily defeats The Shade, throwing him across the room as he turns into a shadow. Eclipso then takes off from the school into the night to do who knows what – but it can’t be anything good. It is revealed The Shade's glasses, cane, and top hat are left behind. We then see him very weak and struggling to remain human versus a shadow.

Back at the hospital, Mike and Courtney are telling Pat and Barbara what happened. They are pretty sure that Cindy and Isaac are dead, and they don't know what happened to Artemis or The Shade. They are putting together that Eclipso used them all to gain power and will continue to corrupt and feed in order to gain even more until they can stop him. Courtney admits that the staff hurt him but turned dark in the process and there is now something wrong with it. Something that is sure to be a lasting effect as the season goes on.

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Mike tells Pat that he wants his own S.T.R.I.P.E. now because he so felt powerless against Cindy and he wants to be able to stand up for himself in the future. He admits that he fears Eclipso, who he says is right out of a nightmare. Back at the Pit Stop, Beth, Yolanda, and Rick are talking about the events of the fight. They are baffled that Eclipso inhaled Isaac the way that he did, and that this is how his power works. They want to track down Eclipso and kill him. The final shot of the episode shows Eclipso turning into that young boy Bruce again. Laughing as he prepares to terrorize Blue Valley.

The best part about this episode of Stargirl is that we got a massive fight between the JSA and the ISA. It was an action-filled episode, but it also propelled the story forward. Eclipso is free in Blue Valley and is likely to be inhaling a lot of souls and gaining strength. The ISA is down to just Artemis and who knows where she went off to.

Cindy is likely not dead though, and might even meet up with Doctor Mid-Nite wherever she is. This is a great mid-season episode, allowing for a bit battle, but not the whole war. Things are just getting started in Blue Valley, and fans can’t wait to see what is next.

Stargirl Season 2, Episode 6


This is a great mid-season episode, allowing for a bit battle, but not the whole war.


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